THE DASH TO CASH - Rapid Riches - Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen

Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen (2009)

Part IV. Rapid Riches

Chapter 19. THE DASH TO CASH!

Throughout this book we’ve used several metaphors to illustrate the process of creating wealth, from the recipe metaphor to the hummingbird, the Wish-Fulfilling Tree, the path, low-hanging fruit, and the ladder. We hope at least a few of these images have resonated with you, to help you remember the lessons we are trying to teach.

As you scan back over what you’ve read, we hope you’ve internalized the importance of finding a “profitable servant” project about which you are passionately convinced. We hope you’ve attracted a team of like-minded and like-hearted winners who will support you on your journey.

As a final metaphor to send you off, here is the dash to cash.

When people think about money they usually think about the bottom line, the cold hard facts, the nitty-gritty details. That’s the end result of the race to money—the finish line.

The beginning of money is the “soft stuff,” the internal stuff, the heart and mind stuff. This is the starting line.

Turn the page for a test to determine if you’re ready to take action.


Answer the following questions on a scale of 1 to 10—where 1 is frozen cold and 10 is boiling hot.

M I am committed to a clear and measurable objective.


I I virtualize myself having accomplished it.


N I bring the confidence of my many past successes.


D I bring the wisdom learned from my many challenges.


& My critical voice does not affect my effectiveness at all.


H I am passionate about achieving my objective.


E My objective is in alignment with my purpose.


A My intuition is congruent with me accomplishing it.


R I feel that Higher Power approves and is cheering me on.


T I am determined and unstoppable. I never give in.


If you score 50 or less, you’re cold. Are you sure you want to do this?

If you scored 51-80, you’re warm. Reconsider your plans.

If you scored 81-90, you’re getting hotter. You’ll probably make it.

If you scored 91-100, you’re passionately convinced. Watch out, world!

When your mind is clear and your heart is right, you’re ready for the hundred-yard dash to cash.

Can you imagine a sprinter in the blocks, ready for the sound of the starter’s pistol, being focused on anything other than the finish line a hundred yards away? Would it be useful for that sprinter to harbor any doubtful thoughts? Any fearful thoughts? Any distracting thoughts, such as a relationship problem, a financial challenge, or the need to make travel arrangements for an upcoming vacation? Nope. Any other thought besides winning deducts precious milliseconds off the final result. And only the top three finishers advance. You miss by a millisecond and you’re going home without a medal.

Yet, how do ordinary people start their day in the blocks of life? They’re not focused on the finish line. They don’t even know what or where it is! They’re distracted with a million thoughts—a cauldron of conflicting visions, voices, and vibrations. They turn an ordinary hundred-yard dash into a difficult twenty-six-mile marathon. They spend precious time and money on doubts and fears. They write down goals and surge off to get them, then get distracted by off-purpose opportunities. They have false starts and outright failures.

If any of that describes you, it’s time to follow our recipe:

1. Wow Now: Focus your mind and its visions, voices, and vibrations.

2. Inner Winner: Listen to your intuitions. Pursue your passions.

3. Dream Team: Engage your Dream Team. Explore with them your plan. Let them improve it. Determine what you are going to have to sell. Get ready to sell it.

4. Check your fuel gauges.

Mind: Are you convinced that you will do whatever it takes to get what you want?

Heart: What do you really, passionately want? What is your burning desire?

Team: Are your teammates as convinced and passionate as you are?

5. Set a start date and a finish date, no matter what.

6. Get in the starter’s blocks.