MAFIA STRUCTURE - The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer - Philip Carlo

The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer - Philip Carlo (2006)


Capo crimini/capo di tutti capi: superboss/boss of bosses

Capo: boss/Don

Consigliere: trusted adviser or family counselor

Sotto Capo/Capo bastone: underboss, second in command

Contabile: financial adviser

Caporegime or capodecina: lieutenant, typically heads a “crew” comprising ten or more soldiers

Sgarrista: a foot soldier who carries out the day-to-day business of the family, a “made” member of the Mafia

Picciotto: lower-ranking soldier, enforcer; also known in the streets as the “button man”

Giovane d’honore: Mafia associate, typically a non-Sicilian or non-Italian member

“My husband is a good man, a kind man—a great father. All my children’s friends are always saying they wish they had a dad like my husband—like Richard.”

Mrs. Barbara Kuklinski

on the day Richard was arrested

“Richard is both fascinating and as frightening as your worst nightmare. He represents the worst of who we are—yet, he is absolutely fascinating to listen to.”

Sheila Nevins

HBO producer

“This is the devil—No question about it. This is the devil!”

Dominick Polifrone

Undercover AFT operative

“He’s responsible for over two hundred murders—I mean personally responsible.”

Gaby Monet

HBO producer

“I’d never hurt a woman or a child. It’s just not in me.”

Richard Kuklinski

“He killed with guns, poison, bats, knives, strangulation, his fists, ice picks, screwdrivers, hand grenades, and even fire. We’ve never seen anything like him. Truth is, we’ve never even heard of anything like him.”

Bob Carroll

New Jersey deputy attorney general

“Even now, I mean so many years later, my stomach gets all tense and my hands tremble when I think about him. But I love my dad. I love him a lot! None of it was his fault…. My father married the wrong woman.”

Merrick Kuklinski

Richard’s oldest daughter

“When he told me he loved me, which he often did, I’d say ‘Me too.’ That’s it…just ‘Me too.’”

Barbara Kuklinski

“My father terrorized us. We never knew when or where he’d explode. We tried to hide it from my brother because he would have tried to do something, protect us, you know, protect my mother, and my father would’ve killed him, I’m sure. One time this woman with kids in her car cut him off and he got out of the car at a light and tore the woman’s door right off her car.”

Chris Kuklinski

Richard’s daughter

“They thought I didn’t know what he was doing, but I saw all the broken furniture and I knew my father did it. I saw my mother’s black eyes. I kept an ax under my bed and a machete just next to the bed because of him.”

Dwayne Kuklinski

Richard’s son

“He’s very crafty and cunning, like some kind of jungle predator that nobody ever sees until it’s too late. We knew about him—I knew about him, was tracking him for years, but could never pin anything on him.”

Detective Pat Kane

New Jersey State Police

“My mother was cancer. She slowly destroyed everything around her. She produced two killers; me and my brother Joe.”

Richard Kuklinski

“There are two Richards, and I never knew who would be walking in the door. He could be generous to a fault, or the meanest man on earth.”

Barbara Kuklinski

“We called him ‘the Ice Man’ because he froze some of his victims, kept them in an icebox he had for a while, then put them out so we could not tell when the murder actually took place, you see.”

Paul Smith New

Jersey Organized Crime and Racketeering Bureau investigator

“I became very promiscuous because of my father. The only thing I had control of was my body. I did what I wanted—I did what he didn’t want me to do. I lost my virginity when I was twelve to an older man in a van. Just some guy who picked me up at a bus stop on the corner there.”

Chris Kuklinski

Richard’s daughter

“I feel nothing inside for any of them. Nothing. They had it coming and I did it. The only people I ever had any kind of real feelings for were my family. Those others, nothing. Sometimes I wonder why I’m like this, feel nothing inside…. I wish someone could tell me. I’m curious.”

Richard Kuklinski

“Richard is totally unique. There’s not been anyone like him in modern times. He trusts me because I’ve never lied to him. He does have a nice side. Once he asked me if I was scared of him and I told him I wasn’t and asked him if I should be. He just stared at me. That was kind of scary—having him just stare with those chilling eyes of his.”

Gaby Monet

HBO producer

“What the feds did was outrageous. I mean they knew Sammy Gravano ordered Richard to kill a cop and they still made a deal for Gravano to walk.”

Sergeant Robert Anzalotti

Bergen County Prosecutor’s office

“I beat them to death for the exercise.”

Richard Kuklinski

“The Law, alone and aloof by its very nature, has no access to the emotions that might justify murder.”

Marquis de Sade