Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster (2015)

Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster (2015)

1.March 11, 2011: “A Situation That We Had Never Imagined”

2.March 12, 2011: “This May Get Really Ugly …”

3.March 12 Through 14, 2011: “What the Hell Is Going On?”

4.March 15 Through 18, 2011: “It’s Going to Get Worse …”

5.Interlude—Searching for Answers: “People … Are Reaching the Limit of Anxiety and Anger”

6.March 19 Through 20, 2011: “Give Me the Worst Case”

7.Another March, Another Nation, Another Meltdown

8.March 21 Through December 2011: “The Safety Measures … Are Inadequate”

9.Unreasonable Assurances

10.“This Is a Closed Meeting. Right?”

11.2012: “The Government Owes the Public a Clear and Convincing Answer”

12.A Rapidly Closing Window of Opportunity

Appendix: The Fukushima Postmortem: What Happened?