Lost Woods: The Discovered Writing of Rachel Carson - Rachel Carson, Linda Lear

Lost Woods: The Discovered Writing of Rachel Carson - Rachel Carson, Linda Lear (1999)


Part I

Chapter 1. Undersea

Chapter 2. My Favorite Recreation

Chapter 3. Fight for Wildlife Pushes Ahead / Chesapeake Eels Seek the Sargasso Sea

Chapter 4. Ace of Nature’s Aviators

Chapter 5. Road of the Hawks

Chapter 6. An Island I Remember

Chapter 7. Mattamuskeet: A National Wildlife Refuge

Part II

Chapter 8. Memo to Mrs. Eales on Under the Sea-Wind

Chapter 9. Lost Worlds: The Challenge of the Islands

Chapter 10. New York Herald-Tribune Book and Author Luncheon Speech

Chapter 11. Jacket Notes for the RCA Victor Recording of Claude Debussy’s La Mer / National Symphony Orchestra Speech

Chapter 12. Remarks at the Acceptance of the National Book Award for Nonfiction

Chapter 13. Design for Nature Writing

Chapter 14. Mr. Day’s Dismissal

Chapter 15. Preface to the Second Edition of The Sea Around Us

Part III

Chapter 16. Our Ever-Changing Shore

Chapter 17. Four Fragments from Carson’s Field Notebooks

Chapter 18. The Edge of the Sea

Chapter 19. The Real World Around Us

Chapter 20. Biological Sciences

Chapter 21. Two Letters to Dorothy and Stanley Freeman

Chapter 22. The Lost Woods. A Letter to Curtis and Nellie Lee Bok

Chapter 23. Clouds

Part IV. Appendices

Chapter 24. Vanishing Americans

Chapter 25. To Understand Biology/ Preface to Animal Machines

Chapter 26. A Fable for Tomorrow

Chapter 27. Women’s National Press Club Speech

Chapter 28. A New Chapter to Silent Spring

Chapter 29. Letter to Dr. George Crile, Jr.

Chapter 30. The Pollution of Our Environment

Chapter 31. Letter to Dorothy Freeman