The Tiny House: Steps and Tips on How you can build a tiny house quickly and save money (2016)

Chapter Two: Should I Build a Tiny House on Foundation or Should I Build a Tiny House on Wheels?

With tiny homes popping up all across the country, not many seem surprised to hear someone speak of their desire to “go small.” Everyone seems to be on overdrive to save money, reduce carbon footprints, and see what it feels like to live with less.

However, it is easier said than done to buy or build such a small accommodation. A large number of things need to be considered such as the lifestyle of the inmates and the actual construction to be followed. Moreover, this is a national movement not everyone can participate in.

Here are ten questions that every homeowner must ask before deciding whether and how to buy a tiny house.

Ø       There will be a sizable cost to pay upfront so do you have enough money to spare?

Ø       Building a smaller home can be a major challenge. Are you up for it?

Ø       Construction of a tiny property can take as long as a year or two so are you willing to wait?

Ø       Picture a one-car garage. Will you be able to live in a space smaller than that?

Ø       Is it okay if you are forced to live with just one pair of shoes?

Ø       Do you have the space where you can park it? A driveway will do but you still need to own one!

Ø       Splitting resources is the best way you can live in a tiny house. Are you willing to share?

Ø       Some tiny homes come with bathrooms and others don’t. Will you be comfortable answering Nature’s call in unconventional ways?

Ø       Is your lifestyle suited to the limitations of living in a tiny house?

Ø       Does your home mean more than just four walls and a roof?