Bookkeeping & Accounting All-in-One For Dummies (2015)

Bookkeeping & Accounting All-in-One For Dummies (2015)

Book I: Basic Bookkeeping

Chapter 1: So You Want to Do the Books

Chapter 2: Getting Down to Bookkeeping Basics

Chapter 3: Outlining Your Financial Roadmap with a Chart of Accounts

Chapter 4: Looking at Ledgers

Book II: Bookkeeping Day to Day

Chapter 1: Planning and Controlling Your Workload

Chapter 2: Counting Your Sales

Chapter 3: Buying and Tracking Your Purchases

Chapter 4: Doing Your Banking

Book III: Undertaking Monthly and Quarterly Tasks

Chapter 1: Adding the Cost of Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Chapter 2: Employee Payroll and Benefits

Chapter 3: Adjusting Your Books

Book IV: Working to Prepare Financial Statements

Chapter 1: Producing a Profit and Loss Statement

Chapter 2: Developing a Balance Sheet

Chapter 3: Cash Flows and the Cash Flow Statement

Book V: Accountants: Managing the Business

Chapter 1: Discovering Different Business Types

Chapter 2: Choosing Accounting Methods

Chapter 3: Managing Profit Performance

Chapter 4: Cost Conundrums

Chapter 5: Business Budgeting

Book VI: Accountants: Working with the Outside World

Chapter 1: Getting a Financial Report Ready for Prime Time

Chapter 2: How Investors Read a Financial Report

Chapter 3: Professional Auditors and Advisers