Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven & Hell with Black Sabbath - Tony Iommi, T.J. Lammers

Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven & Hell with Black Sabbath - Tony Iommi, T.J. Lammers (2011)

Introduction. The Sound of Heavy Metal

Chapter 1. The birth of a Cub

Chapter 2. It’s the Italian thing

Chapter 3. The shop on Park Lane

Chapter 4. The school of hard knocks

Chapter 5. Out of The Shadows, into the limelight

Chapter 6. Why don’t you just give me the finger?

Chapter 7. A career hanging off an extra thin string

Chapter 8. Meeting Bill Ward and The Rest

Chapter 9. Job-hopping into nowhere

Chapter 10. How three angels saved heavy metal

Chapter 11. Things go horribly south up north

Chapter 12. Down to Earth

Chapter 13. A flirt with Tull in a Rock ’n’ Roll Circus

Chapter 14. The early birds catch the first songs

Chapter 15. Earth to Black Sabbath

Chapter 16. Black Sabbath records Black Sabbath

Chapter 17. Now under new management

Chapter 18. Getting Paranoid

Chapter 19. Sabbath, Zeppelin and Purple

Chapter 20. This is America?

Chapter 21. Happy birthday witches to you

Chapter 22. Ozzy’s shockers

Chapter 23. An Antipodean murder mystery

Chapter 24. Flying fish

Chapter 25. Number 3, Master of Reality

Chapter 26. No, really, it’s too much …

Chapter 27. White lines and white suits

Chapter 28. Air Elvis

Chapter 29. Going Snowblind

Chapter 30. This is your captain freaking …

Chapter 31. A rather white wedding

Chapter 32. Going to the big house

Chapter 33. One against nature

Chapter 34. The well runs dry

Chapter 35. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Chapter 36. The California Jam

Chapter 37. Where did all the money go?

Chapter 38. Everything’s being Sabotaged!

Chapter 39. Bruiser in a boozer

Chapter 40. Me on Ecstasy

Chapter 41. Ecstasy on tour

Chapter 42. We Never Say Die

Chapter 43. Ozzy goes

Chapter 44. Susan’s Scottish sect

Chapter 45. Dio does but Don don’t

Chapter 46. Bill goes to shits

Chapter 47. Heaven and Hell

Chapter 48. Ignition

Chapter 49. Vinny says Aloha

Chapter 50. Getting Black and Blue

Chapter 51. Melinda

Chapter 52. Friends forever

Chapter 53. The Mob Rules

Chapter 54. The Mob tours

Chapter 55. A Munster in the mix

Chapter 56. To The Manor Born Again

Chapter 57. Size matters

Chapter 58. Last man standing

Chapter 59. The mysterious case of the lofty lodgers

Chapter 60. Lovely Lita

Chapter 61. Together again, for a day

Chapter 62. Twinkle twinkle Seventh Star

Chapter 63. Glenn falls, but there is a Ray of hope

Chapter 64. The quest for The Eternal Idol

Chapter 65. Taxman!

Chapter 66. Headless but happy

Chapter 67. Oh no, not caviar again!

Chapter 68. TYR and tired

Chapter 69. It’s Heaven and Hell again

Chapter 70. Bound and shackled

Chapter 71. In harmony with Cross Purposes

Chapter 72. The one that should’ve been Forbidden

Chapter 73. Flying solo with Glenn Hughes

Chapter 74. Living apart together

Chapter 75. The love of my life

Chapter 76. Reunion

Chapter 77. Cozy’s crash

Chapter 78. Bill, Vinny, and Bill and Vinny

Chapter 79. Belching after a Weenie Roast

Chapter 80. Iommi, the album

Chapter 81. An audience with the Queen

Chapter 82. Hats off to Rob Halford

Chapter 83. Fused with Glenn again

Chapter 84. Entering the Halls of Fame

Chapter 85. This is for peace

Chapter 86. Heaven and Hell, tour and band

Chapter 87. The Devil You Know

Chapter 88. Farewell to a dear friend

Chapter 89. Not a right-hand man

Chapter 90. A good place