Taiichi Ohnos Workplace Management: Special 100th Birthday Edition - Taiichi Ohno 

Taiichi Ohnos Workplace Management: Special 100th Birthday Edition - Taiichi Ohno (2012)


Chapter 1. The Wise Mend Their Ways

Chapter 2. If You Are Wrong, Admit It

Chapter 3. Misconceptions Reduce Efficiency

Chapter 4. Confirm Failures with Your Own Eyes

Chapter 5. Misconceptions Hidden within Common Sense

Chapter 6. The Blind Spot in Mathematical Calculations

Chapter 7. Don’t Fear Opportunity Losses

Chapter 8. Limited Volume Production Is to Produce at a Low Cost

Chapter 9. Reduced Inventory, Increased Work in Process

Chapter 10. The Misconception That Mass Production Is Cheaper

Chapter 11. Wasted Motion Is Not Work

Chapter 12. Agricultural People Like Inventory

Chapter 13. Improve Productivity Even with Reduced Volumes

Chapter 14. Do Kaizen When Times Are Good

Chapter 15. Just in Time

Chapter 16. Old Man Sakichi Toyoda’s Jidoka Idea

Chapter 17. The Goal Was Ten-fold Higher Productivity

Chapter 18. The Supermarket System

Chapter 19. Toyota Made the Kanban System Possible

Chapter 20. We Learned Forging Changeover at Toyota do Brasil

Chapter 21. “Rationalization” Is to Do What Is Rational

Chapter 22. Shut the Machines Off!

Chapter 23. How to Produce at a Lower Cost

Chapter 24. Fight the Robot Fad

Chapter 25. Work Is a Competition of Wits with Subordinates

Chapter 26. There Are No Supervisors at the Administrative Gemba

Chapter 27. We Can Still Do a Lot More Kaizen

Chapter 28. Wits Don’t Work Until You Feel the Squeeze

Chapter 29. Become a Reliable Boss

Chapter 30. Sort, Set in Order, Sweep, Sanitize

Chapter 31. There Is a Correct Sequence to Kaizen

Chapter 32. Operational Availability vs. Rate of Operation

Chapter 33. The Difference between Production Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering

Chapter 34. The Pitfall of Cost Calculation

Chapter 35. The Monaka System

Chapter 36. Only the Gemba Can Do Cost Reduction

Chapter 37. Follow the Decisions That Were Made

Chapter 38. The Standard Time Should Be the Shortest Time