Final Analysis: The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case - Catherine Crier (2007)


A copy of Felix’s naval records, which Susan used during the trial.

The letter written by naval doctors that details their diagnosis of Felix’s suicide attempt as a schizophrenic reaction

Felix’s 1955 suicide letter

Susan, younger, at one of the Polk’s earlier houses

Susan and Felix on a trip to Europe

Susan and her children on a trip to a California vineyard

A page from the legal case of Polk v. Polk

Always an avid outdoorsman, Felix loved hiking with his boys.

The police report from Felix’s death scene

Dr. Peterson’s wound chart from Felix’s autopsy. This diagrams each of the places where Susan’s knife hit Felix.

The knife that Susan claimed she used when she killed her husband

A bloody footprint on the floor of the Miner Road pool house taken by Costa County Police Department. The footprints would prove a subject of great controversy during the trial as Susan used them to demonstrate procedural errors on behalf of the police department.

A police photo of the Polk’s Miner Road estate

The coroner’s report from Felix’s autopsy

Felix Polk’s death certificate

Taken by the police, this photo shows the edge of the pool house and the pool.

The interior of the main house kitchen photographed by police during their sweep of the premises on October 15.

An alternate police sketch of the Miner Road estate

A police sketch of the bloodstained chair in the living room of the pool house

A police sketch of the crime scene from overhead