Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939 - Volker Ullrich

Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939 - Volker Ullrich (2016)


Chapter 1. The Young Hitler

Chapter 2. The Vienna Years

Chapter 3. The Experience of War

Chapter 4. The Leap into Politics

Chapter 5. The King of Munich

Chapter 6. Putsch and Prosecution

Chapter 7. Landsberg Prison and Mein Kampf

Chapter 8. Führer on Standby

Chapter 9. Dark Star Rising

Chapter 10. Hitler and Women

Chapter 11. Bids and Bluffs

Chapter 12. Month of Destiny: January 1933

Chapter 13. Hitler as Human Being

Chapter 14. Totalitarian Revolution

Chapter 15. Eviscerating Versailles

Chapter 16. Cult and Community

Chapter 17. Dictatorship by Division, Architecture of Intimidation

Chapter 18. The Berghof Society and the Führer’s Mistress

Chapter 19. Hitler and the Churches

Chapter 20. Prelude to Genocide

Chapter 21. The Way to War