Apartment Therapy Complete and Happy Home (2015)


maintaining your home

getting organized

CHICAGO, Lisa + Joel Santos, Gourmet Grocer/Chef + Computer Developer


Lisa + Joel Santos

Gourmet Grocer/Chef + Computer Developer

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

You’ve most likely heard this old adage—and it’s still solid advice today. But, if you ask us, the biggest secret to feeling good in your home is a modern addition to that idea: “Leave a little space for things you don’t have.”

Breathing room is essential to creating a sense of calm and comfort. It’s only achieved when not every surface, closet, cabinet, and shelf is totally full. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 10 percent of a room “unfilled.”

To get there, you must first streamline what you own. Less clutter and fewer choices automatically lead to increased peace of mind. Then, you have to stay organized. In the long run, it’s a huge time-saver—meaning, you can spend more of your day doing the things you love.

You’ll find tons of tips and tools (divided by room) in this chapter to help you on your quest for order. And you can stay inspired by this idea: Don’t get organized because you’re “supposed” to. Get organized as a way to facilitate your own happiness.

the basics


1. Countertop Utensil Jar Free up drawer space by storing larger utensils out in the open.

2. Plastic-bag Holder Stuff bags into a designated container for grab-and-go convenience.

3. Pot-lid Organizer “File” lids (instead of stacking them) to save cabinet space.

4. Expandable Drawer Organizer Organize every inch of every drawer: cutlery in the kitchen, beauty supplies in the bathroom, socks and undies in the bedroom.

5. Chalkboard Stickers Label leftovers with the day they were cooked or dry goods that have been transferred to airtight containers.

tv room

6. Cord-control Box Hide tangled cords and whole power strips in every room.

7. Sonos Wireless Speakers Music where you want it. Control this system from your smartphone or desktop.

8. External Hard Drive Truth: the more you store digitally, the less clutter you have. Schedule an automatic backup to an external hard drive every two weeks.

9. DVD/CD Binder Can’t part with your old DVDs or CDs? Toss the cases, and store them in space-saving binders.

10. Remote-control Box Keep your main remote handy, but collect all those other clickers in a decorative box.


11. Hair-tool Organizer Look for one with integrated outlets for extra convenience and cord control.

12. Under-the-Counter Shelving Use them under the sink or in the kitchen, garage, or any closet to double your vertical space for storage.

13. Hooks Get pretty ones for hanging things in plain sight, and more utilitarian styles for neatly stashing stuff inside a cabinet.

14. First-Aid Kit Store emergency essentials in one grab-and-go container. Visit the redcross.org for a list of recommended supplies.

15. Magnetic Strip Install one in your medicine cabinet to corral bobby pins, tweezers, and other metal sundries.


16. Folding Board It guarantees tight, uniform folds, meaning you can squeeze more into your drawers.

17. Skinny Non-slip Hangers and Wooden Coat Hangers Save valuable inches with this combination: hang everything but coats and blazers—which lose their shape if not on proper coat hangers—from slim, non-slip hangers.

18. Cedar Hanging Block Cedar repels moths—and keeps closets smelling fresh. Tip: lightly sand to renew the scent.

19. S-Hook Loop one over your closet rail and hang everything from bags to scarves to oversize necklaces.

20. Closet Shelf Divider Turn a long shelf into many useful sections for neatly stacking pants, sweaters, or tees.


21. Wall Organizer Look for one with dedicated compartments for storing desktop essentials.

22. Power Station Because one outlet is never enough! Keep a small station on your desk for charging gadgets.

23. Cord Organizer Look for one that safely sticks to the back of furniture and allows cords to easily pop in and out.

24. Color-coded Files and Label Maker Designate colors for different types of documents; it will make them easier to find months (or years) later.

25. Desk Caddy Pick something small to house items that usually wind up homeless on your desktop.

26. Filing Cabinet Stackable cabinets give you the option of adding on, should you need to, down the road.


27. Wall-hung Storage Hanging hooks. Hideaway cubbies. Mounted drawers. Build the system that works for you (and your drop zone).

28. Large Durable Basket Create an out-box for things you need to remember to take with you: dry cleaning, gym bag, etc.

29. Shoe Bench Save space with a bench that doubles as shoe storage. Just don’t let it become a permanent home.

30. Mail Sorter Do yourself a favor and sort mail as it comes into the house. It takes seconds!

31. Umbrella Stand Essential on rainy days but also a handy, temporary landing spot for some after-school sports equipment (bats or tennis racquets).

the room-by-room guide to an
organized home

in the kitchen

LET FUNCTION DICTATE STORAGE. Keep coffee near the coffeemaker, knives by your cutting boards, and towels next to the sink. Similarly, stow your cooking supplies, including spices, within arm’s reach of the stove.

IF DRAWER SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM, think about storing flatware in pretty containers on your countertop. Grab-and-go silverware speeds things up come mealtime and leaves drawers free for bigger items.

WHEN POSSIBLE, BUY SETS OF DINNERWARE, GLASSES, AND STORAGE CONTAINERS instead of mixing and matching. Everything stacks neatly away, making the best use of your shelf space.

TAPE YOUR MOST-USED RECIPES TO THE INSIDE OF A CABINET DOOR for instant access anytime. It saves precious countertop space when you’re prepping meals and keeps you from ever having to pull out a cookbook or go online.

TRANSFER DRY GOODS like grains, sugar, and cereal to matching airtight containers, which creates visual cohesiveness in chaotic pantries, while keeping everything fresher longer.

Grab-and-Go Silverware


Airtight Jars


in the entryway

THINK OF THIS SPACE AS A TEMPORARY LANDING SPOT, not a permanent drop zone. Pick one day per week to sort through the coats, accessories, and shoes stashed there. Relocate anything that’s not being used to its real home.

KEEP YOURSELF FROM SPINNING IN CIRCLES by setting up the entryway to mimic the way you shed your gear. If you drop your keys first and take off your shoes last, for instance, place the key-ring holder closest to the door and the shoe cubbies farthest away.

HAVE A PLAN FOR THE LITTLE STUFF. Hats, gloves, earmuffs—it only takes minutes for these things to pile up. If you have the space, give each family member a cubby for housing these items. If that’s not an option, dedicate one basket to everyone’s accessories. But keep a watchful eye on what’s getting tossed in there (and how long it stays).

STORE A SMALL KIT OF “MINOR EMERGENCY” ESSENTIALS BY THE DOOR: a compact umbrella, a spare phone charger/portable battery, an extra pair of glasses, spare keys, some cash, and a public-transit card or two. You’ll thank yourself later, when you’re dashing out the door.

SORT LOOSE POCKET CHANGE (quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies) instead of tossing it all into one overflowing bowl. Get into the habit of doing this as soon as you walk in the door. You’ll be surprised how quickly those coins add up to serious cash.

Temporary Landing Spot


in the bathroom

SPEED UP YOUR MORNING DASH. Keep grooming essentials (moisturizer, daily cosmetics, go- to hair products) out and easily accessible. Organize everything on a small tray to contain the chaos and stop products from taking over your countertop.

SAVE SPACE (AND MONEY) BY BUYING SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, AND LIQUID SOAP IN BULK SIZES, then transferring them to smaller, refillable containers for the shower. Store the larger bottles.

NOT ALL BATHROOMS ARE CREATED EQUAL. Be realistic about the storage space in yours (overcrowding will just up your frustration). Make sure the most essential items have a home; then add things as needed.

DON’T STASH THE TP! Keep the extra toilet paper rolls out in a decorative basket or bin, so you (and your guests) never find yourself awkwardly “stranded.” No one wants to rifle through cabinets at that particular moment.

GO VERTICAL. This is time-tested organization advice in general, but especially in the bathroom. Look for opportunities to mount above-the-toilet shelves. Or try turning a multilevel fruit basket into extra storage by hanging it from the ceiling.

Refillable Containers


in the office

ONLY KEEP THINGS ON THE DESK THAT YOU USE DAILY—no exceptions. Everything else should have a proper, out-of-sight home. (Except maybe a plant—we’ll allow it.)

DON’T NEGLECT DIGITAL ORGANIZATION. Clean off your (virtual) desktop daily—and back up once every two weeks. With so much of your life online, even a perfect-looking physical space won’t be much help if your computer is a disaster.

DISCONNECT FROM THE CHAOS. Invest in a wireless mouse, keyboard, and printer—and forever free yourself from that tangled pile of cords surrounding your monitor.

SET UP A PHYSICAL IN-BOX, but schedule fifteen minutes per day to deal with the things that land there. File or digitize anything important. Shred or recycle everything else.

A LITTLE INSPIRATION GOES A LONG WAY. Hanging artwork or creating a bulletin board of things you love will keep you motivated while you’re in the work zone. Make sure it’s minimal, though. Otherwise, you run the risk of inspiration turning into distraction.

Inspiration Board


in the tv room

SET UP YOUR MEDIA CENTER AWAY FROM “THE ELEMENTS.” Excessive sunlight, smoke, and water from pipes, radiators, or air conditioners can shorten the life span of electronics, records, CDs, and DVDs.

KEEP FAMILY PHOTOS EASILY ACCESSIBLE via an external hard drive (or in your cloud). If you’re missing the photo album experience, have a select few “best of” collections printed via sites like Blurb or Shutterfly.

LIMIT THE NUMBER OF CONSOLES—and remotes—in your life by opting for all-in-one gadgetry, like a gaming console that doubles as a Blu-ray player and connects to Netflix.

THINK ABOUT UPDATING MEDIA-CABINET DOORS WITH METAL MESH PANELS. Your remote control’s gamma rays can zip right through the holes, so you can hide your cable box and other gadgets inside and still change the channel.

THIS IS A PLACE TO GET COZY, BUT DON’T LET EXTRA THROW BLANKETS TAKE OVER. Consider stowing them in a trunk or folding them on top of a vintage luggage rack.

Blanket Storage


in the bedroom closet

SEPARATE YOUR CLOTHES ON THE CLOSET RAIL by type (shirts, skirts, dresses, and so forth), then color—lightest to darkest. It’s how your eye naturally takes things in and will speed up those morning “what the heck am I going to wear today?” moments.

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SHOE STORAGE (whether it’s on the floor or a shoe rack) by stowing each pair heel to toe, so they nestle more tightly together. Or, if you have the depth, line them up one shoe in front of the other instead of side by side. That way you can squeeze twice as many pairs on one shelf.


•  fold: Jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, socks, and anything bulky

•  hang: Dresses, skirts, blazers, coats, suits, and almost everything you dry-clean

•  file (i.e., fold and store vertically): T-shirts, underwear, shorts, and pajamas

KEEP TRACK OF WHAT YOU’RE STORING ON THOSE TIP-TOP SHELVES. Fasten a mirror to the bottom of the shelf above, or directly to the wall behind, an out-of-reach shelf. You can see every last handbag you’ve stashed away without having to leave the floor.

BUILD A BASKET NETWORK: two for laundry (one dark, one light), one for dry cleaning, and another for clothes that need repair. It’ll keep the temptation to toss things on the floor (or over a chair) at bay.

Basket Network


meet the homeowners…

John Berg + Jennifer Desmond


Architect + Wine Consultant



Brenda + David Bergen + son, Daniel


Creative Director/Designer, Wink Design + Digital Media Consultant


Allison + Ryan Burke


Founder, Allison Burke Interior Design + Partner, A Parallel Architecture



Mary + Lou Castelli + daughter, Sienna + sons Colton, Rex, Bo


Mother + Private Equity Professional


Christopher Coleman + Angel Sanchez


Interior Designer + Fashion Designer




Tim Cuppett + Marco Rini


Founder, Tim Cuppett Architects + Founder, David Wilson Garden Design



Jessica + Scott Davis + son, Bryan + daughter, Lucy


Designer, Nest Studio + Marketing, Nickelodeon


Laura Jay Freedman


Shop Owner, Broken English Jewelry


Arthur Garcia-Clemente + Kristin Over


Workplace Designer + Freelance Interior Designer

Paige + Smoot Hull + son, Pierce + daughters Eisley, Cameron


Co-owners, The Vintage Round Top


Emily Johnston




Judy Kameon + Erik Otsea + son, Ian


Landscape Designer/Outdoor Furniture Designer + Photographer/Outdoor Furniture Designer



Michelle + Dave Kohanzo + daughter, Emily + sons Connor, Henry, Everett


CEO, Land of Nod + Banker, Northern Trust


Christiane Lemieux + Joshua Young + daughter, Isabelle + son, William


Founder, Dwell Studio/Executive Creative Director, Wayfair + Real Estate Developer, The Related Companies




Susan + Kevin Lennon + daughter, Griffin


Owner, SHOP by h. bleu + Founder, Lennon Design


Deborah Nevins


Landscape Designer, Deborah Nevins & Associates Inc.


Eric Oliver + Thea Goodman + daughter, Esme + son, Ethan


Professor, University of Chicago + Author

Sara Oswalt


Fashion/Interior Stylist, Purveyor Design



Lulu Powers + Stephen Danelian


The Entertainologist + Founder, MeeLocal



Dean + Michael Renaud


Principal, South Social & Home + Creative Director, Pitchfork


Moon Rhee + Heyja Do


Shop Owners, Dear: Rivington+


Maxwell Ryan + daughter, Ursula


CEO & Founder, Apartment Therapy


Lisa + Joel Santos


Owner/Chef, Southport Grocery and Café + Credit Risk Computer Developer


Ruthie Sommers + Luke McDonough + daughters Eloise, Bailey, Posey


Mother, Friend, Interior Designer + CEO, AirMedia




Taylor Swaim


J.Crew Brand Creative

Michele Varian + Brad Roberts


Product Designer & Store Owner, Michele Varian Shop + Musician, Crash Test Dummies



Erin Williamson + Ben Roy + sons Ike, Luke


Blogger & Interior Designer, Design Crisis + Software Engineering Manager, HP


Anne Ziegler + Scott Mason


Trend Forecaster + Entertainment Executive




Paige + Smoot Hull

Daybed Slipcover: made by homeowners from Navy surplus canvas, theseedboxantiques.blogspot.com

Grain Sack Throw Pillows (on daybed): made by homeowners, thevintageroundtop.com

Wall Sconces (above daybed): made by homeowners, cow feed sifters with burlap liner

Curtains: IKEA, ikea.com

Curtain Rods: made by homeowners, repurposed plumbing supplies

Wood Ceiling Panels: made by homeowners, salvaged siding from Habitat for Humanity ReStore, habitat.org/restores

Trunk (used as coffee table): vintage from a garage sale

Wooden Window Screens (on fireplace): vintage from a garage sale

French Green Glass Bottle Vases: vintage, thevintageroundtop.com

Sofa: gift. Target slipcover, target.com

Feed Sack Throw Pillows (on sofa): made by homeowners, thevintageroundtop.com

Arrow Light Fixture (above sofa): Round Top Antiques Fair, roundtoptexasantiques.com

Bar Stools (at kitchen counter): vintage, roundtoptexasantiques.com


setting up your home

Eric Oliver + Thea Goodman

Retro Chevron Table Lamp: Jonathan Adler, jonathanadler.com

Sofa: Jonathan Adler, jonathanadler.com

Purple Velvet Chairs: gift

Marble Side Table: Saarinen Side Table, dwr.com

Ottomans: X Bench, jonathanadler.com

Dotted Silk Throw Pillows: John Robshaw, johnrobshaw.com

Mirrored Side Table: Horchow, horchow.com

Glass-Top Side Tables: Jonathan Adler, jonathanadler.com

Abstract Painting: by Keiko Nemeth, keikonemeth.com

Rug: Pat Nixon Rug, jonathanadler.com

getting the right flow

Erin Williamson + Ben Roy

Tan Elite Leather Sofa: eBay.com

Black Leather Chesterfield Sofa: vintage Ethan Allen, craigslist.com

Lucite Coffee Table: craigslist.com

Malayer Area Rug: eBay.com

Black and White Throw Pillows: West Elm Outlet

Gray & White Throw Pillows: Stone Textile Studio, stonetextilestudio.com

Maitland-Smith Side Table: vintage

Glass Table Lamp: eBay.com

Curtains: HPD, halfpricedrapes.com


Christiane Lemieux + Joshua Young

Chevron Area Rug: Madeline Weinrib, madelineweinrib.com

Sofa in Magnus Mineral Fabric: Dwell Studio, dwellstudio.com

Coffee Table: vintage

Hans Leather Chair and Ottoman: Dwell Studio, dwellstudio.com

Floor Lamp: vintage

Curtains: The Shade Store, theshadestore.com

Wall Sconce: vintage, eBay.com

Curtis French Oak Side Table: Dwell Studio, dwellstudio.com

Urchin Shiny Gold Objet (above mantel): Dwell Studio, dwellstudio.com

Monet Gold Votive (on side table): Dwell Studio, dwellstudio.com


Mary + Lou Castelli

Cabinetry: IKEA, ikea.com

Powder-Coated Cabinet Hardware: hardware, Simon’s Hardware and Bath, simonsny.com. Powder-coating fabricated by Empire Metal Finishing, empiremetal.net

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Michele Varian + Brad Roberts

Plume Wallpaper: by Michele Varian, michelevarian.com


Anne Ziegler + Scott Mason

Kitchen Range: American Range, americanrange.com

Hand Towels: Creative Women, nickeykehoe.com

Pots and Pans: Sur la Table, surlatable.com


Jessica + Scott Davis

Curtains: Target, target.com

Curtain Rods: Pottery Barn, potterybarn.com

Wall-Mounted Light Fixture: Restoration Hardware, restorationhardware.com

Framed Art Panel: by Robert Crowder & Company, robertcrowder.com

Bedside Table: South Seas Side Cart, serenaandlily.com

Quilt: Target, target.com


Maxwell Ryan

Dining Room Chairs: Hay, hay.dk

Gray Lambswool Skins: Gray Gotland Sheepskin, huset.com

Wall Mirror: Bobo Intriguing Objects, bobointriguingobjects.com

Dining Room Table: built by homeowner

Pendant Lights: Bobo Intriguing Objects, bobointriguingobjects.com


Dean + Michael Renaud

Framed Photography: by David Sampson, davidcsampson.com

Rug: estate sale in Los Angeles


living in your home

Mary + Lou Castelli

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Barely Teal,” benjaminmoore.com

Dining Table: family heirloom

Dining Chairs: family heirlooms (updated with paint)

Delta IV Pendant Light: Rich Brilliant Willing, richbrilliantwilling.com

Custom Curtains: West Elm, westelm.com. Stripes are Designers Guild fabric, designersguild.com

Holy Stool: by Francois Chambard, umproject.com



Deborah Nevins

Vintage Folding Chairs: gift

The Southwest-Gone-Bright Entry

Sara Oswalt

Bubble Chandelier: by Jean Pelle, pelledesigns.com

Door Paint: Behr “Beluga,” behr.com

Mismatched Wall Hooks: Anthropologie, anthropologie.com

Framed Posters: Public School Creative Collaborative, gotopublicschool.com

Red Frames: Art on Fifth, arton5th.com

Wood Bench: vintage from Sacramento, CA

Southwestern Rug: gift

The “Quick” Entry

Moon Rhee + Heyja Do

Wall-Mounted Hat Rack: vintage

Wooden Bench: vintage

1970’s Bicycle: vintage

Red Pom-Pom Dusters: vintage

The Indoor/Outdoor Mudroom

Anne Ziegler + Scott Mason

Antique French Chair: Penine Hart Antiques and Art, peninehart.com

Vintage French Table: One Kings Lane, onekingslane.com

Large White Ceramic Bowl: vintage

Framed Camera Print: by Hugo Guinness, johnderian.com

Woven Doormat: Haus Interior, hausinterior.com

Dip-Dyed Stool: Serena & Lily, serenaandlily.com

The Never-Too-Thin Entry

Maxwell Ryan

Half-Circle Side Table: Bobo Intriguing Objects, bobointriguingobjects.com

Printed Runners: by Madeline Weinrib, madelineweinrib.com

Table Lamp: vintage

Wall-Mounted Coat Rack: Eames Hang-It-All, dwr.com

The Compact Cottage Mudroom

Tim Cuppett + Marco Rini

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Statton Blue,” benjaminmoore.com

Wall-Mounted Hooks: made by homeowners

Doorstop: Scully & Scully, scullyandscully.com

living spaces


Judy Kameon + Erik Otsea

Vintage Kilim Rug: Long Beach Antique Market, longbeachantiquemarket.com

Sofa: Futurama, futuramafurniturela.com

Tile Coffee Table: Plain Air, plainair.com

Velvet Armchair: Cadillac Jacks furniture

Vintage Rocking Chair: gift

Artwork: by Judy Kameon

Side Tables: made by homeowners

Vintage Green Lamp: Retro Gallery, retroglass.com

David Cressey Lamp: flea market

Leather Moroccan Poofs: Mosaik, e-mosaik.com

Blue Throw: Calypso, calypsostbarth.com/home

The Out-of-Africa Living Room

Sara Oswalt

Tufted Petrie Sofa: Crate & Barrel, crateandbarrel.com

Yellow Throw Pillows: custom by Kelly Wearstler, kellywearstler.com

Tall Table Lamp: vintage from Sacramento, CA

Side Tables: vintage from San Antonio, TX

Leather and Chrome Chairs: vintage from Round Top Antiques Fair, roundtoptexasantiques.com

Wood Table (under window): eBay.com

Metal Table Light: vintage from Round Top Antique Show, roundtoptexasantiques.com

Leather Armchair and Footstool: vintage from Sacramento, CA

Robin Egg Blue Platter (on coffee table): by Luna Garcia, lunagarcia.com

Felt Coasters (on coffee table): Feliz, felizsale.com

Resin Durian Fruit Sculpture: Gold Leaf Design Group, amazon.com

Tie-Dye and Chrome Footstool: base from Round Top Antiques Fair, roundtoptexasantiques.com. Fabric from Hickory Chair, hickorychair.com

The Modern Green Den

Mary + Lou Castelli

Area Rug: TSAR Carpet, tsarusa.com

Leather Jacobsen-Style Egg Chair: In Mod, inmod.com

Lacquer Coffee Table: Jonathan Adler, jonathanadler.com

Ruché Sofa: Ligne Roset, ligne-roset-usa.com

Stackable Powder-Coated Steel Trays (on coffee table): Kaleido Trays, aplusrstore.com

Black and Gold Bud Vases (on mantel): CB2, cb2.com

Black Resin Pig (on mantel): by Harry Allen, aplusrstore.com

Felt Pom-Pom Garland (on mantel): Etsy.com

Flute Side Tables: by Roberto Barbieri, poliformusa.com

Printed Curtains: IKEA, ikea.com

The Dipped-in-Gray Living Room

Emily Johnston

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Gray Horse,” benjaminmoore.com

French Door Paint: Benjamin Moore “Black,” benjaminmoore.com

Sofa: vintage

Gray Velvet Chairs: vintage

Large White Area Rug: West Elm, westelm.com

Pale Blue Rug: Canvas Home, canvashomestore.com

Lumbar Throw Pillows: West Elm, westelm.com

Black Stitch Throw Pillow: Loopy Mango, loopymango.com

Coffee Table: Canvas Home, canvashomestore.com

Side Table: vintage

Table Lamp: CB2, cb2.com

Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf: Roost Home Furnishings, roostco.com

Pendant Light: IKEA, ikea.com

Throw Blanket (on chair): Hand & Cloth, handandcloth.org

Wood Stump Side Table: Z Gallerie, zgallerie.com

Trio of Brown Vases (on bookshelf): Heath Ceramics, heathceramics.com

Framed Print (above sofa): by Michael Hunter, michael-hunter.net

The Moroccan Game Den

Lulu Powers + Stephen Danelian

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Bainbridge Blue,” benjaminmoore.com

Yellow Sofa: Rag Finders in LA

Area Rug: bought in Armenia

Moroccan Leather Poufs: Target, target.com

Extra-Long Coffee Table: vintage

Framed Photograph (over sofa): by Stephen Danelian

Large Wall Mirror: Brenda Antin in LA

Low-Sitting Slipper Chairs: Antique, darrenransdell.com

Game Table: gift

Bar Cabinet: Dovecote, dovecote-westport.com

The Soft Traditional Living Room

Maxwell Ryan

Elephant Stool Side Tables: Bobo Intriguing Objects, bobointriguingobjects.com

White Sofa: March Sofa by Hickory Chair, hickorychair.com

White Chair: Laura Chair by Hickory Chair, hickorychair.com

Gray Velvet Sofa: March Sofa by Hickory Chair, hickorychair.com

Modern Floor Lamp: AJ Floor Lamp, dwr.com

Curtains: Basketweave Linen Curtains, restorationhardware.com

Curtain Hardware: Weathered Oak Hardware, restorationhardware.com

Dippy Red Rugs: The Rug Company, therugcompany.com

Coffee Table: vintage

Shearling Rugs: 3-Corner Field Farm, dairysheepfarm.com

Wooden 3-Legged Stool: vintage, bobointriguingobjects.com

Squiggle Prints: by Maxwell Ryan

Collage Artwork: by Emily Payne, emilypayne.net

Painting of House: by Mary Ryan

Framed Cuban Dancing Photo: by Tria Giovan, clicgallery.com

Faux Fur Throw: Restoration Hardware, restorationhardware.com

Patterned Throw Pillows: Judy Ross, judyrosstextiles.com

The Dramatically Different Country Den

Tim Cuppett + Marco Rini

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Black Knight,” benjaminmoore.com

Area Rug: vintage from James Powell Antiques in Austin

Wall-Mounted Portrait Lights: House of Troy, houseoftroy.com

Shutters: reclaimed pine

Sofa: by Florence Knoll, knoll.com

Leather Armchair: Crate & Barrel, crateandbarrel.com

Bar Cabinet: Crate & Barrel, crateandbarrel.com

Virso Table: Nienkämper, nienkamper.com

Bronze Figurative Sculpture (beside fireplace): by Randy Jewart, austingreenart.org

The Chinese-Red Retreat

Ruthie Sommers + Luke McDonough

Ceiling Paint: Fine Paints of Europe “Rembrandt Yellow,” finepaintsofeurope.com

Carpet: Melrose Carpet, melrosecarpet.com

Window Treatments: custom. Fabric by Christopher Farr Cloth, christopherfarrcloth.com

Tufted Banquet: custom

Coffee Table: found on Dixie Highway. Custom refinishing

Floral Chair and Footstool: antique

Set of Green Velvet Chairs: antique, jamesandjeffrey.com

Set of Floral Chairs: antique. Fabric by Claremont Furnishing Fabrics Company, claremontfurnishing.com

Wall-Mounted Bookcase Lights: Urban Archaeology, urbanarchaeology.com

Tone-on-Tone Wall Fabric: by Rogers and Goffigon, delanyandlong.com

The Fairy-tale Living Room

Michelle + Dave Kohanzo

Tufted Leather Sofa: 14th Street Vintage, etsy.com

Rug: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Red Wingback Chair: Brimfield store, brimfieldus.com

Gray Wingback Chair: Etsy.com. Custom slipcover from Calico Corners, calicocorners.com

Armchair: Crate & Barrel, crateandbarrel.com. Swiss army blanket upholstery, vintage

Coffee Table: eBay.com. Map decoupage by homeowner

Lucite Trunk: Lovintagefinds, etsy.com

Wallpaper: Orla Kiely, orlakiely.com/usa

Custom Lampshades: Fondue, etsy.com

Silver Lamps: Restoration Hardware, restorationhardware.com

Custom Roman Shades: fabric from Spoonflower, spoonflower.com. Made by Windows by Melissa, etsy.com

The Scandinavian Living Room

Anne Ziegler + Scott Mason

Glass-Top Side Table: vintage, empiricstudio.com

White Lounge Chair: HD Buttercup, hdbuttercup.com

Sofa: Cisco Bothers, ciscobrothers.com

Throw Pillows: by Josef Frank, justscandinavian.com

Coffee Table: Dennis & Leen, dennisandleen.com

Gold Milano Plate (on coffee table): by En Soie, maxandmoritz-la.com

Framed Vintage Botanical Print: by Jung-Koch Quentell, johnderian.com

Antique Industrial Side Table: Penine Hart Antiques and Art, peninehart.com

Curtains: IKEA, ikea.com

French Side Chairs and Woolies: chairs are vintage. Woolies are IKEA, ikea.com

Printed Armchair: fabric by Josef Frank, justscandinavian.com

White Pottery Collection: Astier de Villatte, astierdevillatte.com

Clear Console Table: CB2, cb2.com

The Hot & Cold Living Room

Brenda + David Bergen

Sofa: Stitch, stitchchicago.com

Chair and Ottoman: Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen for Knoll, dwr.com

Shaggy Rug: Crate & Barrel, crateandbarrel.com

Glass-Top Coffee Table: Judith Racht Gallery, judithrachtgallery.wordpress.com

Throw Pillows: Room & Board, roomandboard.com

Credenza: West Elm, westelm.com

Blue Print: by David Burdeny, lumas.com

Koi Print: by Andrew Stewart

Wall Sculpture: Vitra Algue by Bouroullec, vitra.com

White Wall Cabinets: IKEA, ikea.com

Fireplace Insert: Amazon.com

The ’70s Living Room

Laura Jay Freedman

’70s Leather Armchairs: by Gianfranco Frattin, 1stdibs.com

Large Sheepskin Throws: Costco, costco.com

Coffee Table: vintage from Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market, rgcshows.com

Wall-Mounted Brass Light: Galerie Half, galeriehalf.com

Brutalist Table Lamp: by Paul Evans

Fluorescent “Lips” Light: designed by homeowner

’70s Burl Wood Credenza: by Paul Evans

Artwork (above credenza): gift

eating spaces

The French Provençal Dining Room

Deborah Nevins

Dining Table: designed by homeowner

Dining Chairs: antique German garden chairs from Montauk, NY

Large Bookcase: antique from Manhattan

Industrial Lights (on bookcase): found in Hudson, NY

Artwork (on bookcase): by Stephen Antonakos, stephenantonakos.com

The Breakfast Nook

Jessica + Scott Davis

Wall Paint: Sherwin-Williams “Dovetail,” sherwin-williams.com

Tripod Table: West Elm, westelm.com

Hamilton Bentwood Dining Chairs: Home Decorators Collection, homedecorators.com

Custom Bench Seat Cushion: made from West Elm shower curtain fabric

Throw Pillows: Etsy.com

Osgood Pendant Light: Arteriors, arteriorshome.com

Blinds: Home Depot, homedepot.com

The Glossy Cabin Dining Room

Christopher Coleman + Angel Sanchez

Dining Table: made by homeowners

Dining Chairs: vintage; recovered in Holly Hunt fabric, hollyhunt.com

Hammered Bronze Pendant Light: one of a kind

Console Table: vintage from Neven & Neven, nevenmoderne.com

The Farmhouse-in-a-Skyscraper Dining Room

Moon Rhee + Heyja Do

Vintage 150 Year-Old Table: found in Texas

Assorted Vintage Dining Chairs: Dear: Rivington, dearrivington.com

Vintage Pendant Light: Dear: Rivington, dearrivington.com

’40s Outdoor Theater Chairs: Dear: Rivington, dearrivington.com

The Roundabout Dining Room

Laura Jay Freedman

’30s Dining Table and Chairs: by Karl Springer. Chairs from Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market, rgcshows.com. Table, gift

Large Painting: gift

Vintage Light Fixture: by Alvin Lustig, 1stdibs.com

Gold Column Light: vintage, 1stdibs.com

The Dark Menagerie Dining Room

Michele Varian + Brad Roberts

Framed Gold Mirrors: by Ria Charisse, michelevarian.com

Wedding Portrait: found in the apartment

Wallpaper: by Neisha Crosland, neishacrosland.com

Vintage Dining Room Table: antique, eBay.com

Red Folding Chairs: antique, frenchgeneral.com

Throw Pillow: by Michele Varian, michelevarian.com

The Country Porch Dining Room

Paige + Smoot Hull

Dining Table: made by homeowners. Tabletop, found. Antique table legs, roundtoptexasantiques.com

Cage Pendant Light: by John Petty Antiques, thevintageroundtop.com

Vintage Wire Chairs: updated with burlap seats, roundtoptexasantiques.com

Bench: custom by John Dahl, jdahlwoodworks.com

White Dining Chairs: vintage, roundtoptexasantiques.com

The Fab Two-in-One Dining Room

Taylor Swaim

Chevron Rug: Pottery Barn, potterybarn.com

Industrial Coffee Table: West Elm, westelm.com

Velvet Sofa: West Elm, westelm.com

“London” and “New York” Throw Pillows: Home Goods, homegoods.com

Southwestern Tapestry Pillow: Brooklyn Flea, brooklynflea.com

Black Table Lamps: Martha Stewart for Kmart, kmart.com

Antler Chandelier: antique from Indiana

Curtains: Target, target.com

Dining Table and Matching Chairs: antiques from Indiana

Tufted Chairs: Home Goods, homegoods.com

Silver Votives: West Elm, westelm.com

Bar Table: family heirloom. Annie Sloan paint, anniesloan.com

White Bowl (with lemons on bar): Home Goods, homegoods.com

White Mason Jar (on bar): Fishs Eddy, fishseddy.com

Striped Straws (on bar): Target, target.com



Allison + Ryan Burke

Framed Artwork: by Ryan Hennessee and OK Mountain Collective

Bartable: vintage

Bar Stools: vintage

Floating Shelf (above stove): vintage luggage rack from an old train, urbanremainschicago.com

Retro Wall-Mounted Shelves: vintage, urbanremainschicago.com

Cabinet Paint: Sherwin-Williams “Greenfield,” sherwin-williams.com

Countertops: Caesarstone, caesarstoneus.com

Dishes: Heath Ceramics, heathceramics.com

Rug: Mad Mats, madmats.com

The Retro Bright Kitchen

Judy Kameon + Erik Otsea

Rug: Mosaik, e-mosaik.com

Kitchen Table: made by homeowners

Kitchen Chairs: vintage Danish dealer in Cathedral City, CA. Fabric from Diamond Foam & Fabric, diamondfoamandfabric.com

Vintage Wedgewood Stove: found on Craigslist and revamped by homeowners

Cabinets: teak veneer (cabinetry throughout the house). Built by homeowner

Tile Backsplash: Heath Ceramics, heathceramics.com

Countertop: Lagos Azul Limestone

Capiz Pendant Lamp: similar at Jonathan Adler, jonathanadler.com

Ikat Bench: Plain Air, plainair.com. Outdoor fabric by Perennials, perennialsfabrics.com

Black Ceramic Vessel (on kitchen cabinet): by Erik Otsea

The Beach Cottage Kitchen

Christiane Lemieux + Joshua Young

Floating Shelves: custom

Butcher Block Countertops: IKEA, ikea.com

Cabinetry: IKEA, ikea.com

Owl Cookie Jar: Anthropologie, anthropologie.com

Artwork: by Deborah Kass

The Never-at-Rest Kitchen

Lulu Powers + Stephen Danelian

Cabinet Paint: Benjamin Moore “Lucerne,” benjaminmoore.com

Hardware: bought in Nantucket, MA

Palmeral Wallpaper (in sitting room): Walnut Wallpaper, walnutwallpaper.com

Green Armchairs: Nantucket Looms, nantucketlooms.com

Patterned Footstool: footstool from Pom Pom at Home, pompomathome.com. Fabric by Michael Levine fabric, lowpricefabric.com

Pendant Light: Urban Outfitters, uo.com

Floor Lamps: Ralph Lauren, ralphlauren.com

The Neapolitan Kitchen

Michelle + Dave Kohanzo

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Milkyway,” benjaminmoore.com

Cabinet Paint: Benjamin Moore “Sweet 16,” benjaminmoore.com

Hutch: vintage

Industrial Pendant Light: Anthropologie, anthropologie.com

Plaid Rug: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Yellow Side Table: vintage

Gingham Window Treatments: made by homeowner

Retro Dishes: Etsy.com

The Western Soda-Fountain Kitchen

Susan + Kevin Lennon

Stools: from a diner in Kansas

Holophane Lights: vintage

Countertop: poured concrete

Cabinet Hardware: Restoration Hardware, restorationhardware.com

The Collector’s Bazaar Kitchen

Michele Varian + Brad Roberts

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “782 Blue Belle” in gloss, benjaminmoore.com

Thornbird Wallpaper (by fireplace): by Michele Varian, michelevarian.com

Hanging Glassware: antique European flycatchers

Assorted Dishes: Pearl River, pearlriver.com

Metal “Pantry” Locker: flea market in NYC

Colorful Chopsticks: Pearl River, pearlriver.com

Cutting Boards: assorted designers, michelevarian.com

Antique Slipper Chairs: inherited from neighbor

Wooden Radio: Areaware, michelevarian.com

The Smart-Storage Kitchen

Lisa + Joel Santos

Marquee “S” Light: Hearts Desire in La Grange, IL

Metal Hanging Utensil Rail: Rosle, surlatable.com

Task Light: Prouvé Potence Lamp, dwr.com

Stainless Steel Cabinetry: IKEA, ikea.com

Wall Cabinetry: IKEA, ikea.com

Dining Table: Ravenswood Antique Mart, ravenswoodantiquemart.com

Dining Chairs: Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chairs, dwr.com

The Little Kitchen That Could

Tim Cuppett + Marco Rini

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Gettysburg Gray,” benjaminmoore.com

Built-In Shelf Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Land of Liberty,” benjaminmoore.com

Wood Media Cabinet: Crate & Barrel, crateandbarrel.com. Topped with Carrera marble

Stainless Steel Counters: local kitchen equipment company

Striped Rug: JM Drygoods, jmdrygoods.com

Rolling Library Ladder: Putnam Rolling Ladder, putnamrollingladder.com

Tolomeo Sconces (mounted upside down): Artemide, artemide.us

Suspended Plate Rack: designed by homeowner

The Carefully Curated Kitchen

Emily Johnston

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Ice Storm,” benjaminmoore.com

Clear Storage Jars: IKEA, ikea.com

Industrial Pendant Light (over table): West Elm, westelm.com

Lantern Pendant Light (in center of room): IKEA, ikea.com

Screw-Top Dining Table: Tom Dixon, tomdixon.net

Dining Chairs: Room & Board, roomandboard.com

Framed Photograph: by Emily Johnston

Runner: Heirloom Rug, heirloomrug.com

Curved Porcelain Plates: by Virginia Sin, virginiasin.com

Hanging Utensil Storage: IKEA, ikea.com

The DIY Kitchen

Taylor Swaim

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover: Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit, rustoleumtransformations.com

Faux Tin Backsplash Panels: Home Depot, homedepot.com

Kitchen Light: Home Depot, homedepot.com

work spaces

The Closet-Office

Emily Johnston

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Storm Cloud Gray,” benjaminmoore.com

Hide Rug: IKEA, ikea.com

Silver Metal File Cabinet: Bisley, bisleyusa.com

Gray Metal File Cabinet: CB2, cb2.com

Industrial Green Desk Lamp: vintage

White Table Lamp: CB2, cb2.com

Desk Chair: Room & Board, roomandboard.com

Storage Boxes (in closet): MUJI, muji.us

A Color-Coded Office

Brenda + David Bergen

Green and White Storage Boxes: The Container Store, containerstore.com

Wooden Storage Boxes: IKEA, ikea.com

Desk: made by homeowner

The Den of Creativity

Moon Rhee + Heyja Do

Wooden Table: vintage

Fabric-Top Folding Computer Table: vintage from Dear: Rivington, dearrivington.com

Decorative Storage Buckets: vintage, collected in Paris and Berlin

Iron Collection: vintage

Metal Storage Baskets and Bookcase: vintage, found at a school in New Orleans

Plastic Egg Chair: by Arne Jacobsen

Rug: vintage from the ’70s

The Sun Porch–Turned-Office

Anne Ziegler + Scott Mason

Work Tables: IKEA, ikea.com

Plastic Egg Chair: by Arne Jacobsen, DWR.com

Jieldé Desk Lamp: Empiric, empiricstudio.com

Printed Armchair: fabric by Josef Frank, justscandinavian.com

Stackable Powder-Coated Steel Trays: Kaleido Trays, aplusrstore.com

An Office with a View

Christopher Coleman + Angel Sanchez

Blonde Wood Desk: vintage from Neven & Neven, nevenmoderne.com

Rattan Chair: Bielecky Brothers, bieleckybrothers.com

’50s French Wall-Mounted Light Fixture: vintage

Framed Print: silkscreen fabric sample

Painted Canvas: bought in Marfa, TX

The Artist’s Worktable

Michele Varian + Brad Roberts

Table: vintage

Throw Pillows: by Michele Varian, michelevarian.com

Curtains: made by homeowner



Deborah Nevins

Twin Bed Frames: antique folding French campaign beds

French Bedding: antique from London

Side Tables: custom

Striped Rug: Bloom in Sag Harbor, NY

Wall Sconces: designed by homeowner. Fabricated by Grand Brass, grandbrass.com

Window Hardware: Crown City, restoration.com

A Novel Bedroom

Taylor Swaim

Raw Wood Frames: Target, target.com

Polka Dot Sheets: Ralph Lauren, tjmaxx.com

White Knotted Duvet: DKNY, dkny.com

Plaid Wool Throw Blanket: Ralph Lauren, tjmaxx.com

Mirrored Lamps: Martha Stewart for Kmart, kmart.com

Side Table: antique from Indiana

Rug: TJ Maxx, tjmaxx.com

Antique Typewriter (on desk): family heirloom

Papier-Mâché Deer Head: West Elm, westelm.com

Tufted Desk Chair: Home Goods, homegoods.com

The Surf Shack Bedroom

Susan + Kevin Lennon

Duvet and Shams: IKEA, ikea.com

Stitched Pillows: Pottery Barn, potterybarn.com

Quilt: vintage African sari

Lamp: estate sale, revamped by homeowner

Iron Bedframe: vintage from Texas

Floors: painted plywood

The Dark & Cozy Hideout

Emily Johnston

Hammock: bought in France

Light Fixture: eBay.com

Curtains: West Elm, westelm.com

Blanket: Poglia & Co., poglia.co

Splattered Pillowcases: by Rebecca Atwood, rebeccaatwood.com

The Garden View Bedroom

Deborah Nevins

Bedframe: antique store in Rhinebeck, NY

French Bedding: antique from London

Folding Table/Desk: antique store in New Haven, NY

Tolomeo Desk Light: DWR, dwr.com

Rug: vintage Native American

Framed Painting (homeowner at 14 years-old): by Nancy Ransom

Bedside Table: flea market in East Hampton, NY

Wall Sconces: designed by homeowner. Fabricated by Grand Brass, grandbrass.com

Window Hardware: Crown City, restoration.com

The Old Hollywood Bedroom

Lulu Powers + Stephen Danelian

Wallpaper: by Pierre Deux

Rattan Luggage: vintage

Bedding: Lands’ End, landsend.com

Throw Pillows (on bed): Nantucket Monogram, nantucketmonogram.com

The French Boudoir

Ruthie Sommers + Luke McDonough

Carpet: Stark Carpet, melrosecarpet.com

Hand-Painted ‘Askew’ Wallpaper: De Gournay, degournay.com

19th Century Iron Canopy Bed: Restoration Hardware, restorationhardware.com

Curtains: custom by Claudia Design Unlimited. Fabric by The Silk Trading Co., silktrading.com

Dresser: Paul Marra, paulmarradesign.com

Table Lamps and Shades: Sotheby’s auction, sothebys.com

The Blissed-Out Master Suite

Eric Oliver + Thea Goodman

Lilac Rug: Madeline Weinrib, madelineweinrib.com

Velvet Tufted Woodhouse Headboard: Jonathan Adler, jonathanadler.com

Table Lamps: White Attic in Andersonville, IL, whiteattic.com

Roman Shades: Smith + Noble, smithandnoble.com

White Dressers: Jonathan Adler, jonathanadler.com

Abbott Armchair: Room & Board, roomandboard.com

Mirrored Side Table: Horchow, horchow.com

The World-of-Whimsy Bedroom

Michelle + Dave Kohanzo

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Morning Sky,” benjaminmoore.com

Italian Campaign Canopy Bed: Anthropologie, anthropologie.com

City Quilt (on bed): Haptic Labs, hapticlab.com

Furry Throw Pillows (on bed): West Elm, westelm.com

Knit Throw Pillows (on bed): Ralph Lauren, ralphlauren.com

Eden Table Lamps: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Round Side Table: vintage

Pink Chair: Salvation Army, salvationarmyusa.org. Upholstered with Cath Kidston fabric, cathkidston.com

Wall Mirror: vintage

Velvet Settee: vintage

Rags to Riches Rug: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Folding Chair (holding blankets): vintage from Wrigley Field

German Movie Poster: vintage

Herringbone Storage Basket: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Footstool: vintage. Upholstered with Cath Kidston fabric, cathkidston.com

The Minimalist Master Suite

Moon Rhee + Heyja Do

Side Table: antique from Kenya

Victorian Lace Throw: antique from the early 1890s

Pillows: vintage

Painting: by Moon Rhee

The Stargazer’s Lounge

Tim Cuppett + Marco Rini

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Gettysburg Gray,” benjaminmoore.com

Hanging Bell Jar Pendant Light: designed by homeowner. Fabricated by Brady’s Distinctive Lighting, bradysdistinctivelighting.com

Black Walnut and Pecan Wood Night Stands: design by homeowner. Fabricated by Ambrose Taylor, austinartisan.org

Hickory Headboard: vintage from an old summer camp in East Texas

Bedding: Pottery Barn, potterybarn.com

Striped Throw: JM Drygoods, jmdrygoods.com

kids’ spaces

A Bedroom Built for Three

Michelle + Dave Kohanzo

Twin Bedframe (in middle): antique from Brimfield Store, brimfieldus.com

Simple Bunk (separated into two twin beds): Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Bedding: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Wallpapered Maps: collection of National Geographic maps adhered with wallpaper paste

Mounted Fish: Etsy.com

Clip Light (attached to bed): Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Checkered Curtains: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

The Pretty-in-Pink Bedroom

Mary + Lou Castelli

Headboard: custom

Bedding: IKEA, ikea.com

Wallpaper: Graham & Brown, grahambrown.com

Roman Shades: illustration by Saul Steinberg, fschumacher.com

The Superhero Bedroom

Eric Oliver + Thea Goodman

Headboard: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Rug: family heirloom

Faux Sheepskin Rug: IKEA, ikea.com

Bedding: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Quilt (with planes): vintage

Craft Table and Chairs: IKEA, ikea.com

The Sophisticated Nursery

Jessica + Scott Davis

Wall Paint: Sherwin-Williams “Repose Gray,” sherwin-williams.com

Rug: vintage, esalerugs.com

Curtains: made by homeowner. Fabric: Spoonflower, spoonflower.com

Crib: WalMart, walmart.com

Bed Skirt: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Sheets: New Mom Designs, etsy.com

Hanging “Mobil:” by Janelle Gramling, janellegramling.com

Fasciati Glass Lantern: Shades of Light, shadesoflight.com

Framed Bear Print: by Leah Duncan, leahduncan.com

Framed Bird Prints: by Charley Harper

Dip-Dyed Wicker Basket: basket from Target, target.com. Hand-painted by homeowner

The Busy-Princess Retreat

Maxwell Ryan

Wall Paint: Farrow and Ball “Calluna,” farrow-ball.com

Bed with Built-in Storage: Urban Homecraft, urbanhomecraft.com

Bedding: Dwell Studio in Penant, dwellstudio.com

Bedside Light: IKEA, ikea.com

Hanging Canopy: 100% Cotton Canopy, nicamaka.com

Shearling Rug: ABC Carpet & Home, abchome.com

Craft Nook

Wall Paint: Farrow and Ball “Lulworth Blue,” farrow-ball.com

Vintage Mirror: Bobo Intriguing Objects, bobointriguingobjects.com

Desk: IKEA, ikea.com

Metal Shelf: Lambertson, lambertson.com

Wall-Mounted Book Shelf: Artek Wall Shelf, artek.fi

Sewing Machine: IKEA, ikea.com

Striped Rug: Surya, surya.com

The Tree-House Bedroom

Christiane Lemieux + Joshua Young

Bunk Beds: custom

Bedding: Dwell Studio, dwellstudio.com

Roman Shades: Dwell Studio for The Shade Store, theshadestore.com

Papier-Mâché Zebra Head: Dwell Studio, dwellstudio.com

Framed Prints: Natural Curiosities, naturalcuriosities.com

Toy Store: storage by Oeuf, dwellstudio.com

Garland Light: by Tord Boontje, wayfair.com

The LEGO Lair

Brenda + David Bergen

Moda Loft Bed and Desk: Room & Board, roomandboard.com

Hanging Ship: bought in Bali

Bedding: Restoration Hardware, restorationhardware.com

Purple Felt Toy Bins: Land of Nod, landofnod.com

Desk Chair: IKEA, ikea.com

Her Highness’s Alcove

Ruthie Sommers + Luke McDonough

Dresser: thrift store

Table Lamp: antique from Shi & Erhard in West Palm Beach, FL

Sheets: Schweitzer Linen, schweitzerlinen.com

Window Valance (used as canopy): Pindler & Pindler, pindler.com

Curtain Fabric: Pindler & Pindler, pindler.com



Christiane Lemieux + Joshua Young

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Blue Aqua,” benjaminmoore.com

Soap Bowl: Iittala Taika bowl, iittala.com

Mercury Candle Votives: Canvas Home, canvashomestore.com

Sink: IKEA, ikea.com

The Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom

Susan + Kevin Lennon

Outdoor Shower Walls: reclaimed house siding and windows

Sink: estate sale in Petaluma, CA

Toilet: salvage yard in LA

Mirror (next to toilet): flea market in New York

The Art Deco Bathroom

Laura Jay Freedman

Art Deco Mirror (over toilet): vintage from Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market, rgcshows.com

Mirrored Trash Bin: eBay.com

Striped Robe: Ace Hotel, shop.acehotel.com

The Dark Spa Retreat

Lulu Powers + Stephen Danelian

Wallpaper: Walnut Wallpapers, walnutwallpaper.com

Floor Tile: Walker Zanger, walkerzanger.com

Vanity: antique shop in Memphis, TN

Mirror (above vanity): antique shop in Memphis, TN

Cabinet: vintage

Bathroom Fixtures: Lefroy Brooks, lefroybrooks.com

The Breezy Beach House Bathroom

Deborah Nevins

Floor Paint: Pratt & Lambert Paints, prattandlambert.com

Sink: salvage from the Lexington Armory Show

Towel Rack: flea market

Tri-Mirror: flea market

Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror: flea market

Shutters (as closet doors): flea market

The Old Man and the Sea Bathroom

Taylor Swaim

Wall Paint: Behr “Intellectual,” behr.com

Anchor Towel Rack: West Elm, westelm.com

White Frames: IKEA, ikea.com

Hand Towels: West Elm, westelm.com

Silver Tray (on toilet): antique

Hand Soaps: West Elm, westelm.com

The Modern ’80s Bathroom

Mary + Lou Castelli

Powder Room

Yellow Tile: Trend, annsacks.com

Sink: Lacava, lacava.com

Knobble Mirror: Y Living, yliving.com

Towel Hook: by Josh Owen, kontextur.com

Kid’s Washroom

Tile: Nemo Tile, nemotile.com

Pendant Lights: Y Lighting, ylighting.com

Roman Shade: custom

The Zen Garden Retreat

Susan + Kevin Lennon

Bathtub: Tea for Two by Kohler, us.kohler.com

Shower Tiles: Hokati Glass Tiles

outdoor spaces

The Plant Whisperer’s Wonderland

Judy Kameon + Erik Otsea

Table: Plain Air, plainair.com

Chairs: Plain Air, plainair.com. Ikat Outdoor Fabric: by Perennials, perennialsfabrics.com

Benches: Plain Air, plainair.com. Striped Outdoor Fabric: by Perennials, perennialsfabrics.com

Camping Plates: Broadway Panhandler, broadwaypanhandler.com

Cloth Napkins: Les Toiles du Soleil, lestoilesdusoleilnyc.com

Succulent Planter: Bauer Pottery, bauerpottery.com

Chandeliers (in tree): vintage

The Family Deck

Susan + Kevin Lennon

Table: made by homeowner

Bench: made from vintage scaffold board

Outdoor Cushions and Pillows: made by homeowner from vintage mailbags, military bags, and ticking fabric

Planters: vintage lamp posts cut to create planters

Couch: made by homeowner from vintage metal skids

The Nature Observatory

Christopher Coleman + Angel Sanchez

Exterior House Paint: Benjamin Moore “Black Forest Green,” benjaminmoore.com

Crow Collection: collected while traveling

Hide Rug: street vendor in LA

Armchair: from Doyle New York, doylenewyork.com. Recovered in custom fabric

Sofa: B&B Italia Sleep Sofa, bebitalia.com

Throw Pillows: Home Nature, homenature.com

Wall-Mounted Lights: Artemide, artemide.us

The Chauffeur’s Garden Estate

Ruthie Sommers + Luke McDonough

Marble Dining Table: Rubbish Interiors, rubbishinteriors.com

Dining Chairs: vintage, casavictoriala.com

Hammock: Pawleys Island Hammock Shop, pawleysislandhammocks.com

Pink Plates with Gold Trim: Anna Weatherley, scullyandscully.com

Scrolling Iron Settee (by pool): antique, pasadenaantiquecenter.com

A Sunny Scrap of Patio

Laura Jay Freedman

Table: Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market, rgcshows.com

The Texas-Style Front Porch

Paige + Smoot Hull

Picnic Table and Bench: garage sale

Red Folding Chairs: vintage from Round Top Antiques Fair, roundtoptexasantiques.com

Throw Pillows: Kuhl-Linscomb, kuhllinscomb.com

Rocking Chair: garage sale

Carrom Gameboard: vintage, vintageroundtop.com

Globe Light Strings: Target, target.com

Porch Swing (on tree): came with house

An Alfresco Dining Spot in the Hills

Anne Ziegler + Scott Mason

Table and Chairs: came with the house

Cashmere Throw Blankets: West Elm, westelm.com

White Plates: CB2, cb2.com

Gray Plates: Mud Australia, mudaustralia.com

Striped Cloth Napkins: John Robshaw, johnrobshaw.com

Water Pitcher: Jenni Kayne Home, jennikayne.com

Military Cot: vintage

Throwbed Cushion (on cot): Hedgehouse, hedgehouseusa.com

Pillow (on cot): bought in Mexico

The Easy English Garden

Tim Cuppett + Marco Rini

Water Silo (in the backyard): Timber Tanks, timbertanks.com

The Urban Jungle

Lulu Powers + Stephen Danelian

Striped Gazebo: custom

Sofa and Chairs: Oasis, oasisimports.com

Orange and White Throw Pillows: custom

Coffee Table: vintage

Orange Side Tables: Oasis, oasisimports.com

Table Lamp: gift


maintaining your home

Lisa + Joel Santos

Wardrobe Closets: IKEA, ikea.com


Judy Kameon + Erik Otsea

Vintage O’Keefe & Merritt Stove: Antique Stove Heaven, antiquestoveheaven.com

acknowledgments …


All of the folks who opened their doors to us, allowing us to spend long days capturing the beauty of their homes, and for believing in our mission—that this sharing of ideas would help others.

Our editorial team—Adrienne Breaux, Carrie McBride, Dabney Frake, Jennifer Hunter, and Nancy Mitchell—for brainstorming the original idea, knowing what was important to communicate, and contributing their personal experience and compelling voices to the first and last sections.

Melanie Acevedo, for the artistry of her camera and for putting up with us as we took thousands of photographs in search of the perfect ones. All of the stylists who helped to make each and every photo beautiful: Olga Naiman (NYC), Kevin Hertzog (NYC), Kate Jordan (NYC), Becket Cook (LA), Alicia Blais (Chicago), and Crisman Liverman (Austin). And the photo assistants who went above and beyond the call of duty: Paul Fittipaldi (NYC), Chris Davis (NYC), Brian Pietrini (Chicago), and Matthew Johnson (Austin).

Meghann Stephenson, for bringing a bright, cheerful playfulness to our pages with her beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Aliza Fogelson, for standing behind us at Potter Style and painstakingly editing all of our words, arranging them into a better and more compelling order. Ashley Tucker and Marysarah Quinn’s collective efforts in dreaming up a design that jumps off the page. Doris Cooper for her support and guidance.

Kari Stuart and Andrea Barzvi at ICM, for helping us to launch this project, and Ashley Anderson, for helping to keep it on track before …

 … Heather Summerville arrived to lead the project, adding sophistication, patience, judgment, and an overall commitment to excellence that formed our great idea into the biggest and best book we’ve ever accomplished.