The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life - John le Carré

The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life - John le Carré (2016)


Chapter 1. Don't be beastly to your Secret Service

Chapter 2. Dr Globke's laws

Chapter 3. Official visit

Chapter 4. Fingers on the trigger

Chapter 5. To whomsoever it may concern

Chapter 6. Wheels of British justice

Chapter 7. Ivan Serov’s defection

Chapter 8. A legacy

Chapter 9. The innocence of Murat Kurnaz

Chapter 10. Going out into the field

Chapter 11. Bumping into Jerry Westerby

Chapter 12. Lonely in Vientiane

Chapter 13. Theatre of the Real: dances with Arafat

Chapter 14. Theatre of the Real: the Villa Brigitte

Chapter 15. Theatre of the Real: a question of guilt

Chapter 16. Theatre of the Real: terms of endearment

Chapter 17. The Soviet knight is dying inside his armour

Chapter 18. The Wild East: Moscow 1993

Chapter 19. Blood and treasure

Chapter 20. The biggest bears in the garden

Chapter 21. Among the Ingush

Chapter 22. Joseph Brodsky’s prize

Chapter 23. The wrong horse’s mouth

Chapter 24. His brother’s keeper

Chapter 25. Quel Panama!

Chapter 26. Under deep cover

Chapter 27. Hunting for warlords

Chapter 28. Richard Burton needs me

Chapter 29. Alec Guinness

Chapter 30. Lost masterpieces

Chapter 31. Bernard Pivot’s necktie

Chapter 32. Lunching with prisoners

Chapter 33. Son of the author’s father

Chapter 34. To Reggie with thanks

Chapter 35. The most wanted man

Chapter 36. Stephen Spender’s credit card

Chapter 37. Advice to an aspiring novelist

Chapter 38. The last official secret