Dick Van Dyke: Keep Moving : And Other Tips and Truths about Aging (Hardcover)(2015)

Other Tips and Truths About Old Age

TRUTH: They say the knees are the second thing to go. They’re wrong.

TRUTH: Money can’t buy happiness. But it can pay for good doctors and medicine.

TIP: If a doctor tells you he can make you look twenty years younger, don’t believe him. Everybody will notice. And nobody will think you look twenty years younger.

TIP: Collect experiences, not memories.

TRUTH: You are never too old for romance. A candlelight dinner, a slow dance, a stroll under the stars—these are as potent and magical at eighty-five as they were at twenty-five.

TRUTH: After a hundred, everything should be free. It’s not—but it should be.

TIP: Health foods no longer matter after eighty years old. At that point eat anything you want for the rest of your life. That’s healthy!

TIP: Look your age. But don’t act it.

TRUTH: Most people aren’t as grown-up as they look.

TRUTH: Some of life is planning. A lot of it is luck.

TIP: Forgiveness is the best sleeping pill.

TIP: Old age is not the time to be scared. Instead, be curious.

TRUTH: Yes, you wasted too much time worrying about things that didn’t matter.

TRUTH: When you answer every question by asking, “What?” it means you are hard of hearing, not old.

TIP: If your children tell you that you are wearing your pants too high or your sweater is inside out, they are probably right.

TIP: It doesn’t matter if you can no longer remember your grandchildren’s birthdays anymore. Or even your children’s birthdays. They’ll remind you.

TRUTH: As you get older, you start to shrink. But your heart still retains the capacity to grow and expand.

TRUTH: A spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down.

TIP: New experiences are the only things you can collect in life that end up being worth it.

TIP: Carry a tiny flashlight with you. It’s helpful in dark restaurants.

TRUTH: All the different ways you thought you might die by now didn’t happen. That’s a good thing!

TRUTH: Social Security is the only security you have in life. Let’s hope that doesn’t get screwed up.

TIP: Easy Street doesn’t exist. Stop looking for it or wishing you had found it.

TRUTH: Parties were more fun before everyone else was dead. But don’t let that ruin your time.

TRUTH: Old people really do know most of the answers to life’s important questions. But no one knows if there really is a God.

TIP: Don’t take it all so seriously.

TIP: Everything really does looks better in the morning.

TRUTH: In the end you realize only two things matter—love and hope—and as you get closer to the end, it’s only love.

TRUTH: Life goes on.