Passing the Solar Powered Torch - Proven Methods To Build Your Own Solar Power System That You Can Afford - The Ultimate Guide to Solar Power Energy and Lower Bills - Mark Prentice, James Bickel

Solar Power: The Ultimate Guide to Solar Power Energy and Lower Bills: (Off Grid Solar Power Systems, Home Solar Power System) - Mark Prentice, James Bickel (2016)

Book 2. Proven Methods To Build Your Own Solar Power System That You Can Afford

Conclusion: Passing the Solar Powered Torch

There are a lot of good things that can be said about a technology like solar panels that allows us to take so much from so little. But yet every time tremendous gains are made in any field it is proven time and time again that the easiest, most natural way, is the way that works best.

This is fast proving to be the case with solar power as well. It is an energy source that does not impact the environment while providing infinite power from the minimalistic effort of utilizing solar cells to collect sunlight.

The sun has been consistently pumping out energy now for over 5 billion years. And the energy service that the sun provides is uninterrupted with no blackouts! The sun comes up and the sun goes down, never missing a beat.

With such a track record it would be a safe bet to say that we can count on the suns rays to always be around. So why do you so many people and corporations avoid solar energy like it’s the plague?

The main reason solar power has been overlooked for so long is the daunting price that is usually attached to such solar power projects.

When a set of solar panels plus installation runs up a bill of nearly $2000 even big shot companies that can afford it, say forget it. Most just aren’t willing to make that much of an investment in a technology they have never even experienced before.

But if you could step away from the old model of solar technology and build your own for a tiny fraction of that price? That my friends is an absolute game changer.

This book has went to great lengths to make that dream a reality. And as you can see from the many examples shown here, you can take everyday materials and use them towards constructing your very own affordable solar power system.

Every once in a while ideas and innovations come along that passes a torch of sorts from one paradigm to another. One set of old ideas then receive an update and new ideas and scopes of possibility emerge. I hope that this book has worked to expand what you thought possible, as I pass this solar powered torch directly to you.


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