TURN YOUR PROBLEMS INTO PROFITS - Rapid Riches - Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen

Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen (2009)

Part IV. Rapid Riches


An entrepreneur is a creator. He/She loves to create. Create what?


Solutions to what?


Entrepreneurs love to create and to market those creations to bless the world by solving the world’s problems. It’s what motivates them. It’s their why. It gives them ways to help the world with their talent while, at the same time, generating profits to fund their favorite social causes. That’s where the word profit comes from—the Latin word profectus, as in pro (in favor of) + facere (to make or to do). You’re in favor of making or doing. In other words, you love to create!

Sometimes the quickest way to spot the most profitable problems is to look at the problems you have in your own life. You are on your way to an enlightened future of awareness and wealth. But then something happens. You hit a bump in the road. You know that awareness of yourself, your surroundings, your relationships, and your resources is paramount for you to fulfill your dreams. But there is another level of awareness we need to discuss: problems.

It has become common knowledge that problems are a sign of life. The same could be said for opportunities. What if you started seeing your problems as opportunities? Opportunities in work clothes, maybe.

Easier said than done? We would have to disagree.

Norman Vincent Peale emphasized the importance of problems. He said, “How you think about a problem is more important than the problem itself.” Consider that for a moment. How would a slight shift in thinking affect your response to the unexpected?

Go back to your virtual space, where you are clear in your thoughts and intentions. In this realm you are aligned in mind, heart, and body. You are aware and willing to look at things with fresh eyes.

Picture your awareness as a ladder. At the first rung of the ladder is a problem. Problems as problems are negative energy that shut down your spirit. They hold fear, doubt, and anxiety. They stop and stifle your imagination.

A natural reaction to a problem is to seek out comfort. You go and talk to people who will commiserate with you. If this is your usual pattern, it has to stop now.


Do not stay at the level of the problem. Being stuck in security consciousness will not serve you, and you will never create the sustainable income and financial freedom you desire.

We are not saying to take the emotion out of your experience. In fact, emotion often fuels us to make change. But we are saying that your emotion does not need to rule your response. Your feeling nature protects you, but your creative mind will lead you to action.

The goal is to rapidly climb to the top of the ladder. You want to be visionary and create the solution.

Imagine a firefighter who has arrived at the scene of a fire burning in a building, seven stories up. What would happen if she stayed at the bottom of the ladder, unable to act because she was so distraught over what was happening? The fire would continue to burn and possibly spread to more areas.

Would the outcome be significantly different if instead she came up with a plan, sprang into action, and aggressively climbed up? She would save the day!

So why not follow her lead? Be your own hero!

Twenty-five years ago, Teri Gault took matters into her own hands when her family’s finances got too tight. As a stay-at-home mom, she got into the habit of cutting coupons for fun when things were comfortable and then, unfortunately, for necessity when her family’s situation changed unexpectedly. Realizing there were other people just like her who would appreciate the savings that she worked so hard to find, she opened her own business.

Now running a $12 million business called the Grocery Game, Teri helps other people around the world save time and money and better support their own families through a subscription service that supplies lists and coordinating coupons to maximize savings in stores. She has tens of thousands of members who each save hundreds of dollars a month on their groceries.

Her problem was her solution. And yours can be, too.

When faced with adversity, get with your Dream Team or someone you admire who has an expanded awareness. They will not see your problem as a problem and will help you up the ladder.

Solutions will arise through creativity and enthusiasm, not frustration and aggravation.


Be prepared, because the higher you climb on the awareness ladder, the fewer people you will find. Many people, even some friends and family members, will stay at the first rung, in security consciousness, because it is safe.

The more success you have and the more you move closer to sustainable wealth and freedom, the more problems and opportunities will surface.

It is incredibly essential for you to rally around your Dream Team during your time of rapid acceleration. Celebrating even minor victories will help balance out the glitches that may arise.

If you feel your personal peer group is not quite as strong as you would like, with the exception of your Dream Team or Broad Squad, you can find higher consciousness in an extended peer group—books, audio programs, online seminars. This way you have access to innovative thinkers and doers whenever you want.


What awaits you at the top of the awareness ladder is your true, future fortune. When you are at the first rung, an unexpected problem, it comes down to two critical questions:

1. How will you react and respond?

2. Whom will you talk to for solutions?

Before moving on, take some time to think about how you have handled problems in the past and whom you turn to for advice.

1. What is your usual response to a problem? What is your first reaction?

2. Whom do you go to for comfort/help/ideas? What do they say?

3. How has this strategy served you?

If for some reason a problem appears to be too much for you to handle, use the following exercise to come up with a plan.

1. Write out the problem.

2. Write three outrageous solutions/opportunities.

3. Evaluate each one for practicality and effectiveness.

4. Run your solutions by your Dream Team or a mentor.

5. Pick the best one and set a date to put it into place!

Life provides us with adversity to give us our future abundance, assuming we are aware and paying attention.

Use the following virtualization to help you prepare for and solve any problem.

My problems are good.

Saying my problems are good gives me the perspective to solve them and beat them rather than let them beat me. I did not always know or believe that, but I do now.

I realize my problems are a sign of life.

My problems are solvable by me and my Dream Team.

My problems make me stronger, wiser, and more courageous.

My problems and their solution are going to become my future stories. They will help everyone who hears them.

The way to conquer a little problem is to give myself a bigger problem. Seems crazy, yet it works—every time.

Problem solving excites me at the core of my being.

The only people without problems are in a graveyard.

Therefore, I cheerfully accept my problems.

I understand that if everyone could put all their problems in a pool, each of us would ultimately take our problems back. We chose them and are uniquely qualified to solve them.

I like my problems and my problems like me.

I am solution-oriented. I have my mind in the quietude of virtualization knowing that it will find original solutions for me. Every time I go into the state of quiet reverie I know that I am self-sufficient.

I have the answer inside of me. I go inside the secret place of the most high. In here alone, I give myself time to be and comfort to know that every question I ask myself will inevitably get answered.

I ask myself, “What is my most effective way to dash for the cash? Where is my low-hanging fruit? What is tomorrow’s moneymaking goal? What multiple sources of income can I most ably pursue? Where are my millions now?”

I cheerfully lull myself to sleep every night repeating one of the above questions or a better question to solve all my problems.

Problems guarantee my future earning power and my results. I am thankful for my problems. I am thankful for my ever-expanding problem solving capabilities. I will vaporize problems. I love turning trash (my problems and others’) into cash.

The more I make, the more I make. It feels and is great.


We have said that as you accomplish more and move higher on the awareness ladder there will be fewer people up there with you, but problems (and opportunities!) will increase.

Do not get discouraged.

As you fully surrender to awareness, yes, you will have bigger problems. But with bigger problems, the little (and more frequent) problems will not matter as much.


It is because you have become bigger! You are more equipped to handle anything that comes your way. You have the state of mind, heart, and body along with your Dream Team. You are set.

Bigger problems (and opportunities!) require a different strategy.

We cannot make any presumptions about your current financial situation. But if you are in a state of crisis, where you feel you do not have any resources, we want to give you reassurance that you do have support.

While you may be emotionally stretched due to circumstances outside of your control, mentally you always have the wherewithal within you to move forward.

In 1998, after years of fertility treatments, manicurist Rosie Herman was $75,000 in debt. With the need to make extra money but also stay at home with her newborn twins, she developed an organic nail and hand product in her own kitchen. After six months, she knew she had the right formula when she used the lotion to treat and heal her own dry and damaged skin.

While the business was growing, Rosie used her sister’s credit cards to purchase supplies, worked through the night, and traded food for use of her neighbor’s computer. All of her efforts led to the creation of the One Minute Manicure and a multimillion-dollar success story.

Remember: your creative mind is there to solve any problem.

So as you juggle the multiple responsibilities, allow yourself the time and space to get centered and rely on your creative mind to lead you.

Victoria Knight-McDowell was a second-grade teacher who was constantly catching a cold. In an effort to support and strengthen her own immune system, she began researching and experimenting with different herbal formulas. She tested her creations on family and friends, and when she had her perfect product, she began marketing through her home office. Her all-natural product, Airborne health formula, has made her millions and is the number one cold remedy in the United States.

Regardless of where you may be now—age, career, lifestyle—you can make a plan. Do not be disheartened because you did not start sooner.

Start now.

We have given you the tools to begin the process with little or no monetary expense. It all starts inside of you.

Deborah Rosado Shaw’s life changed the day she took a sales call at the umbrella company where she worked. Hired to answer phones, she passed herself off as an account executive and sold over $140,000 worth of product. This massive sale earned her a legitimate sales position, where she continued to excel. She went on to start her own successful companies, Umbrellas Plus, LLC and Dream BIG! Enterprises, and has since become an award-winning entrepreneur and advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs.

You can do it, too.

We want more for you than the status quo. We want you to channel your genius and be, do, and have all that you desire.


There are four currencies that you can use to help you avoid future problems or navigate through them more smoothly.


Be in the people business—for, through, and by people—because markets are people.

People are always buying. Get in tune with where the marketplace is going so you can get there first with the products, services, and information that it wants, needs, and will be demanding.

Always have key people on your radar for referrals and connections. Work every day to strengthen your friendships in the workplace and beyond.

Be likable. Are you someone who goes out of their way to acknowledge others? Do you make an effort every day to reach out and share your gifts?


Just as you do not want to stay stuck on the first rung of the awareness ladder, similarly you do not want to lock yourself into a product, service, or information business where you are limited to when and where you can go. Now that is a problem.

To all of you superachievers and especially supermoms, how thin can you spread yourself before you are no longer there? If you are feeling like you are working as hard as you can and are not moving, know there is another way.

The future of moneymaking is simplicity, outsourcing, innovating, diversifying, and constantly building passive, recurring revenue so you are in control.

You want to have the freedom to be anywhere you choose, when you choose.


Are you efficient or effective? Efficient means you take a lot of action and may or may not get results. Effective means you take definitive result-generating action and get the rewards almost every time.

Everyone has a to-do list, but the vastly more important and neglected list is the to-be list: “be leading edge,” “be in use of my full potential in every area of my life,” “be fun,” “be joyous.” What do you want to be?

The more you elevate in consciousness, the more time you create and the more freedom you have to do something that is important, meaningful, and makes a difference.

You can either trade time for dollars or get into the results and performance economy, where your time is your own. You want to make every moment count, do more with less, and get bigger results in a shorter time.

Let’s add one other list you may not have considered: a to-don’t list. “I won’t waste time;” “I won’t do B-and C-level tasks when I can do money-generating A-level tasks that will advance my business, my future, my finances, and me.”

To further your awareness of time and what you can accomplish, download the free e-book Time for Everything at www.cashinaflashthebook.com/gift


Money is available to you (fundamental abundance!) and you want it to be residual.

Is your goal to make $100,000? Why stop there? To get to $1 million, all you have to do is add an extra zero. Again, change the way you look at it.

And if the question of how to make $1 million in a year is too intimidating, ask a better question: “How can I make an additional $500 per day?”

Get used to the word profit. Without a profit you cannot stay in business, grow, hire and pay your team, live the good life, vacation, be philanthropic, or ultimately retire.

You deserve a fair profit for creating, controlling, contributing, nurturing, and sustaining your business. Yes, we said it: you deserve it.


The best problem to have is the one you can solve and monetize at the same time.

When you are on a new exercise regimen, how do you measure the results? You use a scale or you judge by the fit of your favorite jeans, right?

How do you measure your relationships, your time, your mobility, and your money?

If you do not measure your money, you do not get more. If you do not measure your time equity, you do not get to have any time freedom. And time freedom is what opens you up and gives you other freedoms.

See, money freedom gives you time freedom. Time freedom gives you relationship freedom, so you can be with the people you want, when you want. You have to have a currency of mobility so you can go do something that needs to be done when you need to do it. There has never been so much in the world that needs to be done.

You want to increase your money freedom, your time freedom, your mobile freedom, and your relationship freedom; that is all there is to it.

It is time for you to assess your currencies and create your plan for increasing your awareness and wealth in each one.

1. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being empty, 10 overflowing), how much currency do you have in:

a. Relationship

b. Mobility

c. Time

d. Money

2. Put a star next to any of the currencies that are below a 5. These are the currencies that demand your attention.

3. How is not being abundant in these currencies negatively affecting your life? What are you not able to be, do, and have?

4. What are three steps you can take to increase your currency? When can you start? Set a date.

5. How will you measure your growth in these currencies? Name three people who will help keep you on track.

6. How will your current situation dramatically change by taking these steps?

For free audio downloads of Guided Virtualizations to Increase Your Four Currencies visit www.cashinaflashthebook.com.


When you are at a place where you can manage your own problems, see them as opportunities, and rise up the ladder, you are now ready to take on problems of a larger scale. Remember, we said your soul is here to serve. You want to take what you know and apply it on a larger scale. We have no doubt in your ability to handle the world’s toughest problems.

As we mentioned earlier, Dr. Muhammad Yunus saw a huge problem that needed solving. Armed with his awareness and tuned into his resources, with little money down, he created a system that is allowing women to have a chance at a better quality of life. In thirty-plus years, Yunus, starting with $27, has built a $2 billion bank. He says success comes from the teams of women working cooperatively.

Here is your wax on/wax off assignment.

Take a few moments to answer the following questions to discover which world problem or cause is close to your heart.

1. Have any friends or family members recently gone through an experience where they needed your help?

2. Do you remember a story or situation from the news that greatly affected you?

3. Is there a topic that gets you fired up when others are discussing it?

4. Are there any charitable organizations that in the past you vowed to help once you had the means to do so?

5. What do you think is the biggest problem facing this country and how can you help?

You will always have your own problems. But remember, the little ones will not matter as much when you take on something as meaningful and life-changing as one that makes a difference for others.

Live in the assumption of the wish fulfilled and you imagine new, viable solutions to all the world’s problems.