YOUR FASTEST PATH TO PROFIT: MAKE MONEY FROM WHAT YOU LOVE - The Second Key Ingredient: Inner Winner - Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen

Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen (2009)

Part II. The Second Key Ingredient: Inner Winner


The prime function of the Inner Winner is to help you discover your life’s true path—your life’s purpose.

We can just imagine what your impatient critical voice has to say about this: “Wait a minute! What does all this talk about whispers and purpose have to do with making some serious money now? You don’t have time for this.”

Yes, you do have time. It’s time for you to decide that the lifestyle of your dreams is not only possible but inevitable. The purpose path is your fastest path to enlightened cash. Everything else is prostitution—doing what you don’t love just to earn some money. Don’t make love for money. Make money from what you love.

Earlier we encouraged you to imagine a virtual place five years in the future where you are living your dream lifestyle. What are you doing there in the future? Whom are you surrounded by? What kinds of activities are you passionately involved with? How do these activities bring money in your door?

Starting now, decide to find and pursue your purpose path—and to earn a fortune doing it.

Imagine that you inherited $100 million today. What would you do with the money? After you’d paid off the credit card debt, your mortgage, given some money away, done some traveling, gotten the thrill of it out of your system, what would you do with your time? How would you serve the world? If money was no object, where would your heart lead you?

For some, these are easy questions to answer. They know exactly how they’d love to spend their time and money. Cyclist Lance Armstrong had all the money and fame in the world from winning the Tour de France seven times in a row. Yet after two years in retirement, what did he want to do? He started to train to ride his bicycle again. That was his passion.

What is your passion?

If you’re going to earn some serious money fast, wouldn’t it be nice if you tapped into this vast reservoir of the passion of purpose?

The Inner Winner is equipped with a honing mechanism to help you discover your own unique path to prosperity. It begins with the passions, talents, and gifts you already possess. You are already a winner inside—at something.

Are you aware of it yet?

There are hints all around you.

What do you love to do?
What are you good at?
What is important to you?
What feels right to you?
What kind of people, ideas, and/or things are you drawn to?
What fascinates you?
What interests you?
What kind of magazines, books, and movies attract you?
What things do you cherish?
What hobbies do you have?
Where do you spend time?
Where do you spend money?
What is your secret wish?
What are you curious about?
What were you doing the last time someone said to you, “How did youdo that?” Who do you like to hang around? What place just feels right?

The bottom line of all of this questioning is the discovery of your why. Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you do what you do? Why do you behave the way you do? Why do you yearn to find your better self? Why? It’s the bottom-line question of your life.


When you discover your why, it makes sense of everything that went before and everything that goes after. You’ll see the reason why you did things in the past, when you were unaware. You’ll notice the right things as they come from the future toward your present. They just feel right.

Some people reading these words right now are nodding. They know exactly what we’re describing. They’re there. Some people reading these words are puzzled: “Who are these guys talking about? The rest of us have to go to work every day. We’ve got bills to pay.”

Yup, we were there once too. We were overwhelmed with responsibilities too. We know the difference between being there and not being there.

We just hope that sooner or later you find yourself. You’re worth finding. You’re magnificent. Just the way you are.

When we talk like this, some people don’t get it. There is a Sufi proverb that explains why:

To one who doesn’t hear the music, the dancers look crazy.

It’s our hope that you’ll hear your own music as quickly as possible. There’s a song you were born to sing. It’s your song. Write it. Perform it.

You have an inner guidance system that instinctively knows what is best.

Think back to when you were a child. Your inner guidance system is more alert when you are a child; you know what feels right and wrong. As we get older, we become desensitized to our inner authentic voice. Instead of trusting our gut, we rationalize based on our references—good or bad.

Before you go to bed tonight, take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is my soul’s journey?

2. What is my divine right livelihood?

3. What will bring me from the right place to my true place?

Let your inner guidance system ponder these questions and see what is revealed to you the next morning. You may wake up feeling refreshed for the first time in weeks. Or it may be more subtle where you find yourself smiling for no particular reason.

Once you become more aligned with your inner guidance system, your level of awareness will increase as well as your energy and ability to generate new ideas—the kind of ideas that give solutions to your current situation.


Start with what you know.

Here are some questions to help you think about yourself in a new light:

1. What is something you do well?

2. What is something you do that receives compliments?

3. What do you enjoy doing and for you is not work?

You are probably familiar with the phenomenon known as Crocs. They are those clunky, colorful, clog-like shoes that have taken the world by storm. But do you know the story of Jibbitz, the company that develops the charms that fit into the holes of Crocs?

Stay-at-home mom Sheri Schmelzer and her three children were decorating their collection of Crocs with homemade charms when Sheri’s husband saw a unique product with massive potential.

What began as a craft project turned into a home-based business that developed an in-demand product that sold over eight million pieces in its first year.

What Sheri Smeltzer did was take something she enjoyed—doing a craft project with her children—and turn it into a lucrative business.

She believed she could do it and she did.

Another example is our friend and colleague Nora Roberts. A self-proclaimed reader and storyteller, Nora tried her hand at writing almost thirty years ago during a blizzard. Her first manuscript was 55,000 words written in longhand. After being rejected many times she finally found a publisher and what followed (and still continues today) was a long and prosperous career as a bestselling author with over 150 books written and 280 million copies sold.

To withstand multiple rejections, do you think she had a strong belief system?

If you believe enough in yourself, it is as basic as asking yourself, “Have I ever thought of making money with this?”

Think in terms of value for yourself, your future, your family’s future, and your future fortunes.


We strongly recommend documenting your progress as you embrace awareness as your belief system.

Keep a journal to get clear on your desires so you can rise higher and higher. Each day, when you have a new innovative thought or idea, write it down in your journal. On the same day each week, open your journal, read your ideas, and look for the pattern integrity between all of them.

Oprah Winfrey, considered by many to be the most influential woman in the world, says she journals every day. If you look at her empire, with a net worth of over $2.5 billion, and all that she has accomplished—including her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa—is that not reason enough to engage in this daily practice?

There are various types of journals—anything from gratitude to love to dreams—but there are really no rules to it. If you are new to this concept, it may be best to start small. Have you ever heard of daily food logs? This is where you capture what you have eaten for the day so you can track your progress and find your pitfalls.

Why not try this method for your awareness and reinvention? Because you are more in tune with what is happening around you, try logging your daily routine and look for what we call pattern integrity—profitable patterns in your life.

There are three key points to finding pattern integrity.

1. Ask yourself better questions. Where do you spend the most time? What do you enjoy the most?

2. Journal in the morning. Give yourself the thought command before you retire to bed each night: “What is my divine livelihood?” When you wake up, write what first comes into your mind.

3. Share your journal. Your Dream Team may see what you do not see.


When everything finds its place and you actively believe that abundance is your fundamental right, it is time to expand your vision even further.

Everyone has 360 degrees of talent and everyone is born an entrepreneur. As your awareness grows, you get back in sync with your birthright to be anything you want to be—regardless of what you have chosen to believe in the past.

What do you believe now?

An inspiring example of a woman living her dream and taking advantage of her talent is Mia Hamm, formerly a forward on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Mia started playing organized soccer at the age of five. Her career high is that she scored more international goals than any other player, male or female, in the history of the sport. Mia’s talent was recognized and supported early on in her life and she fulfilled her life’s purpose by utilizing her gifts.

So think back again to when you were a child and answer the following questions:

What was your dream?

When did you stop believing it could come true?

Does that dream still ignite a spark within you?

If you have the means tomorrow, will you pursue it?

How much do you value making this dream come true?

More important, how much do you value making this dream come true and acquiring new wealth with your existing resources?

And when we say value we are not talking dollars and cents. We are referring to the deeper meaning, the core of your soul.

Do you value your wealth at the same level of your family, friends, pets, or charitable causes? Do you think that your wealth deserves to be at the same level of importance?

We do.


Just by having the mind-set, you create the money-set. By making your wealth a priority and treating it with the same caring and concern you would treat those people or organizations closest to you, you foster new growth.

At the beginning of this chapter we asked you to imagine what it would be like to inherit $100 million. Here is your wax on/wax off assignment: Find an old checkbook and actually write out checks to spend or invest the entire$100 million of your imaginary inheritance. Let your heart make the decision.

Don’t go on to the next chapter until you’ve done this.

Then join us in the next chapter.

We’ve got a secret to share.