Paul McCartney: The Life - Philip Norman

Paul McCartney: The Life - Philip Norman (2016)

PROLOGUE. All Our Yesterdays

Part I. Stairway to Paradise

Chapter 1. ‘Hey, mister, gimme a quid and I’ll show you Paul McCartney’s house’

Chapter 2. ‘Apple sandwiches with sugar’

Chapter 3. ‘I learned to put a shell around me’

Chapter 4. Puttin’ On the Style

Chapter 5. ‘Chalkandcheese!’

Chapter 6. ‘Paul seemed to make John come alive when they were together’

Chapter 7. ‘Just who do you want to be, Paul? Tommy Steele?’

Chapter 8. ‘Everything’s mad here. People never sleep’

Chapter 9. ‘Sing “Searchin’”, Paul!’

Chapter 10. ‘Oo, Vi, give me legs a comb’

Chapter 11. ‘Just think–Little Richard’s got on my shirt! I can’t believe it!‘

Part II. The Barnum & Bailey Beatle

Chapter 12. ‘Did you know he sleeps with his eyes open?‘

Chapter 13. ‘Changing my life with a wave of her hand‘

Chapter 14. ‘Long life and happiness and lots of marzipan butties‘

Chapter 15. ‘This is what a Beatle does in the evenings‘

Chapter 16. ‘It’s a big one, ’cos I like big houses’

Chapter 17. ‘You might almost have said an alien had landed on the Mull‘

Chapter 18. Return of the Jim Mac Jazz Band

Chapter 19. ‘An irresponsible idiot‘

Chapter 20. ‘Everything was off the top of Paul’s head‘

Chapter 21. ‘A beautiful place where beautiful people can buy beautiful things‘

Chapter 22. ‘It was the coup de foudre the French speak of in hushed tones‘

Chapter 23. ‘You have found her, now go and get her‘

Part III. Home, Family, Love

Chapter 24. ‘You’ve been playing on the roof again and your Mommy doesn’t like it‘

Chapter 25. ‘Fuck you, money!‘

Chapter 26. ‘Go on, cry! You’ll be in the paper‘

Chapter 27. ‘Paul is still with us‘

Chapter 28. ‘It was a barrelling, empty feeling that just rolled across my soul‘

Chapter 29. ‘It was almost as if I was committing an unholy act‘

Chapter 30. ‘Hell, we’ve really blown it here‘

Chapter 31. ‘Screw you, I’ll make an album you’ll wish you’d been on‘

Chapter 32. ‘An old estranged fiancé of mine called Paul‘

Chapter 33. ‘Man, if I was Paul McCartney, I’d buy the road‘

Chapter 34. ‘They’d saved themselves for him‘

Chapter 35. ‘Oi, Paul, you know that Mull of Kintyre? It’s fakking great!‘

Chapter 36. ‘McCartneyesque whimsy on punk steroids‘

Chapter 37. Japanese Jailbird

Chapter 38. ‘It put everyone in a daze for the rest of their life‘

Part IV. Carrying That Weight

Chapter 39. ‘Give me back my babies, Lew‘

Chapter 40. ‘About as close as you can get to a non-movie‘

Chapter 41. ‘I bought your songs, Paul‘

Chapter 42. ‘You’re such a lovely audience‘

Chapter 43. ‘I work my arse off, I do. I work my bloody arse off‘

Chapter 44. ‘Everyone wanted to be the icing on the cake. No one wanted to be the cake‘

Chapter 45. ‘This letter comes with love from your friend Paul‘

Chapter 46. ‘She radiated hope‘

Chapter 47. ‘Let Me Love You Always‘

Part V. Back in the World

Chapter 48. Lonesome Town

Chapter 49. ‘I’ve just got a leg missing. I’ve still got my heart‘

Chapter 50. ‘Hey, that’s pretty good. Is it one of yours?‘

Chapter 51. ‘You don’t say a lot, do you, Paul?‘

Chapter 52. ‘She could not afford to sue all the newspapers she would like to‘

Chapter 53. ‘Even by British tabloid standards, the nastiness has been extraordinary‘

Chapter 54. ‘His wife, mother, lover, confidante, business partner and psychologist‘

Chapter 55. ‘There’s always that moment of “Can I do it?”’

EPILOGUE. ‘See ya, Phil’