A FEYNMAN BIBLIOGRAPHY - Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman - James Gleick

Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman - James Gleick (1993)


Because almost all Feynman’s work originated with the spoken word, and because its publication took so many shapes, formal and informal, no final bibliography will ever be compiled. Neither Feynman nor the Caltech libraries maintained more than a partial listing. Some lectures were published repeatedly, in journals and collections, in versions that vary slightly or not at all. Others exist only in the form of Feynman’s notes before the fact, a student’s handwritten notes after the fact, a university preprint, a typed transcript, an edited or unedited conference proceeding, a file on a computer disk, or a video- or audiotape. Some manuscripts are virtually intact and publishable; others are no more than notes on a placemat; and in between is an unbroken continuum.

The following is a guide to work of Feynman’s that can be construed as published in any form; major unpublished work; and other important manuscripts and papers cited in this book.

1933-34. “The Calculus: Scribble-In Book.” Notebook. AIP.

1935. “The Calculus of Finite Differences.” The f(x). Far Rockaway High School Mathematics Club. January, 1. CIT

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1939b. “Forces in Molecules.” Physical Review 56:340.

Vallarta, M. S., and Feynman. 1939. “The Scattering of Cosmic Rays by the Stars of a Galaxy.” Physical Review 55:506.

1940. “Notebook of Things I Don’t Know About.” Notebook. CIT.

1941d. “The Interaction Theory of Radiation.” Typescript. AIP.

1941b. “Particles Interacting thru an Intermediate Oscillator.” Draft pages toward Ph.D. thesis. PERS.

Feynman and Wheeler, John Archibald. 1941. “Reaction of the Absorber as the Mechanism of Radiative Damping. Abstract.” Physical Review 59: 682.

1942a. Ph.D. thesis manuscript. CIT.

1942b. “The Principle of Least Action in Quantum Mechanics.” Ph.D. thesis, Princeton University.

1942c. Effects of Space Charge; Use of Sine Waves. Isotron Report no. 2, 5 January. SMY.

1942d. Kinematics of the Separator. Isotron Report no. 7, 14 April. SMY.

1942e. The Design of the Buncher and Analyzer. Isotron Report no. 17, 26 August. SMY.

1942f. A Note on the Cascade Operation of Isotrons. Isotron Report no. 20, 8 September. SMY.

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1943d. The Operation of Isotrons in Cascade. Isotron Report no. 29, 27 January. SMY.

1943b. Factors Which Influence the Separation. Isotron Report no. 35, 22 February. SMY.

1944. “Theoretical Department.” Unsigned draft typescript for Smyth 1945. LANL.

Ashkin, J.; Ehrlich, R.; and Feynman. 1944. “First Report on the Hydride.” Typescript, 31 January. LANL.

1945. “A New Approximate Method for Rapid Calculation of Critical Amounts of X.” Typescript. LANL.

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1946a. Amplifier Response. Los Alamos Reports, LA-593. LANL.

1946b. A Theorem and Its Application to Finite Tampers. Los Alamos Reports, LA- 608, Series B. LANL.

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1947. “Theory of Positrons.” Notes. CIT.

Feynman and Welton, T. A. 1947. The Calculation of Critical Masses Including the Effects of the Distribution of Neutron Energies. Los Alamos Reports, Series B, LA-524. LANL.

1948a. “Space-Time Approach to Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.” Reviews of Modern Physics 20:367.

1948b. “A Relativistic Cut-Off for Classical Electrodynamics,” Physical Review 74:939.

1948c. “Relativistic Cut-Off for Quantum Electrodynamics.” Physical Review 74: 1430.

1948d. “Pocono Conference.” Physics Today, June, 8.

1948e. “Pocono Conference.” Typescript. LOC.

1948f. Paper T5: “Theory of Positrons.” Talk prepared for American Physical Society meeting in January 1949. CIT.

1949a. “The Theory of Positrons.” Physical Review 76:749.

1949b. “Space-Time Approach to Quantum Electrodynamics.” Physical Review 76:769.

Feynman; Metropolis, Nicholas; and Teller, Edward. 1949. “Equations of State of Elements Based on the Generalized Fermi-Thomas Theory.” Physical Review 75:1561.

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1950. “Mathematical Formulation of the Quantum Theory of Electromagnetic Interaction.” Physical Review 80:440.

1951a. “An Operator Calculus Having Applications in Quantum Electrodynamics.” Physical Review 84:108.

1951b. “The Concept of Probability in Quantum Mechanics.” Second Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability, University of California, Berkeley, 1950:533.

Brown, Laurie M., and Feynman. 1952. “Radiative Corrections to Compton Scattering.” Physical Review 85:231.

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1953a. “The Lambda Transition in Liquid Helium.” Physical Review 90:1116.

1953b. “Atomic Theory of Lambda Transition in Helium.” Physical Review 91:1291.

1953c. “Atomic Theory of Liquid Helium near Absolute Zero.” Physical Review 91:1301.

1953d. “Atomic Theory of Liquid Helium.” Talk at the Theoretical Physics Conference in Tokyo, September 1953. In Notas de Físicas 12.

1954a. “Atomic Theory of the Two-Fluid Model of Liquid Helium.” Physical Review 94:262.

1954b. “The Present Situation in Fundamental Theoretical Physics.” Academia Brasileira de Ciencias 26:51.

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1955c. “The Value of Science.” Transcript of address at the autumn 1955 meeting of the National Academy of Sciences. In Engineering and Science, June, 3.

Feynman and Cohen, Michael. 1955. “The Character of the Roton State in Liquid Helium.” Progress in Theoretical Physics 14:261.

1956a. “The Relation of Science and Religion.” Engineering and Science, June, 20.

1956b. “Dr. Feynman Replies to Mr. Sohler’s ‘New Hypothesis.’” Engineering and Science, October, 52.

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1957a. “Superfluidity and Superconductivity.” Reviews of Modern Physics 29:205.

1957b. “Alternative to the Two-Component Neutrino Theory.” Remarks at the Seventh Annual Rochester Conference on High-Energy Physics, 15-19 April. In Ascoli et al. 1957, IX-42.

1957c. “The Role of Science in the World Today.” Proceedings of the Institute of World Affairs 33:17.

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1958a. “Excitations in Liquid Helium.” Physica 24:18.

1958b. “A Model of Strong and Weak Couplings.” Typescript. CIT.

1958c. “Forbidding of ? - ? Decay.” Talk at Annual International Conference on High Energy Physics at CERN, Geneva, 30 June-5 July. In Ferretti 1958.

Feynman and Gell-Mann, Murray. 1958a. “Theory of the Fermi Interaction.” Physical Review 109:193.

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1960a. “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom: An Invitation to Enter a New Field of Physics.” Talk at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society, 29 December 1959. In Engineering and Science, February, 22.

1960b. “The Status of the Conserved Vector Current Hypothesis.” In Sudarshan et al. 1960, 501.

1961a. “The Present Status of Quantum Electrodynamics.” Talk for 1961 Solvay Conference. Typescript. CIT. In Extrait des Rapports et Discussions, Solvay. Institut International de Physique, October.

1961b. “Theory of Gravitation.” Faraday Lecture, 13 April. Transcript. PERS.

1961c. Quantum Electrodynamics. New York: W. A. Benjamin.

1961d. Theory of Fundamental Processes. New York: W. A. Benjamin.

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1963b. “The Quantum Theory of Gravitation.” Acta Physica Polonica 24:697.

1963c. “This Unscientific Age.” John Danz Lectures. Transcript. CIT.

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1964a. “Comments on the New Arithmetic Textbooks.” Typescript. PERS.

1964b. “Theory and Applications of Mercerau’s Superconducting Circuits.” Draft typescript. CIT.

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1965a. “The Development of the Space-Time View of Quantum Electrodynamics.” Nobel Prize in Physics Award Address, Stockholm, 11 December. In Les Prix Nobel en 1965 (Stockholm: Nobel Foundation, 1966); in Physics Today, August 1966, 31; in Science (1966) 153:699; and in Weaver 1987, 2:433.

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1965c. “The Development of the Space-Time View of Quantum Electrodynamics.” Talk at CERN, Geneva, 17 December. Tape courtesy of Helen Tuck.

1965d. Address to Far Rockaway High School. Transcript. CIT.

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1966a. “What Is Science?” Address to National Science Teachers Association, 1-5 April. Corrected transcript. PERS.

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1969a. “What Is Science?” The Physics Teacher, September, 313.

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1974. “Structure of the Proton.” Talk at Dansk Ingeniorforening, Copenhagen. Science 183:601.

1974b. “Conference Summary.” Talk at International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics, Philadelphia, 28 April. Typescript. CIT.

1975. “Reminiscences of Wartime Los Alamos.” Talk at University of California at Santa Barbara. Audio tapes. AIP. Edited version in Engineering and Science, January, 11. Also in Badash et al. 1980, 105. Excerpted in SYJ, 90. [Page references to Badash et al.]

1976. “Gauge Theories.” Lecture at Les Houches, Session 29.

1977. “Correlations in Hadron Collisions at High Transverse Momentum.” Talk at Orbis Scientiae 1977, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.

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1984. “Quantum Mechanical Computers.” Plenary talk at IQEC-CLEO Meeting, Anaheim, 19 June. Typescript.

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