FOLLOW YOUR HEART: ACCESS YOUR INNER WINNER - The Second Key Ingredient: Inner Winner - Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen

Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen (2009)

Part II. The Second Key Ingredient: Inner Winner


Follow your heart—your intuition.
It will lead you in the right direction


Let’s review before we forge ahead. The first few chapters in this book are about Wow Now. These are the strategies for focusing the mind. They are “thinking” techniques designed to prepare you for action. If aerobics is the science of exercising your body, then neurobics is the science of exercising your mind—how to think more positively, how to keep your mind uncluttered of unwanted past memories and looming future fears. Neurobics is the science of how to direct the voices, visions, and vibrations of your mind. The result: single-minded focus, confidence, excitement.

In a word: conviction!

When you practice Wow Now, you feel what it feels like to be living your dream lifestyle. This feeling permeates your every cell. This then radiates out to everyone you meet. If Wow Now is how you focus your mind, the Inner Winner is how you tap into your heart. You are reactivating your inner guidance system and giving back control to the part of you that instinctively knows what is best.

Many who read this book are looking for ways to earn quick cash to solve an immediate need. They assume that once they’ve solved their pressing financial problems, they can then resume their search for the ideal source of income. They put their dreams on hold temporarily, waiting for a more convenient time. They stop listening to their heart. But the signals from the heart are often the fastest path to cash… and wealth.

So, how do you recognize the most profitable signals from the heart?


Now, let’s talk about a power that is deeper than mere thinking. We want to talk about a feeling that is more profound than excitement. Let’s discuss your heart of hearts—your inner heart. We call this your Inner Winner.

Beneath all of your memories of the past and future, barely below your awareness, there is a part of you that knows all the answers you need to succeed immensely.

Have you ever had a hunch—a gut feeling—that something good (or bad) was about to happen? Have you ever had a sense of certitude that a decision you made was right or correct?

Some people refer to these impressions as your intuition. Others call it the sixth sense. We call it the Inner Winner.

If you want to be more successful—wealthier, happier, and healthier—you need to heed the signals from your Inner Winner. It may be the most important success tool in your tool kit. If it’s so important, why do we receive almost zero training in it in school?

Remember a time when you had a strong hunch about something or someone. Scan through your memory banks to find a good example. Access the memory of your hunch and go back to that time as if you were reliving the experience. In other words, remember what it was like to be in your body at that time and to experience the hunch all over again. Rewind to the place in your memory just before you had your hunch. Now, play the scene forward until the moment when the hunch happens and then freeze the frame so you can isolate the intuitive experience. What were the clues you received that let you know that this kind of knowing was special, was true or real? How would you describe it?

You knew it at a deeper level. You just knew it, didn’t you?

But how did you know it? More specifically, where did you know it?

Heighten your awareness to notice what was going on. What kind of signals did you process? Were there any visual clues—flashes of insight or images of future possibilities? Were there any voices—verbal messages or whisperings? Did you notice any specific feelings or impressions?

Where did that inkling come from? How did you know it?

Deep inside each of us—beneath our fears, anxieties, and worries—there is a bedrock of wisdom, insight, and good sense that we all possess. It came with our operating system at birth.

Throughout your life, you add to your store of knowledge and experience. You fill up your data banks with more information. Everything you’ve ever learned, studied, read, or assimilated is just a blink away. You access this vast store of information through one simple method: questions.

When you ask yourself a simple question, you activate your wisdom retrieval system, which searches for the right answer.

Women are reported to be very intuitive. They just know things. Men are also intuitive, although reportedly not as sensitive as women to their hunches. Men seem to be more in their heads and women are more in their hearts. It’s just the way it is.

Your first wax on/wax off assignments were designed to make you aware of the voices in your mind. As we learned in chapter 5, this voice—your critical voice—is not your friend. We call this your Inner Whiner—because it’s always whining about something. We showed you how to turn the volume down on this voice so that it doesn’t affect you as negatively.

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the international best seller The Four Agreements, has written another book called The Voice of Knowledge. In this book he describes the critical voice as “the liar who lives in your head… Every time we judge ourselves, find ourselves guilty, and punish ourselves, it’s because the voice in our head is telling us lies.” He continues:

When I was a child, I used to watch Walt Disney’s Donald Duck cartoons. On one side of Donald Duck’s head was an angel, and on the other side of his head was a devil, and both were talking to him. Well, this is real…. You have a voice that is telling you why you are not good enough, why you don’t deserve love, why you cannot trust, why you will never be great or beautiful or perfect. That voice is lying, and the only power that it has is the power that you give it.

He goes on to explain that the other voice is the voice of the spirit, our integrity, the voice of love.

If you sit quietly, you can often notice a deeper, heartfelt voice. We call this your true voice or your Inner Winner. This is the part of you that knows the truth. This voice is sending constant signals also. Most people miss these signals because they are so subtle, so sensitive. It’s hard to notice them while your critical voice—“the liar who lives in your head”—is chattering incessantly. Once you turn down the volume of the nagging voices in your mind, you can learn to listen to your Inner Winner.


Let us ask you a question: when your critical voice speaks to you, where is it? Point to that spot right now.

When your true voice speaks to you, where do you notice it?

When we ask audiences worldwide these questions, the members of the audience predominantly point to very different spots. For the critical voice they point to their head. For the true voice they point to their heart.

Where do you doubt things? Generally in your mind.

Where do you know things? Generally in your heart.

Each of us has a flickering flame of truth in the center of us. We just know what is right and not right for us. It’s our conscience—our inner guidance system. We can just feel it. On either side of this flickering flame of truth are two big bullies trying to blow that flame out.

One bully is the Bully of Fear. He tries to blow that flame out. He doesn’t want you to win. He wants you to retreat, to back away from your dreams. If he can get you to procrastinate, he wins.

He usually works through one of the five major fears:

Failure Embarrassment Abandonment Rejection Success

If you ever find yourself in the grip of one of these fears, it’s often evidence that the Bully of Fear is working hard to keep you from finding your true path.

The other bully is the Bully of Greed. He wants to fan the flames of inappropriate desires—to lure you from your true path in life. He appeals to your ego. If he can distract you with shiny trappings, he wins.

Your task is to find your true path and follow it.

What is the language of your Inner Winner? It uses the same types of voices, visions, and vibrations that are used by your thinking mind—generally in your head, from the neck up. Yet the voices, visions, and vibrations of your Inner Winner are centered more in your heart area—from the neck down to the belt.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I just had a gut feeling that this was the right thing (or the wrong thing) to do”? Or “I had a flash of insight and it just looked right to me”? Or “I told myself that I’d better act before it was too late”?

Often, you’ll have several different manifestations of truth—a voice, followed by a flash or insight, followed by a peaceful feeling. Or any combination. Some people only feel an impression. Some people only hear a wise voice. Some people only have a flash of visual insight. How do you do your hunches?

Sometimes you just know what do and what to avoid.


Intuition is a good indicator of truth, but it’s not infallible. It’s been our experience that a more profound confirmation of your intuitive decision is very helpful. It’s the difference between intuition and inspiration.

Oprah Winfrey, at a recent California women’s conference, taught a profound lesson about spiritual guidance. She calls it the Whisper.

God always first speaks to you in the Whisper. So right now… the Universe is whispering to you about your job … is whispering about your children… is whispering to you about your relationship. If I were you, I’d take it in the whisper. Because after the whisper, you get a little thump on your head.… A thump on the head is a message, trying to get through to you. If you don’t pay attention to that, you end up in a big old problem. That’s a brick falling upside your head because you didn’t hear it in the whisper. And if you don’t pay attention to the brick then you get a whole wall of bricks falling down. Now you don’t have a problem, you’ve got a crisis. And if you don’t pay attention to the brick wall falling… the whole house caves in and you’re in a full-blown disaster. So what I try to do is get it in the whisper. Get it in the whisper. Your life is whispering to you right now. What is it saying?

All successful people have learned to be more attuned to the Whisper. All great successes can be linked back to following these initial spiritual nudgings or peaceful feelings. If you’re not attuned to them now, we hope you will be more so before you finish reading this book.

We hope your awareness is expanding. Yes, awareness. Awareness of what? Awareness of how a Higher Power is prompting and influencing most of your decisions. We are being nudged and prompted daily. Success is learning how to recognize those promptings. The first step is to learn how to turn off the critical voice and listen to the true voice. Then make your decision guided by your intuition. Heighten your sensitivity to a spiritual confirmation. Do you notice a whisper? Or does it just feel right? If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!

If these promptings are happening inside you, then become aware that they are certainly going on in other people around you. Some people are so tuned in to critical voices, they miss constant subtle signals that are urging them to the green pastures of a better life. Sometimes they notice their whispers. Sometimes they don’t. Become aware that many of our prayers are being answered by other people who are being prompted to help us.

A well-known scripture says it best:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he
shall direct thy paths


Here is your wax on/wax off assignment for today.

After you’ve turned off your critical voice, intensely focus for several minutes several times today on trying to notice your Inner Winner. Remember the times in your past when you had a hunch about something. Notice the process that works for you in how you know things.

Try to remember which came first: the voice, the vision, or the vibration. Did you hear a whisper, followed by a feeling of peace? Or did you have a flash of insight followed by a whisper and then a feeling? Were all of these components present in your hunch? Or did it just feel right and then the voice said, “You can do it”? Maybe you didn’t notice a whisper. Just a feeling.

Ponder how you know things. Then notice your personal knowing pattern. Then find someone you trust and share with them how your inner guidance system works.

Let’s talk tomorrow.