POSITIVE VOICES: EMPOWERING QUESTIONS AND HIGH-ENERGY WORDS - The First Key Ingredient: Wow Now - Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen

Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen (2009)

Part I. The First Key Ingredient: Wow Now


Are you beginning to notice that you have more control over your thoughts and feelings?

Once you’ve learned to manage your critical voice, it’s time to learn how to use your normal voice to speak to yourself in ways that empower, embolden, and encourage you.


Learn to monitor the questions you ask yourself. The mind works best when it is asked questions. Your mind works like Google. If you ask it a question, it searches through the vast database of all the experiences you have ever had, all the lessons you have ever learned, all the books you have ever read, all the television programs you have ever watched, all the schooling you have ever received, all the conversations you have ever taken part in. It sorts through all of this data, processing your question, and soon answers begin to pop up in the field of your mind.

Your brain/mind is the most powerful computer on the face of the earth. The three-pound machine inside your head right now is amazing. Most people misuse the amazing resource of their mind by asking questions that disempower and discourage.

Who do they think they are?!
What’s the matter with me?
When will my life stop being so hard?
Where is the justice in this world?
How long will I have to put up with fools like these?
Why do some people seem to get all the breaks?

When you “Google” these kinds of questions in your mind, the answers it provides often get you stuck in a downward spiral of negative emotions. You don’t want to go there.

Scholar, philosopher, and researcher Dr. Jean Houston asks a more empowering question: “What is the purpose of your mind? It is to do whatever you tell it to do.” Since you have access to the most powerful computer on the face of the earth, learn to ask it questions that empower your life and bring you the results you’re seeking. Don’t tell it what you don’t want; tell it only what you do want.

Who can I call to help me resolve this issue I’m dealing with?
What’s the fastest way to overcome this hurdle?
When is the best time to get started on this project?
Where can I find the answers that will get me fast results?
How can I turn this into success?
Why am I so blessed?

When you train your mind to ask only empowering questions, you begin to tap into the powerful answers that have always been there.

Buckminster Fuller said, “Your mind ultimately answers every question you ask it.” So if you say, “How do I go bankrupt?” your mind figures it out. (We both tried that. It’s not a good question.) Now, if you ask, “How could I retire rich in ninety days?” your subconscious mind will spring forth with the answer. Obviously, when it gives you a thought flash or a hunch, you must immediately take action on it to get the results that you desire.

This subtle shift in your thinking can immediately cause you to see a completely different world that is surrounding you right now. Instead of a world of problems and disasters, you begin to see a world of wonders and opportunities. More important, you begin to see the wisdom in problems and the opportunities in disasters.

The last century was full of turmoil, war, disease, murder, death, and depression. Instead of wringing their hands in despair, a few courageous souls saw the opportunity to make the world a better place: Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Lech Walesa, the Dalai Lama, Muhammad Yunus, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Despite everything, it was an amazing century. The average life span in North America went from forty-eight years to seventy-eight years. Diseases were eradicated. Communism was discredited. The Internet now connects the world in a nanosecond.

This century will be even better. On a macro scale, as positive people search for positive solutions, the world is getting better and better. On the micro scale of your life, it will get better and better as you learn to search for positive solutions by constantly asking yourself positive, empowering, enriching, enlightening, and emboldening questions. The universe expands at the level of the requests and questions that you ask.

Many people speak positive affirmations to themselves: “You’re awesome. You’re amazing. You can do it. You have the power in you.” We believe it is even more empowering to ask your mind empowering questions. Like a thoroughbred, your mind hungers to run. It’s champing at the bit to solve problems and seek solutions. Just a flick of the whip and it’s off and running. Flick your mind with an empowering question and let it race to cross the finish line with your answer. Your mind delights in making things better. Like a dog, it is eager to play fetch. Throw it an empowering question and let it speed off to retrieve the answer for you.

Whom can I serve excellently in order to tenfold my value to the world?
What do I need to know to find my fastest path to cash in ninety days or less?
When is the right time to take action? Answer: now.
Where is the best opportunity for me to pursue?

How can I make my fortune this year, this month, this week, today, and in an hour?
Why was I so blessed to be born in this great country?


The words that flow out of your mouth come from the source of your thinking. How can you learn to speak more positive, high-energy words?

Yvonne Oswald, Ph.D., has written a book entitled Every Word Has Power. She explains that every word you speak has energy. Some words have higher energy than others. Take the two words good and bad. Which word do you think vibrates at a higher energy? Say the following words to yourself and notice what kind of reaction (energy) they create in you.











In Dr. Oswald’s workshops she has the participants play a game to teach how pervasive is the use of low-energy words.

Each individual gets twenty coins on the first day. Participants are told that if they use a low-energy word, they will forfeit a coin to the person who catches them. The catcher says, “Switch!” and the person who’s been caught must replace the low-energy word with a high-energy word or phrase.

For example, one person describes a problem … switch… a challenge they’re dealing with. “I work at a job that I hate … switch… that I don’t love. My boss is a real jerk … switch… not a nice person. But I need to make money because I have so much credit card debt … switch… I had too much fun using our credit cards. Now it’s time to pay the piper … switch… learn how to be more financially savvy. But I’m stuck in this dead end job … switch… I’m in a place where I don’t have the freedom I’d like to have.”

The fun in the game is that it teaches the participants to become very sensitive to the words they speak.

Notice what kinds of words are coming out of your mouth and the mouths of those who you converse with today. To prepare yourself, watch the nightly news on television. As you hear a word that’s not high-energy, say switch in your mind. Count up how many times you say switch in only five minutes.

It will shock you … switch… amaze you.

Now, spend an entire day listening to the quality of the words that you and others use in your daily conversations. Make a conscious effort to switch your language to higher-energy words and thoughts. You’ll soon become sensitive to the feelings you have as you listen more closely. You’ll also understand why some people are just more fun to be around. They make you feel good. Others make you feel bad … switch… feel not so good. Imagine how much more positive you’ll sound and feel to yourself and others after only a week of retraining your vocabulary in this way.

Here are some examples of some negative statements that you’re probably making or hearing every day and how to turn them around:



I haven’t got any money.

I’m temporarily low on cash and en route to being rich.

I’m out of work.

I’m discovering my perfect right livelihood.

The economy is bad.

There is a lull in economic expansion and I’ve decided not to participate.

Everyone is getting fired or laid off.

I’m working on making myself indispensable.

I don’t have enough skills.

I’m learning at least one new money-making skill a month.

If you’ve ever written anything such as a journal or a blog, go back and read what you’ve written with this new lens. Notice how many times you could have used higher-energy words.


Oops. Did you notice that? Read the above heading again. Switch.


It’s obvious which of the above two headings makes you feel more empowered.

So, from now on we encourage you to exercise your “positive” brain muscles by refusing to see the negativeswitch… by focusing on the positive in everything that happens to you—even if it appears at first not to be so positive.

Here’s a great quote from our friend Bob Proctor, host of the popular DVD The Secret:

Let’s get rid of the idea that there’s anything negative. Let’s just see everything as good. It doesn’t matter what we’re thinking about, let’s see the good in it. I believe if we can train ourselves to do that, we’re going to catapult ourselves ahead. Quantum leaps will become common. We want to see the good in everything. When the negative thought comes up, say, “Wait a minute. What’s good about this?” And just start to look for the good. Whenever anything happens that appears negative, let’s just say, “What’s good about that?” I don’t think anything is gained by looking for what’s wrong with something. I think a lot is gained by looking for what’s right in it. You’re not going to correct something by focusing on the negative. You’re going to correct it by focusing on the positive. Don’t get critical about things. Look at the people who are critical, who are looking at what’s wrong. They’re generally not very happy people. They’re in a bad vibration. They’re attracting to themselves more of what’s wrong. Any dumbbell can find out what’s wrong. It’s fairly obvious. We want to train ourselves to find out what’s right. There’s something good about everything. Now, granted, you sometimes have difficulty finding it. Sometimes you never find it. But I know one thing, if you don’t look for it you’re never going to find it. Seek and ye shall find is very good advice.

Notice the empowering questions in what Bob says. He asks, “Wait a minute. What’s good about this? What’s good about that?”

One of our close friends, Dr. Ken Blanchard, author of the colossal best seller The One Minute Manager, recently had the opportunity to practice “finding the good.” On October 14, 2007, he was informed that his Escondido home of thirty years had been burned to the ground in the California wildfires.

A few days later, he appeared on Larry King Live to talk about it. When Larry asked him about his devastating loss, his answer was simple and profound: Some things are important and some things are just stuff. You can always replace stuff. It was hard to lose his stuff, but since everyone in his family was safe, he was grateful.

Later, Ken Blanchard released a four-page summary of his reflections on losing his home. (Go to www.cashinaflashthebook.com for a full copy.) In it he referred to an exercise in a book by John Ortberg, At the End of the Game, It All Goes Back in the Box. The exercise goes like this:

It’s 4:00 P.M. in the afternoon and you have decided to head home. There are two pads of Post-its on your desk. One says “Important—Forever” and the other says “Stuff—Temporary.” As you leave your office, put a Post-it on anything you see—your computer, your desk, your secretary, the soda machine, the receptionist, your car, your house, your spouse, your kids—anything you see. Which Post-it do you put on what or whom? What is important and what is stuff?

Then he described what it was like to see his once-beautiful home burned to the ground.

That afternoon Margie, Debbie, Tom (Margie’s brother, who is President of our company), and I all headed to the site of our former home. When we arrived, Carlos and Sharon, Scott, Mad and the three boys, and friends Tim Vannervien and Pat Zigarmi were already there raking through the rubble to see if anything was salvageable. It wasn’t. As Margie and I walked down the driveway, our beautiful view was there but the house was ashes. Earlier in the day I had received a call from a dear friend, Tom Crum, author, Aikido expert and wonderful spiritual being. He said in his meditation room is an old Japanese quote, “Now that my barn has burned to the ground, I can see the moon.” That really took on a whole new meaning during that moment.

“Important—Forever” or “Stuff—Temporary.” Once you understand the difference between these two concepts, the world makes a lot more sense. Even when things don’t appear positive, it’s useful to be grateful for everything that happens. Most of what happens is just “stuff.”

ROBERT ALLEN: I had a terrible car accident six years ago. I was a few moments from death. When I awoke from a medically induced coma, I was so grateful to be alive. The loss of my beautiful Lexus 430 SC convertible was insignificant. It was just stuff. Every minute of my newfound life was wow to me. I kept saying under my breath, “Thank you, God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Hundreds of times day. I still do, six years later. Life itself is such a miracle.

So what does this positive thinking have to do with making fast money? Whatever moneymaking method you choose to use will involve other people—their ideas, their connections, their resources. Why would they want to do business with you? Do you exude confidence? Or does the room brighten when you walk out? How you think creates hope. Hope is contagious. Speed happens on the wings of hope.

Ask yourself only empowering questions.

Speak only high-energy words.

Think only positive thoughts.

If you do, you’ll find yourself saying “Wow” faster and more often. Wow is a word that you will learn to say, under your breath, a hundred times a day. Notice all the ways in which your life is blessed: wow! Count how grateful you are to live where you are with what you have—as compared to the almost seven billion other people on the planet who will never enjoy a fraction of the freedom you enjoy: wow! Notice those around you who are achieving or who have already achieved their dreams: wow!

Notice the invisible miracles as they happen: WOW! Notice how amazing you are and how each moment in life is a gift. Look past the fear and know that you are divinely guided. This is your time to shine! WOW!

Refuse to notice the bad … switch… Only notice the good. Change your perceptions and look forward to your ultimate wow. Look for what good might come of any apparent failure … switch… delayed success. What could you learn now? How could this lesson serve you in the future? What is the good hidden in it? Notice the good as quickly as you can. The faster you notice the good, the less pain you’ll experience … switch… the more pain-free you’ll be.As soon as you discover the good, say under your breath, “Wow!”

In this way, NOTHING or no thing of a long term nature can hurt you. No “realistic” fear can harm you if you … switch… Always look for the immediate benefit camouflaged inside every experience of life.

There is a wow in every now. Find it.

Positive thinking gets positive results that pay positively.


Here are your wax on/wax off assignments.

Pick one of these assignments each day for the next four days.

1. Notice the kind of questions you’re asking yourself. Convert them into empowering questions. Remember, the size of your question determines the size of your result. Ask “How can I earn a penny?” or “How can I earn a million?” and your mind will find the answer.

2. Notice the energy of the words that are coming out of your mouth. Count the number of times you silently say the word switch today.

3. Put a mental yellow Post-it note on everything you see today. Is it Important—Forever or Stuff—Temporary?

4. Each time you notice something that you’re grateful for, say silently to yourself, “Wow.” Don’t stop until you’ve said wow at least a hundred times today.

See you tomorrow.