VIBRATIONS: HOW TO WOW YOUR NOW - The First Key Ingredient: Wow Now - Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen

Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times - Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen (2009)

Part I. The First Key Ingredient: Wow Now


Voices. Visions. Vibrations. These are the languages of your mind.

Voices: What you say to yourself—and how you say it—has an enormous influence on your thinking right now. And your bank account!

Visions: What you envision from your past and in your future—and how you envision it—has an enormous influence on your thinking right now. And your cash flow!

What kind of influence are we talking about? What you say and what you see now have an immediate impact on how you feel right now.

Our word to describe these feelings is vibrations.

Vibrations: From such a positive space, you just vibe in the right kind of future. Whether you are attracted to the future or the future is attracted to you is not important. You are just attractive… like a magnet.

As Napoleon Hill states in his book Think and Grow Rich: “Our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and, by means with which no man is familiar, these ‘magnets’ attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.”

In other words, you become a literal magnet for the things you want. If you want money, money literally can’t say no.

Brian Tracy, in his classic book Maximum Achievement, refers to it as the Law of Emotion.

The Law of Emotion states that 100 percent of your decisions and subsequent actions are based on emotion. You are not largely emotional, or 90 percent emotional and 10 percent logical, as has been assumed. You are completely emotional. Everything you do is based on an emotion of some kind…. There are only two main categories of emotions: desire and fear. Most of what you do, or don’t do, is determined by one or the other. And the things you do, or refrain from doing, because of fear greatly outweigh the number of things you do because of desire…. The more you desire or fear something, the more likely you are to attract it into your life. A thought without an emotion behind it has no power to influence you one way or the other. An emotion with no thought to guide it causes frustration and unhappiness. But when you have a clear thought, positive or negative, accompanied by an intense emotion of either fear or desire, you activate the various mental laws and begin drawing whatever it is toward you. That is why it is so important for you to keep your thoughts on the things you want and keep them off the things you fear.

What you think causes vibrations of feeling and emotion. These vibrations are picked up by people around you like radio or television signals. Through the force of your mental activity, you bring more wow into your now.

You are in the now. You can never escape from it. It is the only time over which you have any control. You can’t really change your past. You can only transform your memories of the past and the lessons you’ve learned from those experiences. You can’t really change your future right now. It hasn’t happened yet. You can only change your future memories of what you want to attract into your life.

The field of now is the only place where you have any power to act. You can’t act in the past. It’s already over. You can only change your perception now of what actually took place back there by changing what you see in your rear view mirror. There really is no past. You can’t act in the future. When you finally arrive in the future, it will be just an extension of now. There really is no future. There are just continuously touching moments of now.


The shadow by my finger cast
Divides the future from the past:
Before it, sleeps the unborn hour
In darkness, and beyond thy power:
Behind its unreturning line,
The vanished hour, no longer thine:
One hour alone is in thy hands,—
The NOW on which the shadow stands


It’s all about now. How you act in the now has a direct impact on the next, contiguous moment of now. If you learn to wow every moment of now, it will infuse the very next moment with wow.

The way you think about your past and the way you think about your future are all happening right now. If you think your past was bad, it infects your now with fear. If you learn to tweak your past to experience your positive memories and observe your not-so-positive moments, then it makes you feel more positive right now. If infuses your life with “up.” Maintain this way of thinking and there is an endless vista of “up” as far as you can see in your future nows.

In fact, by thinking now about the way you want your future to be, it sends a signal off into the future and prepares everything and everyone in the future for your arrival. If every negative thought deducts $100 from your future bank account immediately, then every positive thought sends an electronic message to your future bank accounts and deposits $100 there immediately.

In this way, your past and your future can empower your now.


Another way to empower now is to step into the most idealized now and carry it with you throughout the day. We call it your Secret Spot.

Imagine a spot at your feet just in front of you. Ask yourself these questions:

What if there was an imaginary spot that I could step into at any timeto give myself a surge of positive energy?

What shape would that spot be? Circular, oval, rectangular, square?

What would be its dimensions? Three feet across? Four? Five? More?

Since it’s in your imagination, it’s invisible to anyone else except you. It’s your secret.

What if I could infuse my Secret Spot with the ingredients of confidence, happiness, excitement, power, peace, and so on? What other attributes would I like to add to this spot?

Since you really want to fully experience this spot, make sure you add all of your senses.

What sounds would you like to include? The sound of applause? The sound of your favorite music? The sound of people laughing with you, not at you? The sound of positive experiences of all kinds? Perhaps you hear the sound of your imagined success mentors advising you:” Be strong. Have faith. You can do it.” Step into that spot in your imagination and notice what kinds of sounds make you feel even more empowered.

What kind of tastes and smells would you like to add?

Imagine stepping into your spot and hearing, tasting, and smelling the sweet sounds, tastes, and aromas of success. Let your imagination run wild.

What kind of feelings would you like to insert? What kind of scenes would you want to be accessible to you in your special spot? What spiritual messages or prayers would you be accessing? It’s your Secret Spot. You can imagine it any way you choose, even like this for example:

Now, your critical mind might try to tell you how silly all of this seems… after all, you’re an adult with serious responsibilities and pressures. This sort of playful thinking certainly can’t lend any support to your ongoing activities!

Yes, that’s a reasonable assessment. Yet scan forward in your mind to a future pressure-filled situation. Imagine preparing to make a presentation to your boss about a project you’ve been assigned to do. Just before you enter her office, you take a moment to step into your Secret Spot. You allow yourself to breathe deeply and center yourself. You remember a day from the past when you were particularly confident. You bring that memory to now and step into it. You scan forward into your future and access a future memory of you being the boss of your own enterprise, living an amazing lifestyle. You populate your spot with your imaginary mentors whom you’ve selected. You hear them encouraging you. You smell a garden of fragrant flowers that makes you feel calm and peaceful. You imagine a cylinder of light that emanates from your spot. This light virtually vibrates with enlightened energy that reaches high into the heavens and descends deep into the earth. You draw from the deep well beneath you the wisdom of Mother Earth. You attract from high above you the wisdom of the Universe. You silently whisper a prayer to bring to your awareness whatever words or thoughts you will need at the exact right moment.

All of this might take less than a minute. Now you are ready. You enter your meeting and maintain your presence in the spot. You exude positive vibrations and you glow with positive anticipation. Who wouldn’t want to be in your presence? You have the power within you to rally your immense internal forces and conquer almost any obstacle, like getting a bank loan, meeting the most influential and important person alive, or asking for a giant piece of business.

Of course, your boss is not in that space herself. She might just be burdened with pressures, responsibilities, and problems. Your energy will most likely be a welcome change to the swirling challenges she faces every day. But whatever her response is to your higher energy—whether positive or negative—choose to respond with positive answers. Refuse to be drawn into the vortex of any downward spiral. Remain firmly situated in your Secret Spot, linked clearly to empowering experiences from your past and future that expand your now. The person with the highest energy usually controls every situation. Therefore, start your day by virtualizing yourself as being such a person, in each and every situation.

How does this experience seem to you? Do you think you’d be more prepared to enter your boss’s office if you were walking in your spot?

Or would your previous way work better?

By the way, what was your previous way? Were any of the following thoughts flooding your mind as you prepared: worry, negative self-talk, fear of stumbling like previous times, fear of the worst-case scenario looming in the future, doubt that you’ll say the right thing at the right time, concern that your hair or clothes might not look just right, a nagging critical voice like a loudspeaker telling you that you’re not up to this?

Your new Secret Spot would certainly be better than that!

So now, with a newly transformed past and a clearly imagined future, plus your special spot to precede you wherever you go, consider that your now has been wowed.

Wow Now. For the past few chapters, we’ve been explaining the importance of the first ingredient in the recipe for riches—Wow Now. We hope you’re now beginning to agree with us.

Your wax on/wax off assignment for this chapter is to continue building your Secret Spot. Add more details to this imaginary source of power that you carry invisibly with you everywhere you go. Practice stepping into your Secret Spot several times today. Notice how it makes you feel more positive, more empowered, more creative, more confident. Add your own ingredients to your Secret Spot. What could you add that would make your spot even more effective? A special song? An important quote? A unique, awesome memory? An exciting future opportunity?

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