Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney - Howard Sounes (2010)


Some shorthand forms are used in these notes. Paul McCartney and other key characters are referred to firstly by their full name, then by initials. So Paul McCartney becomes PM, John Lennon JL, etc.

When referring to the Beatles’ Anthology , I indicate in parenthesis whether I mean the documentary, book or CDs (and their liner notes).

Justice Bennett’s March 2008 High Court judgment in the divorce of Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney is ‘the Bennett judgment’.

The Times is the [London] Times.


Paul McCartney (PM) quote - ‘They may not look much …’ - Sunday Times magazine (9 June 1991).

Liverpool history: I consulted Liverpool 800 (Belchem) and Liverpool (Sharples). Thanks also to Richard Farnell at Liverpool City Council.

McCartney-Mohin family history: author’s discussions with relatives including John Aldridge, Ian Harris, Susan Justice (née Aldridge), Joan McCartney (quoted), Maria Mohin and Mike Robbins (quoted); the 1911 Census; records of birth, death and marriages; Up the Beatles Family Tree (Humphrey-Smith et al.); Thank U Very Much (Mike McCartney) and The McCartneys: In the Town Where They Were Born (Roach).

All Mike Robbins quotes to the author.

Jim played ‘until his teeth gave out’: PM in the Anthology (book).

Jim meets Mary: The McCartneys: In the Town Where They Were Born (Roach).

Air raids: the booklet Air Raids on Liverpool, Liverpool Record Office.

Parents marry: marriage certificate.

Sectarian problems: Liverpool 800 (Belchem).

Ringo Starr (RS) quoted from the Anthology (book).

PM born: birth certificate.

PM baptised: church records at Liverpool Record Office.

Mike McCartney’s birth: birth certificate.

Relations with brother: author’s interviews.

Speke history: The Illustrated History of Liverpool’s Suburbs (Lewis). Thanks also to former Joseph Williams pupils Barbara Doran (née Eves), Marjorie Knight (née Wilson) and Barbara Lyon (née Lunt).

Inspiration for ‘Mother Nature’s Son’: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

Mary resigns job: The McCartneys; In the Town Where They Were Born (Roach).

Thanks to the current resident of 12 Ardwick Rd, Liverpool, who did not wish to be named.

Jim McCartney’s phrase ‘Put it there’: Club Sandwich # 52.

Will Stapleton story: thanks firstly to a McCartney relative who wishes to be anonymous (includes recalled dialogue). The story of the SS Apapa is substantiated by reports in the Liverpool Evening News (11, 12 and 14 Oct. 1949 ; also 3 Nov. 1949); The Times (12 Oct. 1949); and the Manchester Guardian (12 Oct./24 Nov. 1949). I also consulted family records to establish the link between Stapleton and Edie McCartney. Many thanks to Kevin Roach at Liverpool Record office for helping me find related press reports.

Will at Scargreen Avenue: Kelly’s Street Directories.

McCartneys get their TV: Thank U Very Much (McCartney).

Coronation prize: Liverpool Record Office; and the original essay.

The Liverpool Institute: thanks to old boys Bernie Evans, John Duff Lowe, Ian James (quoted), Billy Morton and Steve Norris (quoted). The author visited the school and consulted the admissions register and other documents. Thanks also to the Liobians.

Arthur Askey: Liverpool 800 (Belchem). Thanks also to Peter Hodgson.

PM on his schooldays: documentary film Echoes (MPL, 2004).

Macca nickname bestowed: Thank U Very Much (Mike McCartney). In this book, PM’s brother spells the nickname ‘Maca’, but it is commonly expressed as Macca.

Neil ‘Nell’ Aspinall: Liverpool Institute admissions; Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor).

PM meets George Harrison (GH): I Me Mine (Harrison); GH quoted from the Anthology (book).

Description of 20 Forthlin Road: author’s visit to what is now a National Trust property, the accompanying guide book, author’s discussions with the caretaker John Halliday and neighbours.

Mary McCartney quote - ‘Nothing, love’ - Thank U Very Much (Mike McCartney).

Death of Mary McCartney: thanks to Mike Robbins and Joan McCartney (both quoted); also death certificate.


PM hears his father cry: Anthology (book).

Swapped his trumpet: PM on the South Bank Show (Jan. 1978). Also a 1964 interview with Beat Instrumental, reprinted in The Beatles Book (Feb. 2001).

Skiffle/learns guitar/2006 auction of guitar: author’s interview with Ian James (quoted).

Attends Donegan concert at Liverpool Empire: PM in Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles) and Liverpool Evening Express (5 Nov. 1956).

First record bought: the Anthology (book).

Billy Morton quoted from author’s interview.

First song written: Club Sandwich # 41.

John Lennon (JL) background: author’s interviews; John Lennon: The Life (Norman) [including Mimi’s affair and quote about Elvis]; Up the Beatles’ Family Tree (Humphrey-Smith et al.); author’s visit to Mendips; also the National Trust booklet about the house, from which I quote Aunt Mimi, ‘John, your little friend’s here.’

Daily Howl extract: the Anthology (documentary).

The Quarry Men: author’s interviews with Rod Davis (quoted), John Duff Lowe and Colin Hanton (quoted). Background: The Quarrymen (Davies) and the Anthology (book).

Scout camp: Thank U Very Much (McCartney).

Butlin’s: author’s interview with Mike Robbins.

Early girlfriends: thanks to Marjorie Knight (née Wilson) and Ann Nicholson (née Ventre [quoted exchange with PM]).

Sex: Ian James interview; and Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

Bill Harry quoted from author’s interview.

Tony ‘Measles’ Bramwell quoted from author’s interview.

John Duff Lowe quoted from author’s interview.

Conversation between PM and JL about poster: recalled by Colin Hanton to author.

Making the shellac disc: author’s interviews; PM quoted from Anthology (book and liner notes to CD Vol. 1).

Death of Julia Lennon: John Lennon Encyclopaedia (Harry); and the Anthology (book).

PM writes ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’: quoted from the Anthology (book).

Hanton quits band: author’s interview (quoted).

GH leaves school: I Me Mine (Harrison).

The Casbah: author’s visit and Beatle! (Best [also Best background]).

PM meets Dot Rhone: Rhone to the Daily Mail (11 Oct. 1997).

Stuart Sutcliffe: The Stuart Sutcliffe Retrospective (University of Liverpool, 2009); author’s discussion with Pauline Sutcliffe and her book The Beatles’ Shadow.

Paul’s 1959 art prize: Liverpool Record Office; and PM’s comments in Paul McCartney: Paintings.

Trip to Caversham: author’s interview with Mike Robbins (quotes).

Allan Williams: author’s interview (quotes). Also interview with Howie Casey. Background reading: The Man Who Gave the Beatles Away (Williams).

Band name: author’s interviews including Royston Ellis and Bill Harry (both quoted). Thanks also to Ellis for his unpublished memoirs (used with permission), and to Spencer Leigh. PM attributes the final spelling of Beatles to JL in the Anthology (book) and elsewhere.

JL on the origins of the Beatles name: Being a Short Diversion of the Dubious Origins of Beatles (Lennon), published in Mersey Beat (6 -20 July 1961).

Johnny Gentle tour: author’s interview with Gentle (quoted).

Tommy Moore’s girlfriend - ‘You can piss off!’ - The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

PM on Janice the Stripper: Mersey Beat (6 Sept. 1962).

Bruno Koschmider meeting: author’s interview with Williams, who says Koschmider was crippled in a fall. Klaus Voormann writes in his book Hamburg Days that Koschmider’s leg was shot off. Thanks also to Howie Casey and Horst Fascher.

PM’s exams: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles) and Shout! (Norman).

Leaving Liverpool: author’s interviews. Also John (Lennon); McCartney (Flippo) and Shout! (Norman).


Hamburg: author’s visit and local interviews.

Details of 1943 RAF bombing are from Churchill: A Life by Martin Gilbert (London: Pimlico, 2000).

PM - ‘but with strip clubs’ - Mersey Beat (20 Sept. 1962).

Horst Fascher meets the Beatles: author’s interviews (quoted).

The Indra: author’s local enquiries and interviews with Howie Casey, Horst Fascher, Ruth Lallemann (later Reeves) and Rosi Haitmann (later Sheridan), both of whom are quoted. Background reading includes The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

Details of Bambi Kino accommodation: Hamburg Days (Kirchherr).

Meeting the Exis: author’s interviews with Astrid Kirchherr and Jürgen Vollmer (both quoted from the author’s interviews, except where indicated). Background reading: The Beatles in Hamburg (Vollmer) and Hamburg Days(Kirchherr and Voormann).

Kirchherr - ‘I thought it was like …’ - her book Hamburg Days.

Dialogue about Paul’s hair: The Beatles in Hamburg (Vollmer).

Ruth Lallemann and Rosi Sheridan quoted from author’s interviews.

PM - ‘We were kids let off the leash …’ - the Anthology (documentary).

GH is quoted on losing his virginity from the Anthology (book), and Pete Best from his memoir, Beatle!

Erika Wohlers quoted from author’s correspondence.

Tony Sheridan quoted from author’s interview.

The fire: Paul’s interviews (various) and his contemporaneous letter reproduced in the Anthology (book).

Returning home: Thank U Very Much (McCartney) in which is reproduced a letter from Massey & Coggins showing PM was paid to 8 March 1961. Other little jobs: author’s interviews; Miles refers to the post office job in his bookIn the Sixties.

Allan Williams quoted from author’s interview.

The Cavern: author’s interviews with Tony Bramwell, Frieda Kelly and Ray O’Brien (all quoted). Also Willy Russell. Background reading: The Cavern (Leigh).

Williams’s regrets: The Man Who Gave the Beatles Away (Williams).

PM breaks guitar: a 1964 interview with Beat Instrumental, reprinted in The Beatles Book (Feb. 2001).

PM’s altercation with Stu: dialogue from The Beatles’ Shadow (Sutcliffe). Ruth Reeves and Tony Sheridan quoted from author’s interviews.

GH on fighting Stu: Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor).

‘My Bonnie’ makes number 32 in Germany: Hit Bilanz (Hamburg: Taurus Press, 1990).

Gerry Marsden quoted from author’s interview.

The trip to Paris: author’s interview with Jürgen Vollmer.

Brian Epstein (BE): background: author’s interviews with E. Rex Makin (quoted) and others. Background: Brian Epstein (Coleman), including Queenie Epstein quote.

BE - ‘I was one of those …’ - A Cellarful of Noise (Epstein), and BE’s exchanges with GH and PM.

Allan Williams and E. Rex Makin quoted from author’s interviews.

PM’s comment - ‘I hope …’ - Brian Epstein (Coleman).


The contract: the agreement, eventually signed by BE and dated 1 Oct. 1962, was reproduced in the press prior to auction in 2008.

‘Greatest recording organisation …’: EMI publicity material reproduced in The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Lewisohn).

EMI history: www.emi.com; also The Incredible Music Machine (Lowe); and the Royal Warrant Holders’ Association.

Tony Barrow link and all Barrow quotes: author’s interview.

Aldershot gig: Sam Leach to author; also his book The Rocking City.

Decca audition: Barrow interview; The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn) and the Anthology (CD Vol. 1 liner notes).

BE quoted from his memoir A Cellarful of Noise and The Beatles Book (May 1992). Mother sighed: I Should Have Known Better (Ellis).

George Martin (GM) personality and background: author’s meeting with; his memoir All You Need is Ears and interview with Melody Maker (21 Aug. 1962). GM quoted from last two.

Stuart Sutcliffe’s demise: author’s interviews with Astrid Kirchherr (quoted) and Pauline Sutcliffe, who is quoted from The Beatles’ Shadow; also the Stuart Sutcliffe Retrospective (University of Liverpool, 2009) and Hamburg Days(Kirchherr).

PM - ‘My mother died when I was 14 …’ - Shout! (Norman).

Astrid Kirchherr quoted from author’s interview.

At the Star-Club: author’s background reading and interviews with, among others, Horst Fascher and Kingsize Taylor (quoted).

GM offers a contract: The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

Meeting GM: All You Need is Ears (Martin [quoted]).

The slow version of ‘Love Me Do’ can be heard on the Anthology (CD Vol. 1).

GM’s comment on Pete Best - ‘almost sullen’ - in interview for the DVD release of A Hard Day’s Night (Special Features).

PM’s comment on GM taking them aside: the Anthology (book).

Bob Wooler on Best: Mersey Beat (31 Aug. 1961).

Fan club: author’s interview with Frieda Kelly.

Trip to Manchester: Bobbie Brown’s letter reproduced in The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

Bill Harry quoted from author’s interview.

Dot Rhone is quoted from the Daily Mail (11 Oct. 1997) and The Beatles (Spitz).

Paul had VD: author’s interviews with Peter Brown, Horst Fascher and E. Rex Makin (quoted).

Dialogue between BE and Pete Best: Beatle! (Best).

PM’s call and comment about saving money: Shout! (Norman).

Neil Aspinall’s affair with Mona Best/birth of Roag: thanks to Roag Best (quoted). Suicide attempt: Beatle! (Best).

Ringo Starr (RS) background: author’s interviews; the Anthology (book); The Encyclopaedia of Beatles People (Harry) and Ringo Starr: Straight Man or Joke? (Clayton [‘it was like joining …’]).

RS - ‘I can read, but …’ - the Anthology (book).

Mick Jagger quote: induction speech at the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame 1988.

Tony Barrow quoted from author’s interview.

GM and Richards quote: The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Lewisohn).

Recording ‘Love Me Do’: author’s interview with Andy White (quoted).

Rhone on ‘PS I Love You’: Daily Mail (11 Oct. 1997).

PM’s Lifeline: thanks to Frieda Kelly (quoted).

Iris Caldwell on PM and recalled dialogue: quoted from author’s interview.

First car: PM to the Daily Mail (24 Nov. 1984).

All Frank Ifield quotes to author. Background: I Remember Me (Ifield). NB: Ifield doesn’t remember the Liverpool Empire story the same way as Iris, but notes, laughing, that ‘they might have had a guilty conscience’.

Gerry Marsden quote to author.

GM - ‘You’ve Just made …’ - The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Lewisohn).

Ruth Lallemann quoted from author’s interview.

Mal Evans background: the Anthology (documentary).

Broken windscreen: The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

Beatle sandwich: the Anthology (book).

Break-up with Iris: quoted from author’s interview.


Recording the first album: All You Need is Ears (Martin) and The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

Dick James deal: sources include Ray Coleman’s books Brian Epstein and McCartney Yesterday & Today; also Shout! (Norman) and the Guardian (13 Feb. 1965).

PM on the James deal: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

PM on the moment he knew he’d made it: interviewed by David Frost (26 May 1986), reported in Club Sandwich # 41.1

PM meets Jane Asher: Radio Times (2 May 1963) and her 9 Oct. 1965 TV Times interview.

JL quote from Mr Confidential (Hutchins). PM told Hunter Davies for The Beatles that he had thought Jane a ‘rave London bird’. Thanks also to Alvin Stardust.

The Ashers at Wimpole Street: author’s interviews with Tony Barrow (quoted), Barry Miles and Lord St Germans. Background reading: articles about Asher in the TV Times (9 and 30 Oct. 1965); Who’s Who and Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now.

Background on Dr Asher: author’s interview with Miles and the Sunday Express (19 April 1964), reporting his disappearance.

Dr Asher’s suicide: death certificate (in which the cause of death is given as ‘Killed himself’)

Wimpole street literary associations: Flush (Woolf); A Reader’s Guide to Writer’s London (Cunningham) and Lord St Germans.

Speeding conviction: Liverpool Echo, 26 Aug, 1963, with thanks to Peter Hodgson and Kevin Roach at Liverpool Record Office.

21st party at the Epsteins’: author’s interviews with Billy Hatton and E. Rex Makin (both quoted); Brian Epstein (Coleman) and John Lennon: The Life (Norman). Also Barrow to author (quoted).

Mike McCartney goes into show business: his memoir, Thank U Very Much and author’s interview with a family member. Tony Bramwell quoted from author’s interview.

Tenerife holiday: Klaus Voormann in the Special Features DVD interviews of A Hard Day’s Night.

Pete Shotton on Lennon’s holiday with BE: The Quarrymen (Davies).

PM on John’s sexuality: Brian Epstein (Coleman).

Gordon Millings quoted from the Special Features DVD interviews of A Hard Day’s Night.

PM meets Denny Laine: author’s interview with Laine.

Final shows at the Cavern: author’s interviews with Frieda Kelly and Willy Russell (both quoted).

PM on writing ‘She Loves You’: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles). GM reaction to song from the Special Features section of the DVD of A Hard Day’s Night.

Trip to Greece and RS quote: the Anthology (book).

Green Street Flat: The Beatles’ London (Lewisohn).

Lennon-McCartney songs covered by others: Club Sandwich # 74. PM quoted from The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Lewisohn).

Meeting Andrew Loog Oldham (and background): author’s interview with Loog Oldham and his book Stoned. NB: Various versions of this story have appeared in print, including PM saying he and JL bumped into Jagger and Richards when they passed by in a cab in Charing Cross Road. Loog Oldham’s account is the most complete. Charlie Watts quoted from According to the Rolling Stones; Bill Wyman quoted from his book Stone Alone; Glyn Johns quoted from author’s interview.

Derek Taylor’s early interest in the Beatles: Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor).

The Beatles on Sunday Night at the London Palladium: author’s interview with Bruce Forsyth (quoted); Godfrey Winn quoted from the Sketch (14 Oct. 1963); also Daily Mirror of the same date.

William Mann’s article: The Times (27 Dec. 1963).Beatlemania: the first use of the term in the British press appears to be as a headline to Vincent Mulchrone’s Daily Mail feature on 21 Oct. 1963, after which it was widely used by all newspapers.

Regarding Ed Sullivan seeing the Beatles at Heathrow, New York promoter Sid Bernstein told the author: ‘Sullivan said, “Who are these Beatles? ” He thought it was an animal act.’ Sullivan is quoted from The Beatles Off the Record (Badman).

The Royal Variety Show: author’s interview with Don Short (quoted); Daily Mirror (5 and 6 Nov. 1963); and Daily Express (5 Nov. 1963).

PM moves into Wimpole Street and his life there: author’s interview with Miles, and his book Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now; also The Beatles’ London (Lewisohn). Bramwell quoted from author’s interview.

JL on writing in the basement: to Playboy, collected in The Beatles Off the Record (Badman).

Ken Dodd quoted from discussion with author.

Lunch with Sir Joseph Lockwood: The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Lewisohn).

£ 2,000 a week: as reported contemporaneously in the Daily Sketch (14 Oct. 1963).

Oxfam: author’s interview with Lord Archer (quoted).

Wimbledon fan convention: author’s interview with Frieda Kelly. Neil Aspinall quoted from the Anthology (book).


The 1963 Beatles Christmas Record: the recording.

Christmas show: The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn). Thanks to Liverpool broadcaster Spencer Leigh, who pointed out that girls were screaming for Gerry and the Pacemakers when he saw them on the same bill as the Beatles.

Paris shows: author’s interview with Mickey Jones (quoted). Thanks also to Jürgen Vollmer.

Jim and Mike McCartney visit: Thank U Very Much (McCartney).

GM quoted from his book All You Need is Ears.

PM on ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ going to number one in the US quoted from the Anthology (book).

RS’s comment on the plane to New York: The Beatles: A Diary (Miles).

Alan Livingston quoted from All You Need is Ears (Martin).

Blackpool rock litigation: Daily Telegraph (14 Dec. 1963).

Licensing deal: author’s interviews with John Fenton and Lord St Germans (both quoted).

DJ announcement: America’s Century (Daniel, ed.) and The Beatles (Davies).

Capitol Records spent money: the figure most often given is $ 50,000. In the Anthology (documentary) GH mentions $70,000.

Capitol PR campaign: The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 liner notes.

Arrival in New York: documentary footage; press reports and author’s interview with Sid Bernstein (quoted).

The ‘turning point’: BE in A Cellarful of Noise.

BE at the Plaza Hotel: I Should Have Known Better (Ellis). The story of BE being photographed is described by Ross Benson in Paul McCartney: Behind the Myth. Thanks also to John Fenton (quoted).

PM - ‘We came out of nowhere …’ - the Anthology (book).

Train to Washington: Maylses brothers’ film The Beatles: The First Visit (Apple Corps, 1990); article by Al Aronowitz: Saturday Evening Post (21 March 1964).

PM asked by David English on train about illegitimate child, and PM’s quoted reply: Paul McCartney: Behind the Myth (Benson).

Erika Hübers (née Wohlers) is quoted from correspondence with the author. Also correspondence and interviews with her daughter.

A Hard Day’s Night chapter subheading taken from the marquee of the London Pavilion. Also the DVD of the film, with its Special Features interviews, featuring GM interview (quoted).

Ringoism: The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

First use of grotty and fab: Oxford English Dictionary. NB: PM uses ‘fab’ in a letter dated 9 May 1962 (Thank U Very Much); and in Mersey Beat (20 Sept. 1962). Thanks also to Tony Barrow.

Richard Lester quoted from the DVD release of A Hard Day’s Night (Special Features).

Europe, Hong Kong and Australia: press including the Saturday Evening Post (15 Aug. 1964 [blood vessel]); Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor); the Anthology (documentary) and The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

At the Dorchester and dialogue and quotation: Thank U Very Much (McCartney); also At the Apple’s Core (O’Dell). John Lennon reunited with his father: John Lennon: The Life (Norman).

Mike McCartney on the ‘covenant’: his book Thank U Very Much.

McCartney Pension: author’s interviews.

Liverpool première: author’s interviews including Frank Foy (quoted); TV footage of the homecoming and press reports including Mersey Beat (16 July 1964); Daily Mirror (11 July 1964), and the Saturday Evening Post (15 Aug. 1964).

Anita Cochrane’s story: author’s interviews with Tony Barrow, Peter Brown and Anita’s half-brother Ian Pillans (all quoted); Anita’s interviews with the Daily Mail (31 May-2 June 1997) and family records, including her birth certificate which reveals the inconsistency of dates. I also referred to Anita’s interview with the Daily Star (1 Feb. 1983).

No father’s name on Philip Cochrane’s birth certificate: birth certificate.

The poem is reproduced from the Daily Mail (10 May 1997).

Derek Taylor wrote about the paternity claim in his book Fifty Years Adrift (quoted).

1964 North American tour hysteria: the Anthology (book) including GM quote; The Beatles Book and press reports including the Daily Sketch (20 Aug. 1964).

Peggy Lipton quoted from her book, Breathing Out.

Meeting Dylan: I drew on conversations conducted with Al Aronowitz and Victor Maymudes (both deceased) for my book Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan; also Aronowitz’s article Let’s ‘ave a Larf (The Blacklisted Journalist, 1995). The BE quote is from Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor). PM’s ‘There are seven Levels’: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).


Home moves: author’s enquiries and The Beatles’ London (Lewisohn).

Peter and Gordon success: Guinness Book of British Hit Singles (Roberts, ed.)

Jim McCartney - ‘I’d usually …’ - The Beatles (Davies).

PM’s purchase of Rembrandt: author’s enquiries and interviews, including an employee who didn’t wish to be named.

Jim meets his second wife: author’s interview with Mike Robbins (quoted and recalled dialogue).

Jim’s proposal: Angela McCartney is quoted from her interview with the Sun (6 July 1981). Marriage: marriage certificate.

JL on songwriting: the Anthology (book).

Beatles for Sale: GM quoted from The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Lewisohn); PM quoted from the Anthology (book) on ‘Eight Days a Week’.

Eric Clapton quoted from his autobiography.

Jimmy Savile quoted from author’s interview.

‘Ticket to Ride’: author’s interview with Mike Robbins (quoted).

Studio chatter: the Anthology (CD Vol. 2).

Taxation: HM Treasury.

Northern Songs flotation: articles in the Guardian (13 Feb. 1965; 6 Jan. 1966) and the Economist (20 Feb. 1965). Also Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

Harold Wilson’s speech: White Heat (Sandbrook).

Aunts knock through: Joan McCartney and Mike Robbins to author.

‘nutty’: … up front (Spinetti).

Shooting Help! in the Bahamas for tax reasons: various including I Should Have Known Better (Ellis).

Pot-smoking during Help!: the Anthology (documentary); also Richard Lester’s comments in the DVD re-release of Help!

John’s compliment: PM quoted from Playboy interview (Dec. 1984).

‘Swinging City’: Time (15 April 1966).

Lord St Germans quoted from author’s interviews.

PM learns he is a millionaire: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

Purchase of 7 Cavendish Avenue: author’s local enquiries and interviews, with particular thanks to neighbours and local residents including Mrs Fenton, Mrs Evelyn Grumi and family, John Kay and Peter Vogl.

Tony Barrow quoted from author’s interview.

PM - ‘possibly the smash of the century’ - the Anthology (book).

Writing of ‘Yesterday’: I referred to Yesterday and Today (Coleman), including PM’s quote, ‘I just fell …’, GH’s comment, the Alma Cogan evening and Bruce Welch’s villa.

GM on arranging ‘Yesterday’: his book All You Need is Ears.

PM on meeting Terry Doran: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

First LSD trip: based on GH’s comments (quoted) in the Anthology (book) and author’s interview with Gibson Kemp. Also Wonderful Today (Boyd). PM quoted from the Anthology (documentary).

Leslie Halliwell on Help!Halliwell’s Film Guide.

Blackpool Night Out: TV footage. Thanks also to Tony Barrow.

Shea Stadium: the documentary The Beatles at Shea Stadium (NEMS Enterprises, 1965); author’s interviews with Barrow and Bernstein (quoted exchange with BE) and Barrow’s book John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me from which I quote ‘to create a momentary display …’

Stones present: Stone Alone (Wyman).

LA vacation: Don Sort quoted from author’s interview; Peggy Lipton is quoted from Breathing Out (Lipton).

PM’s birthday gift to Jane: TV Times (9 Oct. 1965). Four in a bed: author’s interview with Mike Robbins (quoted).

Meeting Elvis: Chris Hutchins’s report for the NME (3 Sept. 1963): the Anthology (book [PM quoted]); and Careless Love (Guralnick).

JL’s remark about meeting Elvis: author’s interview with Tony Barrow.


Meeting the Queen and receiving their MBEs: PM and GH quoted from the Anthology (book). Soldiers sent medals back: Shout! (Norman). PM’s relationship with the Queen: author’s interviews.

JL’s reason for returning his MBE: his 1969 telegram to HRH.

RS - ‘I’m not really into …’ - Postcards from the Boys (Starr).

JL claimed the Beatles smoked a joint in Buckingham Palace, contradicted by GH in the Anthology (book).

GM goes freelance: All You Need is Ears (Martin).

‘Plastic soul’ comment: the Anthology (CD liner notes Vol. 2).

PM on who wrote what: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

‘We Can Work it Out’: thanks to Spencer Leigh for his thoughts.

Janet Vaughan on ‘Michelle’: author’s interview (quoted).

PM on ‘I’m Looking Through You’ and his open relationship with Jane Asher: his comments in The Beatles (Davies) and Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

Jane Asher declines to speak: correspondence with the author.

Jann Haworth on Paul and Jane: author’s interview (quoted).

PM to Barry Miles: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles). Also PM on ‘You Won’t See Me’ and ‘I’m Looking Through You’.

Miles on his friendship with PM, and the avant-garde connections: quoted from author’s interview. Thanks also to Jann Haworth.

Attends Luciano Berio lecture: Daily Mail (25 Feb. 1966). Quotes from In the Sixties (Miles).

Maggie McGivern relationship: her interview with the Daily Mail (12 April 1997).

PM acquires Martha: Punch (23 Nov. 1966).

Paul’s aristocratic friends: author’s interviews including Dudley Edwards.

Tara Browne background: author’s interviews and profiles written upon his death.

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Manila concerts: Imelda Marcos is quoted from an interview with the author. I also referred to my interviews with Tony Barrow and Peter Brown and their memoirs. (BE’s conversation is from Brown’s The Love You Make.)

Maureen Cleave’s interview with PM, Evening Standard (25 March 1966); author’s correspondence with Cleave (quoted); and reference to her 4 March 1966 interview with JL (quoted). Reaction to JL’s ‘Jesus’ interview: Evening News (5 Aug. 1966); the Anthology (documentary).

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Unsold tickets at Shea Stadium in 1966: author’s interview with Sid Bernstein.

Linda McCartney (LM) in the press box: Sixties (Linda McCartney). NB: LM seemed unsure which Shea Stadium show she attended. In Sixties she writes that she saw the Beatles at the stadium in ’65 and ’66. In seems more likely LM only attended the second show, if she sat in the press box. She’d just started taking photographs professionally that year.

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PM’s motorbike accident: the Anthology (book).

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JL inspired by Tara Browne’s death to write ‘A Day in the Life’: John Lennon: The Life (Norman), for example. No connection between Browne and ‘Day in the Life’: PM in his book Paul McCartney: Paintings.

Douglas Binder quoted from author’s interview.

Old boys from the Inny interpret ‘A Day in the Life’: author’s interview with Steve Norris.

Correspondence with Stockhausen: author’s interview with Sir John Tavener.r,

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Brian Wilson abandons SmileHeroes and Villains (Gaines).

Magical Mystery Tour chart: the original pie chart drawing reproduced in The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

PM quote - ‘a crazy roly-poly Sixties’ film’ - the Anthology (documentary).

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PM’s friendship with Prince Stash: author’s interview with Stash (quoted).

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LM - ‘I was impressed …’ - Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

LM background: author’s interviews with Marty Balin, Peter Brown, Danny Fields, Al Kooper and Nat Weiss. Also vital records and court documents. For Eastman family history I am indebted to Danny Fields and his book Linda McCartney: The Biography, supplemented by my interviews with Sid Bernstein and Linda’s half-brother Philip Sprayregen (both quoted).

Mel See background: author’s interviews with his common-law wife Beverly Wilk, and Arizona friends Jonathan Kress (quoted) and Debra and Sherry Zeller.

Heather’s date of birth: birth record.

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LM - ‘I was the only photographer …’ and ‘My father used to …’ - Linda’s Pictures (McCartney).

Danny Fields and Nat Weiss quoted from

author’s interviews.

Sgt. Pepper party: author’s interviews with Peter Brown (quoted) and Sir Jimmy Savile. Also Linda’s Pictures and Sixties (McCartney).

LM’s fling with Prince Stash: author’s interview with Prince Stash (quoted).


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Inspiration for ‘The Long and Winding Road’: PM interviewed for Club Sandwich # 41. Also the Daily Express (15 June 1967).

‘Christ, it’s a Beatle!’: recalled by Rory Colville in an interview with the author.

PM meets the Campbeltown Pipe Band: author’s interview with Jim McGeachy Snr (quoted).

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GH on PM’s LSD confession: the Anthology (book).

Aunt Ginny and the spliff: author’s interview with Mike Robbins (quoted).

‘Come Back Milly!’: videotape of Our World.

GM’s difficult week: his book All You Need is Ears. Thanks also to David Mason.

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Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger are quoted from the author’s interviews and correspondence, except ‘It is wrong …’ which is from Rolling Stone (9 Nov. 1967).

Magic Alex: author’s interviews with associates and background reading.

Maharishi background: his Daily Telegraph obituary (7 Feb. 2008).

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‘mincing along’ quote: author’s interview with Ron Ellis, who knew the band in the early days.

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Rolling Stones’ advance: Symphony for the Devil (Norman).

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Aftermath of BE’s death: author’s interview with Peter Brown (quoted).

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Magical Mystery Tour background: author’s interviews and background reading including the Anthology (book) and The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

Catherine Osborne quoted from the Daily Express (4 Sept. 1967).

Raymond Revue Bar scene: author’s interview with Neil Innes (JL comment recalled by).

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Jamie Black quoted from author’s interview.

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PM on ‘Come and Get it’: the Anthology (book).

Mary Hopkin recording: PM is quoted from an Apple press release reproduced in Fifty Years Adrift. The author also referred to Hopkin’s 1992 interview with Goldmine and a May 2009 interview for BBC Radio 4’s Front Row.

Trip to New York: author’s interviews and background reading including At the Apple’s Core (O’Dell).

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PM meets LM in New York: LM quoted from her book, Sixties; Nat Weiss quoted from author’s interview.

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YO goes first to PM: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).


White Album demo session: The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Lewisohn).

Opening of Apple Tailoring: Apple Press Office Timeline in Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor).

Tony Bramwell quoted from author’s interview.

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Xenophobic and sexist remarks: The Love You Make (Brown).

Mike McCartney’s wedding: author’s interview with Tony Barrow (quoted), Thank U Very Much (McCartney) and The Beatles Unseen (Hayward).

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PM on ‘Blackbird’: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

PM in LA: author’s interview with Tony Bramwell, quotes and recalled dialogue, except ‘We were all conscious …’ which is from the Mail on Sunday (14 March 1999).

Peggy Lipton is quoted from her book Breathing Out.

LM - ‘dirty weekend’ - Wingspan documentary (MPL, 2001).

Recording Thingumybob: author’s interviews with Roy Newsome and Geoffrey Brand (quoted).

Arguments in the studio, including dialogue between JL and PM, ‘granny music shit’ and row with GM: Here, There and Everywhere (Emerick).

GM indiscretion: I Should Have Known Better (Ellis).

Chris Thomas on first working with PM: Sound on Sound (Dec. 1995).

Culmination of Schwartz affair, dialogue and aftermath: Body Count (Schwartz). NB: Maggie McGivern makes it plain in her interview with the Daily Mail (12 April 1997) that she was also seeing PM at this time, though it is not clear whether she is the woman whose home he visited the night he was with Schwartz.

Jane Asher’s appearance on Simon Dee’s show: Sunday Mirror (21 July 1968).

Tony Bramwell and Jann Haworth reaction quoted from author’s interviews.

JL and YO come to stay: John Lennon: The Life (Norman) and Body Count (Schwartz).

Ending of Schwartz affair: her book Body Count. Miles made it clear in an interview with the author that PM had asked her to leave before.

Tony Barrow on the Asher break-up: interview with author.

PM visits Cynthia: John (Cynthia Lennon) including quotation.

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Sending out the Apple discs: The Longest Cocktail Party (DiLello).

The Queen to Sir Joseph Lockwood, and his reaction to the Two Virgins sleeve: Shout! (Norman).

Bad vibes/RS leaving the band: the Anthology (book).

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Several chicks at Cavendish: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

LM gets the call: Linda McCartney (Fields).

Marty Balin quoted from author’s interview.

LM on her decision to come to London: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).


JL drug bust: John Lennon: The Life (Norman).

Peter Brown quoted from author’s interview.

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LM - ‘You know, I could make you …’ - recalled by PM in the Wingspan documentary (MPL, 2001).

Richard Hamilton background and quotes: Remake/Remodel (Bracewell).

White Album sales: RIAA.

PM produces ‘I am the Urban Spaceman’: author’s interview with Neil Innes (quoted).

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Philip Sprayregen quoted from author’s interview.

David Jacobs dies: Guardian (20 Dec. 1968).

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Michael Lindsay-Hogg quoted from author’s interviews.

‘Two of Us’ about PM and LM: PM in Wingspan (MPL, 2001).

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GH ‘bringing home bad vibes’: Wonderful Today (Boyd).

PM assumed JL was joking about hiring Clapton: the Anthology (book).

Magic Alex’s useless studio: Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor); All You Need is Ears (Martin); and author’s interview with Glyn Johns (quoted).

Origins of ‘Let it Be’ and ‘The Long and Winding Road’: Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

Origins of ‘Get Back’: Revolution in the Head (MacDonald).

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Peter Brown quotes: author’s interview.

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Beatles dialogue about the concert: recorded conversation from the Let It Be sessions.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg on the rooftop concert: author’s interview (quoted).

Glyn Johns on his version of Let It Be: quoted from author’s interviews.

PM’s marriage to Linda Eastman: marriage certificate; author’s interviews, news footage and contemporaneous reports in The Times and Daily Mirror (both 13 March 1960 [LM quoted from the Mirror]).

Mike McCartney best man: Thank U Very Much (McCartney).

PM on the pre-marital row: Woman (1 Dec. 1984).

Jill and hairdresser and the Apple Scruffs/‘The Eyes and Ears of the World’: Waiting for the Beatles (Bedford).

GH’s drug bust: The Longest Cocktail Party (DiLello) and The Beatles (Spitz).

LM gave the impression she was an Eastman-Kodak: Danny Fields has her saying so in his biography to impress people during her early photographic assignments.

John and Yoko marry: Les Anthony’s interview with the News of the World (4 June 1972) and John Lennon: The Life (Norman).

‘Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up that Old Gang of Mine’: PM has often cited this song, which the Beatles sang in the early days, as an analogy for why the Beatles came adrift: in the Anthology (book) for instance.


Tony Bramwell and Peter Brown on the problems at Apple: quoted from author’s interviews.

What Klein said to John Eastman and ‘Proceedings got off to …’: The Love You Make (Brown). Also the letter that annoyed the Epsteins.

Clive Epstein sues the Beatles: Daily Express (24 June 1969).

ATV move: Yesterday and Today (Coleman).

PM quotes - ‘We’re a big act!’ and ‘I said, “It’s Friday night …’ - the Anthology (documentary).

Glyn Johns on the row with Klein: quoted from author’s interview.

PM records with Steve Miller: author’s interview with Johns; Miller quoted from Paul McCartney Now and Then (Barrow and Bextor).

PM’s anonymous postcards to Taylor, and PM’s comment to staff, ‘Don’t forget, you’re not very good …’: Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor).

Apple sackings and resignations: author’s interviews with Tony Bramwell, Peter Brown and Barry Miles (quoted).

Alistair Taylor quoted from The Beatles (Spitz). Background reading: The Love You Make (Brown) and Shout! (Norman).

Dr Asher’s suicide: his death certificate.

LM to RS - ‘Oh, they’ve got you, too’ - Shout! (Norman).

Recording ‘Give Peace a Chance’: The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Lewisohn).

GM on being asked to produce the Beatles again: the Anthology (book).

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Emerick on Yoko and her conversation with PM: his book Here, There and Everywhere.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg quoted from author’s interview on the rough cut of Let It Be.

Origins of ‘Polythene Pam’: author’s interview with Royston Ellis (quoted) and his unpublished memoirs by permission.

Scruffs climb through the bathroom window and dialogue: Waiting for the Beatles (Bedford).

Miles on the break-ins: author’s interview (quoted).

Abbey Road name change: Abbey Road Studios.

Mary McCartney born: birth cert., Daily Mirror (29 Aug. 1969), and PM interview with the Daily Mail (19 Oct. 1998).

JL tells PM he’s leaving the group: reconstructed from JL’s comments to Rolling Stone, collected in Lennon Remembers (Wenner).

PM comments in the Anthology (documentary) that the Beatles always played ‘good’.

Paul is Dead (1966): author’s interview with Tony Barrow (quoted). 1969 recurrence of story: Life (4 Nov 1969 [including PM quotes]). Also The Longest Cocktail Party (DiLello) and Terence Spencer’s remarks in Paul McCartney: A Life (Carlin).

Tony Bramwell on the break-up of the band: author’s interview (quoted).

PM’s ‘breakdown’ interview: Wingspan (MPL, 2001).

Linda’s concern: author’s interviews with Danny Fields, and background sources.

PM screams at RS: RS’s affidavit to the High Court, 24 Feb. 1971.

The McCartney LP Q&A: quoted from the Q&A.

Establishment of McCartney Productions: Companies House records.

‘Paul is Quitting the Beatles’: Daily Mirror (10 April 1970); also author’s interview with Don Short. Brown reaction: author’s interview (quoted).


Paul McCartney’s memo to Klein: reproduce in the Anthology (book).

Glyn Johns quoted from author’s interview.

Melody Maker review of McCartney (18 April 1970). PM’s retort published: 2 May 1970.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg quoted from author’s interview. He is also the source for George Harrison blocking the release of a DVD of Let It Be.

Phil Spector quoted from the BBC Arena documentary broadcast 25 Oct. 2008.

Rupert: PM’s interview with the Evening Standard (22 April 1970). Also Fifty Years Adrift (Taylor).

Denny Seiwell background and the making of Ram: author’s interview with Seiwell (quoted).

Linda Aiello (née Magno) quoted from author’s interview.

PM’s fear of kidnapping: author’s interview with Mike Robbins (quoted).

LM - ‘He’s not a Beatle any more!’ - recalled by Linda Aiello in author’s interview.

Ram recording dates (different to those published elsewhere) are based on Monique Seiwell’s diaries.

PM told a reporter around this time - ‘I think the other three are the most honest, sincere men I have ever met …’ - Evening Standard, 21 April 1970.

PM on his decision to take the Beatles to court: Reveille (24 April 1971).

PM - ‘I single-handedly saved …’ - Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

Worst moment of life: Rolling Stone (3 May 2007).

Writ issued and court proceedings: as reported contemporaneously in the press.

JL to Rolling Stone: Lennon Remembers (Wenner).

PM’s response to reading JL’s interview: Rolling Stone (31 Jan. 1974).

High Court evidence including quotes: contemporaneous court reports.

Recording in LA: author’s interview with Jim Guercio (quoted) and Denny Seiwell.

PM wins at the High Court: Daily Telegraph (12 March 1971).

Sir James Douglas Spooner quoted from author’s interview.

PM attends Mick Jagger’s wedding: author’s interview with Duncan and Alice McLean (quoted throughout).

Girls in the woods: author’s interview with Rory Colville (quoted). PM quoted from the Sun (2 July 1971).

PM expands his Scottish farm: author’s interviews with neighbouring farmers, and estate records.

PM on his wife writing with him: Reveille (1 May 1971).

Sued by Northern Songs: Evening Standard (23 July 1971).

Thrillington project: author’s interviews with Clem Cattini (quoted) and Herbie Flowers.

Album quote - ‘Born in Coventry Cathedral …’ - is from the liner notes of the 1995 CD re-release of Thrillington.

PM adopts Heather See: adoption certificate. PM is quoted on bringing up Heather from his interview with the Evening Standard (22 April 1970).

Americans come to Kintyre: author’s interview with Denny Seiwell (quoted).

Lessons with Mrs Matthews: author’s interview with Evelyn Grumi (quoted).

GM on Paul and Linda’s musical partnership: Melody Maker (4 Sept. 1971).

PM - ‘comforting’ - Wingspan (MPL, 2001).

Denny Laine background and quotes: author’s interview.

Stella McCartney born: birth certificate. Birth and naming of the band: PM in Wingspan and Daily Express (9 Feb. 1997). Thanks also to Denny Seiwell.


Recording Wild Life: author’s interviews with Denny Laine and Denny Seiwell (both quoted).

JL and Phil Spector in conversation: Melody Maker (6 Nov. 1971).

Wings launch party: Melody Maker (13 Nov. 1971).

PM speaks about the Beatles and responds to ‘How Do You Sleep?’: Melody Maker (20 Nov. 1971). JL’s open letter to PM: Melody Maker (4 Dec. 1971).

Trouble with Cavendish neighbours: the dispute with Mrs Griswold was documented in the Sunday People (21 Jan. 1972). Also author’s interview with former neighbour Evelyn Grumi.

Henry McCullough joins Wings: author’s interview with Laine and McCullough (both quoted).

PM on LM being ‘absolute rubbish’ on keyboards: South Bank Show (Jan. 1978).

‘Give Ireland Back to the Irish’: author’s interviews and press coverage. PM’s comments from contemporaneous TV news footage.

University tour: author’s interviews with McCullough and Seiwell and contemporaneous press coverage in Melody Maker (various). Also Newsweek (29 Oct. 1973); Daily Express (9 Feb. 1977); The Best of the Beatles Book (Dean) and Club Sandwich # 40.

Sun ad: the Sun (21 Feb. 1972).

LM’s analysis of Irish problem: Melody Maker (26 Feb. 1972).

Reader’s letter: Melody Maker (4 March 1972).

Stelly nickname: PM to Daily Telegraph (10 March 2001).

‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’: author’s interview with Laine (quoted). Also Club Sandwich # 64 (the Basil Brush Show).

Wings Over Europe tour: author’s interviews with Laine, McCullough and Seiwell (quoted). Also press coverage.

Denny Laine meets Jo Jo Patrie: author’s interview with Laine except quote about groupies, which is from his 1 Feb. 1984 interview with the Sun.

Smoking dope on Wings Over Europe tour: author’s interviews with McCullough and Seiwell; and Denny Laine’s Sun interview (1 Feb. 1984).

Gothenburg bust: author’s interviews with McCullough and Seiwell (quoted) and press reports.

Scottish bust: author’s interview with PM’s lawyer Len Murray (quoted) and contemporaneous press reports including the Evening News (8 March 1973 [PM’s quotes]).

Conversation between PM and McCullough and his quotes: author’s interview with McCullough.

Making Red Rose Speedway: author’s interviews with Glyn Johns and Denny Seiwell (both quoted).

James Paul McCartney: footage of the ATV show.

Recording ‘Live and Let Die’: All You Need is Ears (Martin).


Wings’ 1973 UK tour: author’s interviews with band members and press coverage.

Changes to Liverpool: Liverpool 800 (Belchem) and Liverpool (Sharples).

Closure of the Cavern: The Cavern (Leigh [includes PM quote]).

Purchase of Waterfall: author’s local enquiries and interviews; land and property records.

Purchase of Nor Va Jak Music: PM quoted from Playboy (Dec. 1984); Club Sandwich # 21 and 39; and the Evening Standard (15 Feb. 1973). Thanks also to Lilian Marshall.

Lamborghini: Evening News (13 Dec. 1972).

LM’s necklace: Cosmopolitan (Jan. 1973).

McCullough and Seiwell leave Wings: author’s interviews (quoted); thanks also to Denny and Monique Seiwell for consulting their diaries.

Duncan McLean and Denny Laine quoted from author’s interviews.

Henry McCullough quoted from author’s interview.

PM’s dialogue - ‘What the Hell’s going on?’ - reported by Denny Laine in his interview with the author.

Making Band on the Run: author’s interview with Laine; liner notes and supplementary interview material for the 25th anniversary edition of the album; Club Sandwich # 68; and Here, There and Everywhere (Emerick [from which the engineer is quoted]).

Uncle Will Stapleton: see notes to Chapter 1.

The McCartneys in Kintyre: author’s interviews with the Black family, Rory Colville (quoted) and their vet Alastair Cousin (quoted).

US visa problems: PM to Newsweek (29 Oct. 1973).

JL’s visa problems and his Lost Weekend: John Lennon: The Life (Norman) and The Lives of John Lennon (Goldman).

LM and May Pang friends: author’s interview with Sid Bernstein.

PM on his advice to JL: Q magazine (Oct. 1986).

Tennessee working holiday: author’s interview with Curly Putman Jr and Club Sandwich # 71.

New line-up of Wings: author’s interview with Howie Casey and Denny Laine (both quoted).

PM quoted on his father’s song: Standing Stone liner notes.

John, Paul, George, Ringo … & Bert: author’s interview with Willy Russell (quoted).

Beatles partnership dissolved: Daily Telegraph (10 Jan. 1975).

Making Venus and Mars: author’s interview with Denny Laine (quoted).

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Ruth McCartney’s allegations are from interviews with the Mail on Sunday (3 Dec. 2006) and Sunday magazine (14 Aug. 1988), from which her mother Angie McCartney is quoted.

Death of Jim McCartney: death certificate.

Mike McCartney on PM’s failure to attend their father’s funeral: Thank U Very Much (McCartney).

Denny Laine and Mike Robbins quoted from author’s interviews.

Deteriorating relationship between PM and his stepmother is documented in newspaper interviews Angie and Ruth have given over the years, including Angie McCartney’s Sun series ‘The Mean Side of Paul McCartney’ (6-8 July 1981) and Ruth McCartney’s interview with Sunday magazine (14 Aug. 1988) in which she says that Jim’s allowance was stopped after he died.

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Income: MPL company records.

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James McCartney born: birth certificate. Also 23 Sept. 1977 press release.

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New deal with CBS/EMI: the Observer (24 June 1979).

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Movie project: author’s interview with Willy Russell (quoted).

Rockestra session: author’s interviews; Club Sandwich # 12 and 44. Keith Moon’s demise, including Annette Walter-Lax quote (‘bucket of pills’), is from Dear Boy: The Life of Keith Moon (Fletcher).

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The move to Sussex: author’s interviews with Rosemary Crouch, Veronica Languish, Barry Miles and Ray Fooks (quoted).

LM quoted on the vegetarian epiphany from the 1989 World Tour book; Laurence Juber quoted from author’s interview.

Purchase of Lower Gate Farm/Blossom Farm: Land Registry and local council planning records.

Eric Clapton’s wedding party: Boyd’s and Clapton’s autobiographies and Eric Clapton (Schumacher). GH’s affair with Maureen Starkey: Wonderful Today (Boyd).

Jimmy McCulloch dies: Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Talevski).

Still planning a Band on the Run movie: author’s interviews with Lord Puttnam and Willy Russell (quoted).

GH hated school: I Me Mine (Harrison).

Royal Court shows: author’s interviews including Howie Casey (quoted).

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Steve Holley quoted on the Christmas shows, and throughout the chapter, from author’s interview.

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Philp Sprayregen quoted from author’s interview.

Fear of rape: PM to Playboy (Dec. 1984).

Donald Warren-Knott quoted throughout from author’s interview.

LM quote - ‘the only one …’ - Woman’s Own (26 July 1980). Also ‘You take drugs, don’t you?’

PM in Holland quoted from Sunday Mirror (21 Jan. 1980).

BL Parker quoted from Daily Telegraph (26 Jan. 1980).

I also referred to PM’s interview with the Sunday Times (18 May 1980); the Sunday Times (Nov. 1984); The Beatles After the Break-Up (Badman); and McCartney: The Biography (Flippo), re Kenneth Lambert. Conspiracy theory: The Lives of John Lennon (Goldman).

Making McCartney II: the author referred to PM’s explanations of the songs in Club Sandwich # 19; also the Sunday Times (18 May 1980).

Laine and Holley tour: Club Sandwich # 22.

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LM - ‘I could tell …’ - quoted from Linda McCartney (Fields).

PM’s ‘it’s a drag’ reaction quoted verbatim from his TV interview outside AIR Studios.


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Bill Harry quoted from author’s interview.

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Run-in with photographers: Daily Express (19 Feb. 1981). No comment from PM was published.

‘Take it Away’ had been intended for RS’ album: Ringo Starr: Straight Man or Joker? (Clayton).

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Riding accident: author’s interviews; PM quoted from the Daily Mail (11 May 1982).

PM takes up jogging and painting: quoted from interview with the Sunday Express (4 May 1997); also Paul McCartney Paintings (McCartney).

PM commissions Rupert and the Frog Song: author’s interview with Geoff Dunbar (quoted).

Making Give My Regards to Broad Street: author’s interviews with Lord Puttnam, Willy Russell and Peter Webb (all quoted). Also Eric Stewart. PM’s interviews in connection with the picture including the Sunday Times magazine (4 Nov. 1984) and Sunday magazine (30 Sept. 1984). Background reading and the quote ‘a musical fantasy drama …’: Club Sandwich # 28.

Financing: author’s interviews and MPL company records.


Anita Howarth (née Cochrane): press coverage in the Sun (28 Jan. 1983) and other papers; author’s interview with Peter Brown. Anita Howarth is quoted from the Daily Star (1 Feb. 1983).

McCartneys burn The Love You Make: interviewed in Playboy (Dec. 1984).

Hübers case: press coverage and author’s correspondence with Bettina Hübers and her mother Erika.

PM loses at High Court: Daily Mail (15 Feb. 1983).

Jo Jo Laine story: Sunday People (17 April 1983).

PM blanks Jo Jo: author’s discussion with her son Boston O’Donohue.

PM talks about Heather McCartney’s punk phase: in the Sunday Times, for example, 16 May 1980.

The McCartneys buy their Arizona ranch: author’s local research, Pima County real estate records and interviews with neighbours including Bob Bass and Erwin Eldon (both quoted).

PM - ‘not that good with words’ - Club Sandwich # 26.

Lord Puttnam on PM: quoted from author’s interview.

Hübers loses paternity case: quoted from author’s interview.

Barbados bust: author’s interview with Eric and Gloria Stewart (quoted, and recalled dialogue).

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THE PIPES OF POT: Daily Star (18 Jan. 1984).

LM quoted from the Guardian report of her UK court appearance (5 Jan. 1984).

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Final preparations and release of Give My Regards to Broad Street: author’s interview with Peter Webb (quoted).

Hog Hill Mill: property records and author’s interviews with neighbours and those who have visited the studio.

Reunited with Ann Ventre: author’s interview.

Death of Meatloaf drummer: author’s interview with his Cavendish Avenue landlady Lisa Voice; also Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Talevski).

Release of Broad Street: author’s interviews with Spencer Leigh, Eric Stewart and Peter Webb (all quoted). Review: Daily Mail (30 Nov. 1984).

The necessary fifth draft: PM quoted in his 1989-90 Paul McCartney World Tour booklet.

Rupert and the Frog Song: author’s interview with Geoff Dunbar (quoted).

Ivor Novello Awards: BASCA.

Making Press to Play: author’s interviews with Carlos Alomar, Hugh Padgham and Eric Stewart (all quoted).

Brian Moses on school dispute: quoted from author’s interview. I also referred to Moses’ letter to the Teacher (24 May 1985) and the Daily Mirror (6 June 1985), from which I quote: ‘I had always admired him …’

Live Aid: video tape of the show; Is That It? (Geldof), from which I quote Bob Geldof’s letter to PM; PM’s comments in Club Sandwich # 41 and the Independent (14 Dec. 1990).

PM’s and GH’s phone row: PM to Sunday Express (28 Oct. 1984).

Michael Jackson buys ATV Music: the Guardian (16 Aug. 1985).

Hugh Padgham quoted from author’s interview.

‘Press to Play’ video: Club Sandwich # 80.

Eric Stewart quoted from author’s interview.


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Ferdinand the bullock: Club Sandwich # 73.

Bob Languish quoted from author’s interview.

James McCartney speaks at school about vegetarianism: Ray Fooks to author.

Animals rights songs: Carla Lane and the CD Wide Prairie.

LM’s cookbook: I referred to quote from Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, and my discussion with Richard Ogden.

Making CHOBA B CCCP: thanks to Richard Ogden; also Club Sandwich # 49 and ‘How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin’, a BBC Storyville documentary broadcast 7 Sept. 2009.

Fan club members given tickets for TV shows: Club Sandwich # 46. Last Resort: author’s interview with Steve Nieve (quoted).

Aunt Ginny dies: death certificate.

Mike Robbins quoted from author’s interview.

Christmas presents: author’s interview with Joe Reddington (quoted).

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New band: author’s interview with Robbie McIntosh and Hamish Stuart (quoted). Also Club Sandwich # 50.

Wix - ‘almost a veggie’ - Club Sandwich # 53.

Band pay: author’s interview with McIntosh.

PM’s continued hurt about Denny Laine interview: author’s interviews with band members.

The Beatles inducted into the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame: author’s interview with Danny Fields (quoted); McCartney: The Biography (Flippo); PM interview with Rolling Stone, (15 June 1989) and www.rockhall.com.

Founding LIPA: author’s interview with Mark Featherstone-Witty (quoted [including ‘a right bastard’]); his books Optimistic, Even Then and LIPA in Pictures: The First Ten Years; and Club Sandwich # 60. Thanks also to Richard Ogden.

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Pottery connections in Rye: author’s local enquiries.

Visa deal: Richard Ogden and Rolling Stone (8 Feb. 1990).

Ian James reunited with PM: author’s interview with James (quoted).

Knebworth show: the bootleg.

World tour statistics: Club Sandwich # 55/56.


Appearing in Bread: author’s interview with Carla Lane.

PM’s dialogue with Carl Davis, and Davis on authorship: Sunday Times magazine (9 June 1991).

The Liverpool OratorioClub Sandwich # 58 and the MPL documentary Ghosts of the Past (PM quoted). Thanks also to Carl Davis.

Walked out of La BohèmePaul McCartney: Many Years from Now (Miles).

Ray Connolly interview: Club Sandwich # 12.

Schuller quotation from The Rest is Noise (Ross).

Collaborating with Miles: author’s interview with Miles (quoted).

Making ‘Pipes of Peace’ video: Club Sandwich # 32.

MTV Unplugged: author’s interviews with Robbie McIntosh and Hamish Stuart (quoted). Also discussions with Richard Ogden; and the recording of the show.

Sales of Linda McCartney’s Home CookingSunday Mirror magazine (14 April 1991).

On LM’s frozen food: Alastair Cousin, Carla Lane and Mike Robbins (all quoted from author’s interviews).

Traces of meat found: Linda McCartney (Fields); and LM to OK! (6 March 1998).

‘Noratorio’: PM to the Sunday Times (9 June 1991).

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Oratorio reviewed: Independent on Sunday (20 June 1991).

Lee Eastman dies: New York Times obituary (2 Aug. 1991) and author’s interview with Philip Sprayregen.

Rolls Royce gift: PM to Harper’s (Nov. 1984).

MPL song catalogue: Playboy (Dec. 1984), and Club Sandwich # 80.

Writes ‘Calico Skies’: Flaming Pie liner notes.

Mark Featherstone-Witty on John Eastman and PM’s impatience in Nov. 1991: Optimistic, Even Then.

LIPA fundraising: author’s interview with Mark Featherstone-Witty (quoted); his book Optimistic, Even Then and Club Sandwich # 64.

The author saw a copy of PM’s correspondence with Prince Charles. Featherstone-Witty says the Prince didn’t donate.

George Harrison and LIPA: author’s correspondence with Mark Featherstone-Witty.

Donald Warren-Knott quoted from author’s interview.

Details of Mark Featherstone-Witty’s relationship with PM, fundraising figures and ‘gay’ conversation with Richard Ogden, are from Optimistic, Even Then and author’s discussions with Richard Ogden and Featherstone-Witty (both quoted).

Danny Fields quoted from author’s interview.

Making Off the Ground: author’s interviews with McIntosh (quoted) and Stuart; also Club Sandwich # 64 and 65.

The Fireman project: author’s interview with Youth (quoted).

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1993 US ticket sales: The Paul McCartney Encyclopaedia (Harry).

Richard Ogden leaves MPL: author’s discussion with Ogden. PM on the decision to extend 1993 tour: Club Sandwich # 69.

Ivan Vaughan dies: death certificate; author’s interview with his widow Janet (quoted).

‘Ivan’ is published in the book Blackbird Singing.

James McCartney surfing drama: the Sun (14 Sept. 1993).

MPL turnover: company records.

PM- ‘I’m off to be a Beatle now’ - author’s interview with Hamish Stuart.


Neil Aspinall quoted from the Daily Telegraph (18 Nov.1995).

Anthology background: the Anthology Special Features DVD; Barefaced Lies and Boogie-Woogie Boasts (Holland); Club Sandwich # 72; Beatles Unlimited magazine # 124 (Barnaby Rudge); and Sound on Sound (Dec. 1995).

GH’s financial problems: author’s interviews; George Harrison (Clayson); The Beatles Book (March 1995). ‘My Sweet Lord’ court case: All Things Must Pass (Shapiro) and The Encyclopaedia of Beatles People (Harry). GH bails out Life of BrianSeventies (Sounes).

PM - ‘serious money’ - off-the-record interview.

GH - ‘the most ancient …’ - Anthology (Special Features DVD).

PM’s induction speech at the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame: Club Sandwich # 69.

Campaign to induct PM: author’s interview with Danny Fields (quoted), and his book Linda McCartney.

Recording ‘Free as a Bird’: the Anthology (Special Features DVD and CD Vol. 1 liner notes); and Club Sandwich # 72 and 76 (PM quoted).

GH on ‘Free as a Bird’: the Anthology (documentary).

Geoff Emerick quoted from discussion with the author.

George Martin quoted from Sound on Sound (Dec. 1995).

PM quoted on watching the footage and the choice of tracks on the Anthology (CD Vol. 1); Club Sandwich # 76.

Bob Smeaton quoted from The Beatles Book (Dec. 1995).

PM quoted on compiling the CD: Club Sandwich # 76.

PM’s painting: Paul McCartney: Paintings and author’s interview with Wolfgang Suttner (quoted).

LIPA progress: author’s interview with Mark Featherstone-Witty (quoted), except ‘He went on to …’ which is from his book Optimistic, Even Then.

PM helps Horst Fascher: quoted from author’s interview.

PM helps his local hospital and other charitable work: thanks to Ann Hostler at Rye Health Care Ltd. Also the Independent on Sunday (16 July 1999).

‘Real Love’/Harrison’s dissent: author’s interviews and PM’s comments to the Sunday Express Boulevard magazine (4 May 1997).

Third song: The Beatles Book (March 1996).

Recording new songs with Steve Miller and others: Flaming Pie liner notes.

Working with David Matthews: author’s interview and correspondence with Matthews (quoted). Also Independent on Sunday (5 Oct. 1997).

PM performs at St James’ Palace: Club Sandwich # 74.

PM works with Ginsberg and asks for help with ‘Standing Stone’: author’s correspondence with Tom Pickard.

The Hodgsons’ find: author’s interviews with Peter Hodgson (quoted).

Heather McCartney Designs: company records.

Stella McCartney graduates: Independent magazine (28 Oct. 1995); Stella May DayThe Unknown Paul McCartney (Peel).

James McCartney’s car accident: Daily Mail (4 May 1995); and The Beatles Book (June 1995).

Barry Miles quoted from author’s interview.

Pete Best makes money at last: author’s interviews.

GH - ‘It sounds like them now …’ - the Anthology (documentary).

The Anthology release: author’s interviews; The Beatles Book (various editions); George Martin quoted from Sound on Sound (Dec. 1995); and author’s interview with Hodgson.

MPL turnover: company records.


LM has cancer: PM’s interview with the Daily Mail (17 Oct. 1998); Garland for Linda liner notes; author’s interviews with Danny Fields and Carla Lane (quoted), and LM’s death certificate.

LIPA cost: author’s interview with Mark Featherstone-Witty, and his books.

What PM has and hasn’t done for Liverpool: Dave Holt and Spencer Leigh quoted from author’s interviews.

LIPA Inauguration: author’s interview with Mark Featherstone-Witty and his book LIPA the First Ten Years (PM quoted).

Chemotherapy: Daily Mirror (23 Oct. 1998).

LM tries to get PM nominated: Danny Fields to author.

PM on his and LM’s attempt to reverse the credit on ‘Yesterday’ for the AnthologyRolling Stone (6 Dec. 2001).

Maureen Starkey dies: The Beatles (Davies [updated)]

LM’s will: the document, dated 4 July 1996, filed in the Surrogate Court of New York (File # 179-99).

Standing Stone: author’s interview and correspondence with David Matthews and Tom Pickard (both quoted); also Paul McCartney: Paintings.

PM buys High Ranachan Farm: author’s interview with Alice and Duncan McLean (quoted).

James McCartney records ‘Heaven on a Sunday’ with parents: Flaming Pie liner notes; and PM’s interview with the Sunday Express Boulevard magazine (4 May 1997 [James McCartney quote]).

Knighthood: author’s interview with Featherstone-Witty (quoted).

PM revealed the watch inscription at LM’s London memorial, the Sun (9 June 1998).

Mary McCartney quoted from the Daily Express (12 March 1997).

Rushes: author’s interview with Youth (quoted).

Conclusion of the Anita Cochrane story: newspaper coverage including mother and son’s interviews with the Daily Mail (31 May and 2 June 1997); author’s discussion with Philip Howarth; also interview with relative Ian Pillans.

LM treated by Larry Norton: Danny Fields interview.

Confrontation at Plaza Athénée: author’s interview with Linda Aiello (quoted). Cancer spreads: PM interview with Daily Mail (17 Oct. 1998).

McCartneys upset by the death of Tim Buckley: author’s interview with Danny Fields.

GH cancer: All Things Must Pass (Shapiro), and Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Talevski).

Associates die: author’s interviews; The Beatles (Davies [updated]) and Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Talevski).

PM’s appearance at 1997 Buddy Holly Week: Club Sandwich # 83.

Last-minute changes to Standing Stone: David Matthews quoted from author’s interview; PM on Kent Nagano from his interview with the Independent on Sunday (5 Oct. 1997).

Danny Fields’s last meeting with LM: author’s interview (also subsequent quotes).

Barbecue in Arizona: author’s interview with Beverly Wilk (quoted). Christmas at Blossom Farm: details that emerged during LM’s London memorial service, Daily Mail (9 June 1998); and author’s interview with Walter van Dijk (quoted).

LM quit smoking marijuana: PM to Chrissie Hynde in USA Weekend (30 Oct. 1998).

Final discussions with Carla Lane/ recalled dialogue: author’s interview.

Rescued puppies: the Daily Mail (4 Oct. 1997).

PM transfers property to Heather’s name: property records.

Final recording sessions: Wide Prairie liner notes.

LM’s last days and death: death certificate; author’s local enquiries in Arizona, press reports including PM’s interview with the Daily Mail (17 Oct. 1998).

PM’s last words to LM: his statement released at her death (21 April 1998); also Beatles Unlimited # 141.


LM’s funeral: Arizona death certificate and author’s local enquires.

Geoff Baker dissembles: press cuttings and author’s discussions with Baker.

Carla Lane and Geoff Dunbar quoted from author’s interviews.

In extremis: PM on Breakfast with Frost (7 Dec. 1997, reprinted in The Beatles Book [Jan. 1998]), saying his wife’s illness made them ‘talk to God, or It, a little more often’.

London and New York memorials: press coverage and author’s interviews and correspondence with mourners including Carla Lane, Danny Fields, John McGeachy, Lord Puttnam, Eric Stewart and Pete Townshend (quoted on his speech).

Works with Nitin Sawhney: author’s interview with Sawhney (quoted).

Attends LIPA graduation: author’s interviews with Mark Featherstone-Witty and Joe Flannery (both quoted).

Heather McCartney’s signature missing: court documents. That she arrived in Tucson too late to say goodbye to her mother was reported in the Sunday Times (26 April 1998).

PM buys Amagansett property: author’s local enquiries; also Justice Bennett’s March 2008 High Court judgment in the McCartney divorce (hereafter referred to as the Bennett judgment).

James McCartney at sister Mary’s wedding: author’s interview with church warden Walter Piggott.

PM on ‘The Light Comes from Within’: Wide Prairie liner notes.

PM fires Reddington: author’s interview with Reddington (quoted).

Effect of LM’s death on Heather and James McCartney: author’s interviews including Beverly Wilk (Heather) and friends and neighbours in Sussex (James).

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Cabbie to author.

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